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From: A.K.
Subject: Luminous Encounters 10/13 (Adult Youth)----------------------------LUMINOUS ENCOUNTERS
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2007
written on October 12, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised by John-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"LUMINOUS ENCOUNTERS" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your erotic pics under12 land, porn 365 religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, bdsm updated 15 min or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 10The relationship between Dario and Gustavo, on a physical level,
developed and became more complete night 10 yo upskirtgirls date 4 after night. Also when they
finally came to penetration, Gustavo penetrated his friend with gentle
and tender vigor, with movements almost solemn in their determined calm,
with a full and mature passion. Nba live 06 videos Dario enjoyed his friend's way of making
love very much. Their intercourse always had the solemn calm of
eternity, not the hurried grasping of a fleeting moment. They were
unions savoured to the end, rationed, relished, but not for that any
less passionate.Gustavo wanted also to be penetrated by Dario. But gradually Dario
preferred to be taken, more than to take him. He felt that, even though
Gustavo willingly accepted the bottom role, he didn't get great pleasure
from it. That of Gustavo was more a rational acceptation than an
instinctive one. It was not, and seemed adult playstation2 game
not to become, a real desire.They never reached several orgasm in one night, as had happened with
Lallo, but just one, after an union that could last even for hours. When
they were alone, mainly after they were back home once the tour was
over, they got into the habit of going around totally naked, and they
often kissed, touched each other, even without having intercourse. It
was a way to keep awake the mutual desire, feeding it for a long time,
until they finally united and enjoyed each other.They continually offered themselves to each other, and each time it was
as if they were meeting for the first time. As if they were touching,
discovering each 3pic bbw anjel
other for the first time; as if they saw the other's
nakedness for the first time. As if they united for the first time!To Dario this was an entirely new experience, incredibly beautiful. And
Dario, one day found himself totally in love with Gustavo."Gus, I've made love with dozens of men, but you... there's not one like
you.""You too are unique, under 12 girls fuck and not only because you are the first breast cancer stage 3c
and sole
male I make love with." His friend answered sweetly, tenderly brushing
Dario's body."Gus... I cheap soft cialis 10mg love aged 15 symbol
you. I would like being with you forever..."His friend nodded in assent, but answered, "Curley, it will not be
forever...""But we can at least try.""I really love you. And I fit perfectly with you. I really like making
love with you. But I know myself... Sooner or later I need to have non nudes girls 15
family, have children. It is my amateur swimsuit 02
dream. Thus, sooner or later, I will
have to part best of babe 1987
from you... You cannot deceive yourself.""Oh, Gus... but I love you...""I love you alexandra moore 36h too, in my own way. And it isn't because you are a male,
that I can't... I mean, there are things that will prevent me living
forever with you. One is, as I said, the fact that we cannot have
children. Even if you were a woman, but sterile, it would be the same -
sooner or later I would look 2 adult flask games for another woman to have children with,
can you understand? And the second problem is that we cannot live our
relationship openly. You see, Luca can embrace, kiss Gianna anywhere,
without problems, in front of everybody. That won't be possible for us.
Possibly that's also because of my cowardice, I admit it. But I would
not feel like bearing the others reaction if we did it. Therefore,
Curley, even though our relationship is beautiful, even wonderful, it
cannot last. Can you undersand me?""Yes, Gus, I can understand you...""I know I'm hurting you, telling you such things. And they pain me too,
believe me. 18 yr pussy pics We could be together one year, two, possibly even more, but
at the end... It's my fault, I know it, but I want gallery boy art 12-yo
to marry, to have
children... I'm big daddy rhino 852 sorry, Curley...""It's alright, Gus. Let's enjoy the time that is allowed to us...""I've saddened you, haven't I?""You have been honest.""I love you, Curley, believe me...""Yes, I can feel it, I know it. You are able to make me feel it.""Mine is not just desire to fuck, mine is...""I know Gus, I know it very well. You and I are really making love..."Dario was thinking it over. For Lallo he had felt a strong attraction,
but possibly there had not really been love. For Gus, on the contrary...
It was real love. For the first time he could recognize it. He was so
much in love with Gus that he could understand him, he could understand
he could not keep Gus with slut girl 16 him and for him alone. He understood that
Gus' happiness really was having a family, children, and he could bleach 139 veoh not
give him this kind of happiness. But he wanted happiness for Gus,
because love consists in that.And he knew that Gus was sincere. Even when his friend 15 yo cock pics
said to him once,
after making love, "Curley?""Yes?""I'll never forget you, do you know that? You will always be with me,
even when I find my woman. And my children will also be partly yours...""Mine?""Yes, because each time we make love, you become a little more a part of
me. When I drink your seed, my body absorbs it and your cells become
part of my body. Can you see this? I feel 14 y.o.-naked you so..."Dario kept silent, in a mix of emotion, sadness, sweetness.Gustavo kissed, caressed 14yo xxx download
him. "Sooner or later we will stop making love.
You will find b16a cable trans lsd
your man, I my woman. And as we are both faithful
animals, so we will not cheat on our partners, but all the same we will
remain bound as two beings have never been, I feel it. For me it is so,
I know. I will never stop 40 cal range brass loving you... you have to believe me.""I believe you." Dario said, sincere, but denmark porn 16yr old silent tears streaked his
cheeks.Gustavo noticed it and tenderly dried them, "I'm making you suffer,
aren't I?" he asked with sadness."It is not your fault. And I love you as you are, Gus""You would be for me to be different...""No. If you were different, you would not be Gus...""You are extraordinary, Curley. It's impossible not to love you. I
presumed, 19 wide bathroom vanity before, I knew you... It is really true that to get to really
know another you have oxytrol patch 36 mg to make love with him... 15 men fuck wife You can't guess how very
grateful I am that you accepted me, that you accept me as I am.""I love you, Gus...""Yes, and it's I, possibly, who doesn't love you enough. I should be
able youth 15 porno
to give up having adult flash 272inch bathroom vanity a family, children, for you. But I 8th street latinas maids
know I could
not. I would like to change for you...""No, Gus. Each of us is... as he is. It's all right under 14 sex pics that way, Gus...""No, I know that it is not all right... I'm making you suffer, and I
should not...""Gus! You are giving 12yo nude boys me one of the most beautiful periods of my life.
You are giving me all that you can.""Too little though, isn't it?""It's alright. We should not make too many problems for ourselves; let's
enjoy what life offers us, as long as it is possible. You will meet your
woman, I my man, as you said. Until then... 16yr porn
I feel good with you.""I feel good with you too, I must admit it. I would just like to be able
to make you really happy.""But I am happy.""Really?""Yes, Gus, as much as one can be happy in spite of all the limits that
condition our life. But now... let's make love, Gus. I need to feel you
inside me...""I do too, Curley."In spite of both knowing it would not last, their relationship continued
untouched, strong and beautiful. They lived it day after day, both
trying not to think of the future, or at least, not to think 1960 lunch ladys uniforms too much
about it.Dario met Silvano several times. And so he told the professor about his
relationship with Gustavo."He is a dear boy, I think, your friend Gustavo...""Yes. I love him. And illegal 14yo boys he too loves me, after all.""Yes, I understand. But evidently his love is not a full, complete love.
Real love puts the other in the first sexy girls 14 old place and is 8 naruto ready to renounce
everything, really everything, just to make the other happy...""But Gus can't renounce. It is not that he doesn't want to, he's not
able to.""Alright. Therefore he is not able to love you as he himself possibly
would like.""It's not his fault...""No, I agree with you. It hometown amateur 10 is not easy to really love, to totally love.
It is one of the most difficult things in life. One 514 sucks
can learn it little
by little... if one believes in love.""I've not seen Giusto for quite a while...." Dario remarked at one
point."He left me. He is now with Lallo. I think they are made one for the
other.""Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know. And so you are alone now...""It would have happened sooner or later. Do you remember I told you so?""Yes. But after all, you really gave him up 409a lump sum taxes for quite a while.""Sure, because Giusto 13 yr small tits
just took a fancy to me, he was not in love with
me.""But... didn't you let him have too much freedom to have sex with
whoever he 12yo pix liked?""In a love relationship, 'too much freedom' never exists. Even if I
allowed him less freedom, it would have come to an end anyway. It was
not up to me to limit his freedom. It was up to him to feel so
completely free to choose to be with one and only army uniform from ww1 one person. I think
that he possibly understands that, now that he is with Lallo.""Are you suffering for having lost 3 point safety strap
him?""No. Because I never had him, after all, therefore I didn't lose him.
For sure it was good being with him. Giuseppe was sweet and dear, and it
was also good making love with him. It was good talking with him... But
possibly what I was offering him was too 70s playboy outfit
much for him... for 7th heaven speed dating his barely
eighteen years. We were together for two years, anyway. He was too
young, or I was too old for him. As I told you, he was looking to me
more as a teacher, a guide, than as a 15 guys 1 chick lover. I've always been aware of
that.""But... 12 under porn why did you get 1865 slavery into a relationship with a... an adolescent? Do
you 12 girl nude pics
like young boys?"Silvano laughed, "No, not at all. I like rather more mature boys, at
least of your age. It was Giusto unerage 16 sex porn who schemed all he could to be with me,
until I surrendered.""Was he one of your students?""No, we met there, at the river side. He was friendly with Fiore and
with his boyfriend of that time. He started to court me in an incredible
way. He was too young for me, even though he was physically already well
developed. And he knew how to make love... When he l4d zoey porn was just sixteen and
half he already had had plenty of experience. Just think that 01 nude boys he started
making love when he was barely 34e boob size
a pubescent boy, at twelve, first with
his older brother, then with his brother's friends. Also his older
brother is gay.""I never met Giusto's brother.""No, he works in Austria now, where he lives with his lover.""I always asked myself why he is called Giusto instead of Giuseppe...""I think it's a nickname he got when he was a child... You know, at
times one says 'he is a right one, 'un - giusto' just to say he's a
clever, honest person...""Prof, can you explain something for me?""I'll try.""In your opinion, even though I know that sooner or 15yr old girls nude later my story with
Gus will come to an end, each time I make love with kidssex 12y
him I feel...
regenerated, enriched, bleach manga 308 happier, stronger, more complete. Why is that?
The fact I know I'm going to lose him saddens me, of course, 13 yo nude gallary
and yet my
relationship with him continues to be really beautiful...""It is what I call a luminous encounter. It is a not common kind 16 sex porno
encounter and nude boy 16 yound yet it's not very rare. The luminous encounter takes you
out of time - past and future are 47 boxer dead gay cancelled. Only the present exists, as
I said, a splendid luminous present. And so, even when this 14 yers old lesbian
fragment of
present comes to an end, when you come back to everyday reality, when
you are separated from your beloved, it is enough you think girl under 13 tgp of him to
feel he is inside you, he keeps you company, he supports you in
difficulties, he raises your spirits. Luminous encounters leave
indelible trails, all life long.""Gus says he will always love me, even when we'll be separated, even
when he'll have his woman, his family.""Yes, I believe it. He too is experiencing this luminous encounter with
you, that's evident. And he is aware of that.""He also says another thing... He says that when... when he drinks my...
my 28 lesbian seed, my cells become part of his body and that's why he will always
have me with him... and that also his children will be somewhat mine...""That's a curious biological-poetical image. Not real, but really
beautiful. He has to be a special boy, your Gus. In his own way, he is
swearing you eternal love...""But... celebrates over 40 pregnant if I am in love with Gus, how can I ever fall in love with
another? By killing my love for Gus?""Not necessarily. Surely, love can also die, but with love a part of us
also dies. Or else, love can take refuge in a small corner of our heart.
And so leave room for a new, great, real love. You see, my boy, love is
not porn wars42 episode 1
divided like a sliced cake, it is multiplied.""But if I still love Gus, the new love wouldn't be complete, total, and
true... Or is it possible to love two people at once in the same way?""We can love everybody in the same dad 46 son porn
way and at once. 8 yo kids darkcollection It's a TUBE SEX 0ORNO HORSE little like a
good mother - when a new baby is born, she totally loves him, and for
sure she doesn't love her other children any less. That's why I said
that love is not like a cake you divide in slices, tube8 porn
but is multiplied.
But the love of a couple is slightly different. In fact, as our forces
are limited, and as the Other, with a capital 'O', the Beloved One, has
to come first xxx porn 18
in everything and everybody, and even though we let the
love for the others live, we have to ben10 porn
put all of ourselves in just one
love, just one 3 gal compressor tank
at a time. It is similar to the sense of sight. You can
see many things at once, but have to fix your attention on one only
point at a time. But also when all your attention is totally focused on
a single point, this doesn't prevent your field of vision 10x navigator egg vibrator being much
wider than that single point. Thus, when 3gp amature sex video you will 3790t rock bottom price fall in love with
another, Gus will always be, so to say, inside your field of vision.""Yes, I understand. As I will always be 5 fists fisting
within Gus's visual field.""I really think so.""That's gay sexcapades episode 58
beautiful.""Life is beautiful." The professor answered with a smile."Yes, 1 finger handjob it's clear that you see life as beautiful. I can detect it in your
drawings as well.""You too see life as beautiful. I can feel it when you play...""That's true. I believe that what makes our music good is exactly the
fact that all five of us love life and feel it to be beautiful. I also
think that what exists between Gus and I could exist with the other
band's members if we were just less conditioned by society. Anyway it's
splendid that it is born between Gus and me. He desired it 12yo having sex
for a long
time... It was I who age 12 incest porn
resisted him. Isn't it funny?""You knew, your subconscious knew, that a relationship between you two
could not last, therefore it resisted. Because, you see, if on one side
eternity scares us, on the other side we yearn for eternity. Our true
nature is to live in eternity.""But then, why in the end did I accept? Am I possibly a little
masochistic?""No!" Silvano laughed. "Simply the luminous encounter happened and you
could not escape it.""The amateur natural 01
stroke of lightning, you mean?""No, not exactly. The stroke of lightning is a kind of luminous
encounter of peculiar intensity and violence. It is a revelation. But
more than illuminate, it blinds. There is, instead, a luminous encounter
whose light rises little by little, like a sunrise. It's a slow
evolution. But at the end we find ourselves immersed in a light that is
strong, warm, intense like that of lightning, but which is lasting.
That's what happened between Gus and you. Your relationship wasn't born
from lightning, but from a dawn...""Is it possibly because of that, that our sex 13 yr olds nudes
is not impetuous but
quiet, even though intense?""It under12 sex movies could desole sexion assaut mp3
also be so. But it is also a question of characters.""But I was so impetuous with Lallo. With Gus on the contrary I am so
tranquil... How am I really?""Each one of us, if he is not shut in himself like an oyster, realizes
himself in relation to others. That's why relations with different
people could never be alike.""It's so good talking with you, Prof.""Thank you. Also talking with you is good. You are a really beautiful
boy, and I 99 cent whore
don't mean only 3gp porn web physically. 5 friction sex You are free forbidden 12yo a joy both for the eyes
and for the heart.""Come on! You embarrass me..." Dario answered, shyly, lightly blushing."We always have an odd reserve telling another - I 11 yo pussy pics like you. Thus we
have that same reserve to be told so. Especially 13yo incest
when one can feel that
the compliment is really heart-felt.""Well, then I have to confess something to you, Prof. When I saw you the
first time, there at the riverside, I didn't feel you were so very
interesting. You are well built but... I was fascinated by Fiore.""Fiore is fascinating. He and Carlo have now been together for more than
three years. Fiore has a beautiful body, and also a beautiful soul...""Yes. He attracted me very much, much more than all the others. But
little by 1st double penetration hurts little I started to get to know you. And I became aware that
you are wonderful. You have a peculiar beauty that manifests 26 gal bowfront aquariums itself very
gradually. It is possibly the difference between a small bottle of
perfume and the pure air. The perfume hits you at once, smothers all the
other scents. But the pure air is what makes the scents really
enjoyable, all the other scents. The pure air has a much higher value
than the best of perfumes.""You are making fist watt f3 amplifier
me a really beautiful compliment, Curley..."-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 11-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back, or big brother 11 tits desire to help revising my English
translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English
please e-mail atandrejandrejkoymasky.com---------------------------

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