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by WaldoIntroduction
Chapter 1 - The business trip
Chapter 2 - Mariah
Chapter 3 - Agnes
Chapter 4 - The fight
Chapter 5 - No nooky is...
Chapter 6 - Time passes
Chapter 7 - My first cigarette
Chapter 8 - Our planMariahby WaldoIntroductionThere are some things in life that you remember
forever. Such as your first real love. In my case, she
called herself Mariah, although her birth name was
Pat. She didn't like to be called Pat or Patricia or Patty.
It brought back too many old, painful memories of her
childhood that she wanted to forget.To me, she was the most beautiful woman in the
world. I didn't plan to fall in love with her but I
couldn't help it. There was that one minute when I was
looking at her, admiring her classic youthful beauty,
savoring her preteen micro bikinis
feminine sensuality, enjoying the
pleasure of her company; and she entranced me
forever by simply smiling that wonderful smile at me.
That moment I knew that I loved her and that I
couldn't live without her.She used me. I let her because I couldn't deny her
anything once I became her willing slave. I was a
prisoner, held in bondage by her eyes, by her smile, by
her touch, by her voice, by her overwhelming
femininity. I would do anything for her. Even knowing
that what she wanted me to do for her was illegal and
could result in my death or imprisonment. I would
have killed for her and came very close to killing her
father. She wanted him to die and I wanted to please
her.Even now, I can't believe how she manipulated me to
get me to help her. I knew that there was a cold spot in
her heart, a spot where misery had built a heart so
cold and cruel. I knew that she hated her father and
would stop at nothing until he was dead. But I also
knew that the rest of her was alive, warm and loving.
That she was the type of woman that dreams are made
of. That is, when she wanted to be.Mariah, why did you leave me?I was still sitting in my motel room. It had been three
weeks since she left me, but I can't leave this room,
hoping that she will come back to me. It's the room
where we last made love. Where she kissed my lips
and walked out the door, not saying good-by or even a
"go to hell".I leave the room only long enough to go to the motel
restaurant to get something to eat. I'm not hungry but
know that I have to eat. Food has lost its taste for me
and I eat only to provide nourishment for my hurting
body. I rush back to the motel room, hoping that she
is there, or that she left a message for me. As eager as
I am to rush into the room, I also don't want to open
the door, knowing how much it will hurt when I see
that she isn't there.I sleep in my clothes. If you can call my tossing and
turning nightmare, sleep. I stay awake until I fall
asleep from exhaustion and sleep the slumber of the
dead for two to three hours until I jerk myself awake,
reaching for her. Then I light another cigarette and
stare at the only thing that I have that belonged to her.
Her cigarette lighter.I had never smoked in my life until she shared a
cigarette with me after our first wonderful two hours of
sex. From that time on, sharing a cigarette afterwards
became part of our nightly love-making. I didn't want
to learn to smoke, but just wanted something more to
share between us. Then after she left me, I saw the
lighter lying on the dresser with a pack of her
cigarettes. I smoked the rest of her cigarettes that first
day, while I paced the floors and waited in our motel
room. Within a week, I had a four pack a day habit.Her cigarette lighter was an old zippo lighter. It was
old, scared, and almost worn out. But it was the only
thing that she had, that had belonged to her father.
She had stolen it over ten years before and hung onto
it throughout her tumultuous childhood as her only
possession. She had grown up in a foreign whore
house, constantly moving from whore house to whore
house, with only the clothes on her back; living the life
of a whore. Somehow, she had managed to hold onto
the lighter, through her tumultuous life.So when I saw the lighter lying on the dresser, I knew
that she had left it on purpose. That she would be
back for it. That she had left it for me. For me to save
it for her.Her name is Mariah. Or did I say that already? I don't
remember. I find it difficult to think about anything
but her. She called herself Mariah because she liked
the sound of it. She remembered seeing a movie when
she was a kid and a man sang a song preteen forum list about the wind
which he called Mariah.I bought this notebook at the drugstore as I was
getting some more cigarettes. I wanted to write down
my memories as I try natural cute preteens
to make some sense of my life.
Especially my life after I met Mariah.Chapter 1 - The business tripI had never been to cute preteen feet Thailand before. My work required
me to travel around the states a lot, but Thailand
wasn't within my territory. So when the Sales Manager
asked me to assist a new sales representative in
Thailand for six weeks, I leaped at the chance to see a
new country.Agnes Watkins was a beautiful woman. She was
twenty-three, freshly graduated from college and this
was her first job. She had been hired to expand our
product line to Thailand and China. We sell
manufacturing equipment and those countries were
ripe for our expanding product line. When I saw Agnes
sitting in my boss's office, I knew that spending six
weeks with her in a hotel could be a very interesting
treat.How can I describe bbs pedo preteen her except to say that she's blond,
built, vivacious, and single. Just by looking at her, you topless 3d preteen
could tell that she was the sort of woman that could
fuck your brains out of your ears. The type of woman
that you hoped you wound up with, when you woke up
in the morning. Yes, she most definitely was a
beautiful, sexy young woman with a wonderful body.So how did I wind up with Mariah? Especially when
there was that very nubile woman so close to me, just
asking for me to fuck her.I saw Mariah for the first time as we were checking
into our Bangkok hotel. As the desk clerk was waiting
on Agnes, I saw the elevator open and Mariah stepped
out. Normally I would have just glanced at her and
watched her walk by. But I had been in Thailand for
two days and Agnes was the only attractive American
woman that I had seen so far. When I saw this
beautiful long-legged, shapely American woman step
out of the elevator, I just had to stare at her a little
more than normal.She saw me looking at her and paused just long
enough to flash an honest smile at me, exposing a
mouth of creamy white teeth under her red voluptuous
lips. Then she turned away and walked deliberately
through the lobby, knowing that I was staring at her.
Knowing that I was watching her nice ass move as she
walked in her high heels, watching as her chestnut
hair bounced as she walked, watching as her tight
clothes hinted of the wonderful body hid beneath the
skirt and blouse.For just a moment, I allowed my mind to daydream
about what I could to with that luscious ass, then
Agnes said something to me; pulling me back to
reality.I quickly forgot about the mysterious attractive
American woman with the nice ass as Agnes and I
spent time in her room discussing our sales plan.
Agnes had changed into something a little more
comfortable than her traveling clothes and I could tell
that she was braless under her blouse. I knew that she
was teasing me as we worked. But I didn't care
because I enjoyed it.I'm a normal healthy American male. I'm thirty-two
years old, in reasonable shape, and have been told
that I'm quite handsome. I don't have any problems
with picking up women. In fact, I turn down a lot of
women because they don't meet my high standards. I
know that I as I get older, I'll have to modify my
standards because I only like young, beautiful women.
There will come a time in my life when I can't attract
young women and I'll have to settle for women that are
closer to my age. But until then, I plan to have a quite
pleasant and abundant sex life. I was married once.
Married my high school sweetheart but best nn preteen that quickly
failed. So I vowed to never marry again.As I stared at Agnes's jiggling blouse, I could imagine
being in bed with her, sucking on her titties, probing
my tongue up her pussy as she sucked on my hard
cock. I like for women to suck me. There is nothing
more pleasant in the world than a tender pair of lip-
sticked lips wrapped around my cock. While I enjoy
sex, I won't go back a second time to a woman unless
she blows me the first time. Even if she is the most
beautiful woman in the world. If we don't have at least
one round of oral sex, I won't crawl back into bed with
her. There have been some exceptions. Such as that
topless dancer with 48DDD boobs down in Dallas. preteen underground nude Or
that movie actress in Hollywood.When Agnes paused in our planning session so that
she could go to the bathroom, I used that moment to
open her dresser and look at her small traveling
supply of lingerie. I picked up a bra, glanced at the
size to see that she was a 36C and smelled it. I could
smell her wonderful cologne and knew that it was the
one that she had on this morning.I put it back in the drawer as I found it and sat back
down at the table, thinking about my plan. Not my
business plan, but my plan to get Agnes into bed. To
get her to suck my cock.I had big plans for what I wanted to do to Agnes. I was
really looking forward to fucking her. And then leaving
her when the six weeks were up. I knew that she
would miss me and would want me to come back. But
she didn't fit into my plans, except to entertain me in
bed for several nights.When she came out of the bathroom, I could smell her
slightly stronger cologne and see that she had taken
the time to freshen her make-up. As we talked about
business, I was watching her for the little signals that
would indicate that she wanted me to make my move.
While I didn't have any problem with making the first
move, I didn't want to ruin a business relationship so I
would play it cool, until the right moment, then sweep
her off her feet.After four hours of planning, she suggested that we
adjourn to the bar. I welcomed that suggestion
knowing preteen private gallery that we could start getting more personal
after a couple of drinks.The bar was about a quarter full and we got a table
right next to the bar. There was a lot of foreigners in
the bar, along with the native Thailanders. As we
ordered our drinks, I glanced around the bar, checking
out the other occupants of the hotel. Sitting three
tables away was the attractive American woman that I
had seen earlier getting out of the elevator. She was
sitting with an Italian man and I could barely pick out
her voice from the sing-song voices of the Thailand
women sitting closer to me.As Agnes read the menu trying to find an appetizer, I
found myself staring at the mysterious woman, drawn
to stare at her for some unknown reason. The Italian
was sitting beside her and I could tell that he had one
of his hands on her legs. From the way that they were
sitting, and the Italian's gestures, I could tell that they
weren't talking about business.Agnes pulled my attention back to her when she
noticed that I was staring at the other woman. As we
sipped our drinks, our discussion changed from
business topics to more personal topics. She had never
been married, but had been engaged while in college.
She took this job to get away from her old boyfriend.
She liked to go dancing. She was originally from Ohio.
She was very familiar with a hotel bar where I used to
stay in Ohio. And she thought that she was lucky
because I had been selected to train her.All in all, our discussion was going very favorable. If
we weren't business partners, I would have switched
into pick-up mode and started laying some heavy
romantic dialog on her, instead of this "let's be friends"
bullshit.Agnes excused herself to go to the bathroom and I was
playing with my drink's swizzle stick, as I thought
about what strategy would be best to get into Agnes'
panties. The mysterious American woman walked by
my table leaving a sensual trail of her perfume
following her and leaned on the bar so that it made her
ass free preteens suck
look fuller in that tight skirt. I heard her ask for a
pack of Marlboro cigarettes. While she waited on the
bartender to fill her order, she turned around so that
she was facing me and leaned back so that her elbows
were resting on the bar. One of her high heeled shoes
was placed on the bar rail so that her knee was
sticking out, causing the slit in her skirt to reveal a lot
of very feminine leg. She was looking back at her
companion, sending him signals that I interpreted to
mean easy sex, while I watched her seduce him with
her eyes and her body.Something about her reminded me of Texas. It might
have been her tall body and her long flowing sexy legs.
Or the way that she was leaning against the bar with
her elbows back causing her proud breasts to thrust
forward against her tight silk blouse. Or her long,
flowing wavy chestnut brown hairstyle, cascading
down her shoulders. She was an excellent example of
American beauty and seductive femininity. Her sex
appeal radiated from her, causing me to get an
erection just from looking at her. Then I remembered
that I used to date a native Texas woman who was a
cheerleader at the University of Texas and this sexy
woman preteen nude videos reminded me of her.When the bartender gave her the cigarettes, she
turned her head slightly and stared straight into my
eyes. For a moment, we stared at each other as I
became lost in her deep dark eyes. If eyes are the key
to a person's soul, then I met her soul. For a brief
moment, I was pulled into her shinning eyes, meeting
the fantastic woman hid under those long, fluttering
eyelashes. Feeling the common desire to know more
about each other. Then a beautiful, friendly smile formed on her face and
an honest, welcoming twinkle flashed through her eyes
just before she turned away and walked back to her
table. For just a moment as she sat down, she glanced
back at me, to catch me staring at videos preteens nude
her again. Then she
gave her attention back to her companion as she lit a
cigarette.Two drinks later, Agnes and I were best friends as we
aired out personal likes and dislikes. She didn't free preteen petites
her old boyfriend was romantic enough and he had
some sexual hangups that she didn't like. She knew
that I liked oral sex and only smiled when I gave away
that secret.My mysterious woman was gone. I had watched as her
friend escorted her out of the bar, his hand very low on
her waist, almost at the small of her back.Then Agnes announced that she was tired and was
going to bed, leaving me alone in the bar. For a couple
of minutes, I debated the wisdom of knocking on her
door, to see if she was ready for me to spin the night in
her bed. Then business sense kicked in and I rejected
her as my entertainment for tonight.I picked up a girl in the bar that was from Ireland. She
was a little chubby for my taste but she met most of
my criteria. She was also horny and looked respectful
enough so that I could accept any of my friends
knowing that I fucked her.Although she had a sexy appetite, I was very happy
when she got up to take a shower before going back to
her room. She was a little late getting up and was
rushing so that she wouldn't miss her flight. Although
it had been a very enjoyable evening, her vagina was
just a little too loose for my personal enjoyment and
also had too strong of an aroma. I was glad that her
flight was leaving and I wouldn't see her again. I'm
very particular about my women and what I like. preteen asian photos And
also what I don't like.******Agnes and I visited six customers that first day. Then
we raced back to the hotel bar to relieve our
frustrations russa preteen model from having to deal with clients. I was on
my second beer when the mysterious American girl
walked in. I could see her shapely feminine reflection
in the bar mirror. She stood in the doorway and looked
around the bar as if she was expecting to meet
someone. She paused in her search when she saw me
sitting at my table and let a faint smile appear on her
lips, not realizing that I was watching her from a
different angle through the mirror. Then she skinny dipping preteens continued
looking around the room before her eyes stopped on
someone sitting at a corner table. She took a deep
breath, almost as if she was getting ready preteen tgp boy
to do
something that she really didn't want to do, then put a
smile on her face. It was an artificial smile, one of
those smiles where it's not really meant. As a
salesman, I'm used to smiling on demand and to
recognize when my client is doing the same thing.I watched the nice swing of her ass as she walked
across the room and held out her hand to the man, as
if it was an introduction to him. The man ignored her
hand and patted the bench beside him as an
indication for her to sit down. As she sat down beside
him, he stared at her as if he were examining a piece
of meat for the first time. Not as if he was greeting an
old friend or a new acquaintance. It was almost as if
he felt that he owned her.Something seemed wrong to me. Not only about the
way that he was examining her, but also because I
thought that he wasn't her type. I could see an
attractive woman going out with the Italian yesterday,
but this man was too much of a greasy slimeball to be
involved with her.Agnes said something to me, which pulled my
attention back to the woman sitting at my table. After
a couple of minutes of idle chitchat, I glanced over at
their table again, to see the waiter cleaning it up. They
were gone.I'm not naive. She has to be a prostitute.Chapter 2 - MariahAfter I escorted Agnes to her room and she didn't ask
me in, I went back to the lounge. After an hour of
sitting by myself, I decided that I wanted to treat
myself to a little sexual pampering. I gave the
bartender a ten spot and asked him to tell me how to
get a hooker sent to my room. He said that he would
have someone come by.Her name was Barbie or that's what she said to call
her because my western tongue couldn't pronounce
her Thailand name. I showed her what I could do with
my tongue.She did anything that I wanted her to do. And she had
a nice body for an Asian woman. I like my women to
have a little more meat on their body. I was lying on
my back and she was doing a fantastic job of humping
me; but somehow her small overall size reminded me
of a six grade girl with big boobs. As she humped me,
my imagination went wild and with my eyes closed,
she turned into my mystery American woman.This woman was a good fuck. My imagination made
her better.******I got up early and went for my nonudes free preteen morning jog. As I was
returning to the hotel, I saw the mystery woman walk
out of the hotel. She was dressed in the same clothes
that she had on yesterday, so it must have been an all-
nighter for her.As she walked down the street, I timed it so that I
caught up to her just as she reached the corner."Hi, I'm Dave Rutledge. I just arrived here and was
glad to see that other American's russian preteenn video
are here also. Have
you been here long?"She paused before she replied, allowing a little smile to
form in the corners of her lips before she replied in a
soft, sultry sounding voice "My friends call me Mariah.
I was born in America but I've been here for the last
ten years, so I almost consider myself to be a native. I
saw you in the bar with your attractive friend.""Mariah is a pretty name. I like the sound of it. It
invokes a feeling of wind blown adventure."She laughed and responded "Thank you. But I don't
think that you stopped me just so that we can bull shit
each other. What do you want?""Right to the point, aren't you? Good. So am I. I'm here
to establish a new sales territory with Agnes being the
permanent sales agent. I want to make this a
productive six weeks so I'm looking for someone that is
local, that knows the local markets and how to deal
with the natives. When I saw you in the bar, I didn't
realize that you had been here that long, but I thought
that I could see if you might know someone that could
help us."There was a long pause and she held up a long ruby-
red fingernail against her voluptuous red lips as if she
was thinking. Then she asked "So you are going back
to America in six weeks. Is your friend also going back
at the same time?""No, Agnes will be here for at least the next year.""How do you think that I can help you? I'm only a
prostitute and know nothing about setting up sales
territories. I've fucked a lot of salesmen, but I don't see
how that can help.""Will you meet me this afternoon? Not in the hotel bar,
but somewhere else so that I can talk to you?" I asked.She didn't answer for almost twenty seconds. I was
getting ready to say "pretty please with sugar on it"
when she responded "Hotel East Lane is two blocks
that way. Be in the bar at 6 pm and don't be late or
stand me up. I believe in getting revenge."She turned away and walked across the corner,
leaving me standing there, watching her.The rest of the day dragged. I kept looking at my watch
and checking our schedule, pushing Agnes to work
within the allotted time. For some reason, I found it
difficult to concentrate on work and kept thinking
about Mariah. I even came up with a lame excuse
when one client suggested drinks after work, leaving
Agnes to fend for herself with the potential client.At 5:45, I walked into the bar and ordered a beer. At
5:58, Mariah sat down on the stool beside me, saying a
few quick words to the bartender; which I didn't
understand."What did you say?" I asked."I greeted him, explained that you were my friend so he
will take care of you instead of treating you like a
tourist, and asked for a drink.""You speak very fluent Thai." I said."You would too, if you had spent half of your life here.
At first it was difficult to understand anyone, until I
learned the language basics. The Thai, or Siamese, are
the dominant ethnic group of Thailand. Their tonal
and largely monosyllabic language, isn't affiliated with
any other Asian linguistic family. Americans have
problems with the language because the language does
not relate to any European or English words. That is
because Thailand was never a European colony which
is rare among the Asian countries. Thai means `free' in
their language.""How did you wind up here?" I asked."My father abandoned me here. I moved here with my
parents when my father's job re-located him here.
After my mother died under suspicious circumstances, preteen super stars

he married a Thai whore who wanted to go to the
states. Only my new step-mother wasn't interested in
having me, a ten year old child, tag along with them.
Dad was pussy whipped and would do anything she
wanted. When they sneaked back to the states after he
was fired from his job because of stealing, I was left to
fend for myself. The whore's friends took me in and
started selling my body to pay my share of the rent.
Child prostitutes are very common here and are fucking preteen ass in
high demand. The first several times I didn't cooperate
and was raped. Then I learned that it was futile to
resist. I have been a whore ever since. It's the only life
that I know.""I'm sorry. I didn't realize." I stammered."Don't be. I serve preteen bondage stories a useful purpose and have learned to
adapt to my role in society. I even learned to enjoy it
and can't think about doing anything else now.
Because of the way that I look and how I pleasure my
customers, I make very good money for a Thai whore.
So much money, that I could quit now and live very
comfortable here for the rest of my life. But I won't
quit, because it is the only life that I know and I enjoy
providing pleasure to my male customers. I also have a
very regular customer base where I trust my
customers and don't have to seek out new customers.
But enough about me. Now, why don't you explain
why you think a whore can help you break into this
market?"I was glad that she changed the subject. I quickly
responded "We don't understand the Thai mentality.
We don't know how to deal with their personality
issues. I was hoping that you could give us some
advice. I would be willing to pay for your time."She paused, lighting a cigarette, leaving a trace of her
red lipstick on the filter before she responded "I
haven't done anything for free in a long time. When
you stopped me, I thought it was because you wanted
to fuck me. So you want me to sell my knowledge and
not my body. It sounds interesting to have an business
relationship that does not involve sex."With her ruby tipped fingernail, she flicked her
cigarette lighter open and close a couple of times as
she thought about my proposal. Then she continued "I
have an established client schedule and could only
assist one to two hours every evening before I have to
go to work. I still have to maintain my clients after you
leave and I can't afford to lose any of them.""I understand and will work around your schedule.""I want ten dollars an hour." she said."That is reasonable.""No, it's not. It's highway robbery for a Thai's time
when sex isn't involved. And I'm considered a Thai by
the locals, no matter what I look like. For that much
money, you can hire someone for all day.""I'll still pay it." I smiled at her.She smiled back and responded "I know you will. I
wasn't turning it down, just advising you of the salary
difference."For the next hour, we talked. She really gave me an in-
depth understanding of most Thailander's personality
and how they would re-act to different situations. I
had just wanted to meet her when I came up with this
bullshit plan, but she was really providing me with
valuable insight into their personalities.At exactly 7:10 she said "Time's up for today and I
have someone that is waiting for me. I can meet with
you for one hour about the same time tomorrow, two
hours the next day and then I have to go out of town
with a client for two days. He wants to show off his
American woman and how she can't get enough of
him. He's willing to pay me four times my normal rate,
so I'll play his little game. Same place tomorrow
night?""Yes." I responded as I reached for my billfold.She stopped my hand by putting her hand on my
wrist, squeezing me with her warm, long fingernails as
she said "I'll keep track of what you owe me. Just
before you leave, we can settle up. I don't want your
money to get mixed in with my pimp's money."I went back to my hotel bar and had the bartender
send up another whore. This girl had completely over-
sized artificial breasts and long blonde hair. She was
dressed and tried to look like a Thai Dolly Parton.
While she looked nice with a dress on, her silicone
implants felt hard and didn't look normal when she
was naked and rolling on the bed. After a quick fuck, I
paid her the five dollars and eased her ass out of my
room.Agnes was a little grumpy the next morning because
the client had hit on her and she finally had to slip
away, knowing that she probably lost him as a
customer. She took her anger out on me, but I didn't
care.Again I found it difficult to concentrate on work. As I
was taking notes at a meeting with a prospective
client, I discovered that the doodling that I was doing,
was a drawing of the ruby-red voluptuous Texas lips
that I had stared at last night as we talked.She's a whore. A fucking whore who is more Thai than
American. But I can't get my mind off of her. I don't
know what's wrong with me. I could hire her to fuck
me but I don't want to do that. Let me take that back. I
do want her to fuck me, but I want it to be because
she wants to be with me, not because I paid her.I must be getting old. My older brother warned me that
there would come a day when I would start feeling
these strange urges to settle down; when I would want
more than a good preteen bd mags simple fuck from a woman. When I
would allow myself to get trapped in that hopeless
state of marriage.I feel funny. I can't get her out of my mind. ******Agnes was a little suspicious when I turned down
another invitation to stop off for drinks a second time.
I can't tell her that I'm meeting a whore that I have
hired to discuss local attitudes. And that I don't want
her to go with me.Mariah was right on time. As she lit her almost
constant cigarette, I looked at her to see if I could
figure out why she attracted me so much. She was
dressed in a normal American cocktail dress, looking
like a woman out on the town with her man. Her long
wavy Chestnut hair framed her face, complementing
her classic facial features. While she was exposing
some cleavage, it was an acceptable display."Have you told your friend about me yet?" she asked,
shaking me loose from my daydream."No.""Why not? I was looking forward to meeting her. I like
the way she dresses and wanted to talk to her about
where she buys her clothes.""She brought them with her."She smiled as she underwear gallery preteen admonished me "You don't
understand women. I watch the fashions and try to
keep up with the latest styles. I just wanted to talk to
her about trends that we won't see over here for
another year. I understand that you fucked preteen peer pressure Terahi last
night?"My face turned red. I nodded my head.She smiled "Terahi and I grew up in the same
whorehouses, experiencing puberty together. We used preteenie girl sex

to sit around and talk about the mystery of our
changing bodies. When we were waiting on our next
customer, we would compare our budding breasts,
help each other style our hair, and talk about what it
was like to grow up as a Thailand woman. She tinytiny preteen models
was my
best friend and I was her slightly younger sister. If it
hadn't been for her, I would probably not survived my
adolescence years. As we grew up, she used to get
jealous of my larger breasts, showing her anger
because my body was filling out with feminine curves
while she was still looking like a little girl going
through puberty. Then one day, Terahi ruined her
body with her cheap implants. She went from being
almost flat with breasts just a little bigger than
scrambled eggs, to having two oranges-like bumps
squeezed under her tight skin. I laughed at her and
told her to get them taken out because they didn't look
real preteen blowjobs thumbs and then to get out of the business, but she
wouldn't listen to me. After her skin stretched to fit
her implants and looked somewhat normal, she
decided that preteen model lsm
they were too small. So she went through
a second surgery where they removed the first
implants and inserted even larger silicone implants to
bring her up to her current size. What did you really
think of her boobs?""They turned preteen alex model
me off.""She looks nice dressed, but her breasts look so
unrealistic when they are bouncing inches from your
face. I was always pressured to increase my boob size
because I could make more money, but I didn't want to
have the implants. It's so hard to find a good doctor
over preteen module
here who you can trust to do the surgery
correctly. Men are so visual oriented and like big boobs
and they tip better when they are satisfied. So what
you are seeing hanging on my chest, is nothing more
than the effect of feminine hormones. What do you
think of my boobs?""I haven't seen them yet, except when you leaned over
to pick up your purse. You have a nice body from what
I have seen so far."She flounced her hair and struck a teasing pose as she
responded in a seductive pose "I have a body that
you'll never forget. I guarantee it."Then she started laughing so hard that a tear formed
in her eye. I laughed with her. When she quit laughing,
she continued "You don't know how hard it is, to look
sexy like this. I have to constantly work out, watch
what I eat, and worry about body parts that like to sag.
If I didn't wear the proper support undergarments, I
would look like shit. But enough about me, you are
paying to learn about business people."The hour passed too quickly. Not only was she
beautiful, but she was very intelligent also. I think of
most women as being basically bimbos whose only
function in life is to satisfy my animal instincts.
Although she hadn't attended formal schools past the
fifth grade, she was self taught. Her keen
understanding of human psychology was self-learnt
from her years of living as a legal preteen nn
hooker.When preteen pornsites it was time for her to leave, I was torn with
asking her to stay, or risking paying her to stay. I
wanted to take her back to my hotel room and make
love to her.Oh, shit. I wanted to make love to her, not fuck her. I
haven't felt that way about a woman since my first
college sweetheart.With reluctance, I let her go, knowing that within
twenty minutes, she would be letting someone undress
her as they played with each other's private areas.
That she would be allowing him to suck on her
breasts. That she would be taking his cock into her
body, letting his cum spurt into her. That she would
be letting some stranger do the things to her that I
wanted to do to her, but couldn't. Knowing that I
wouldn't see her for two more days, because she was
traveling with a man who was paying her to pretend to
be his wife.Chapter 3 - AgnesWhen I joined Agnes in the breakfast bar, she was
acting funny. She was quite and acted as if she had
something on her mind. Where she had previously
been vivacious, now she was subdued. As we visited
our customers, she was her normal professional self,
but as soon as we walked out of the customer's office,
she returned to her restrained personality. We had a
customer join us at lunch so I couldn't really talk to
her about this drastic change in preteen horny pussy her personality. As we
were riding preteen rape story down the elevator from the last customer
on our schedule, I asked "Would you like to join me at
happy hour?"She paused before replying "I would like that very
much."I had the taxi take us to a near-by bar. Once we were
seated at the table and had our drinks in front of us, I
said "Something seems to be bothering you."She stared at me before replying "Do you find me
attractive?""Why, of course. You are extremely beautiful.""That's not what I asked you. I can be beautiful but
not attractive to your eyes.""Yes, I'm very attracted to you.""Then why the hell don't you open up and let me get
closer to you. When I saw you back at the main office,
I started having night fantasies about being in a hotel
room with you for six weeks. We have been here four
nights and you ran away from me for two nights. As
soon as I could get rid of the customer and get back to
the hotel, I ran back to the hotel, hoping that you
would call me. I sat in my hotel room both nights just
waiting for you to call. Are you gay?"I laughed and responded "No. I've never seen a preteens gratis skirtup man
that attracted me or one that I wanted to get in bed
with. What we have here is a failure to communicate. I
thought that you were being professional and wanted
to keep that relationship, so I've been on my best
behavior. I didn't know that you wanted me as much
as I wanted you."Her slightly misty eyes glistened as she responded
"Let's go back to my room and make up for lost time."******As soon as we got in the taxi, we kissed for the first
time in the taxi. It was a long, loving kiss, offering
promise of her held back passion. She sat next to me,
letting my hand stroke her long beautiful blonde hair.
The silky feel of her flaxen hair falling between my
fingers was very erotic.As my hand caressed her hair, I let my other hand run
along her cheek, feeling her soft skin as I smelled her
sweet smelling hair. Her breathing became deeper and
her breasts were beginning to rise and fall with her
deeper breathing. I looked up to see the taxi driver
staring at us in the mirror. I threw a twenty dollar bill
over the seat and he adjusted his mirror so that he
was no longer looking at us in the mirror.Agnes and I were both very aroused. She moaned
softly as I pulled her business jacket back before I
slowly unbuttoned her blouse and released her
beautiful breasts. I knew that she wasn't wearing a bra
and was very pleased with my first sight of those
creamy mounds. My hand softly touched her creamy
white breast and she slightly jerked as she tried to
hold back her light moan. Her nipples were fully erect
and I rubbed her pouty nipples with my finger tips,
watching them grow as I tease them.We were disturbed from our foreplay by the driver's
broken English as he illegal preteen defloration asked "You wanna me go long
country drive or get out. Here hotel."I looked up to see that we were approaching our hotel.
I looked at Agnes and she whispered "Bed. Quickly." as
she shuddered.I said "Pull in." as I gave him five more dollars. He got
paid twenty-five dollars for a three dollar ride.Agnes buttoned her blouse quickly and pulled her
jacket front, back to a more normal look. As we got out
of the taxi, I remembered holding her hand and feeling
her warm blood flow through her normally cold hands
as we walked through the lobby.As soon as we got into the elevator, she rubbed her
body against me as she whispered "My panties are
soaking wet. I became even more turned on as my wet
panties squished against my flesh as we walked across
the lobby. Can you smell me?""Yes, and you smell so wonderful, so feminine, so
horny." I whispered as I squeezed her breasts through
her blouse. Fondling her breasts as I sucked on her
neck was making me rock hard. I couldn't wait for the
elevator to stop but didn't want it to stop also.When the elevator door opened, we ran to her room
like two teenage kids. She fumbled with her key and
couldn't get the key into the lock. She shoved the key
in my hand and as I tried to unlock her door, she
started pulling my shirt out of my pants. By the time I
got her door open, she had my shirt half-way un-
buttoned.As her door slammed behind us, she dropped to her
knees and started tugging on my belt buckle as she
pulled me down onto the carpet with her. My hands
were trying to fumble with her blouse buttons which
don't want to cooperate now. So with one quick jerk
that popped her buttons, I exposed her heaving
breasts. I locked my lips around one of her pouty
nipples, staring at her creamy white boobs as her
hands continue to work tiny preteen ass on my trousers. She tugged at
my trousers, pulling them down around my hips, as
my hand quickly slid up her dress, then inside her
panties. She was right about her panties being wet. As
I stroked her pussy, she jerked again and I felt the
shudder go through her as another wave exploded
inside her body.The air was thick with her nectar of the god's scent
and I had to explore the source of that wonderful
smell. I rolled her over on her back as I expertly pulled
her damp panties completely down and off her long
legs before I kneeled between her legs. She spread her
legs, inserted her index finger into her vagina and then
offered a pussy wet finger to my mouth. Although the
real thing was show preteen pics
only inches away, I sucked brazenly on
her finger.When I finished cleaning her finger, her legal preteen pic finger slid out
of preteens sex vidoes my mouth, and her hand roamed through my hair,
pulling my head between her legs. As my tongue
touched her, she moaned loudly and her legs wrapped
around my neck, holding me prisoner. My movement
was limited to my tongue. The smell and taste of her pussy was intoxicating as I
licked her clit and tongued her juicy hole. Through
muffled ears, I hear her loud cries of pleasure while I
was licking and sucking her; as her copious pussy
juices flowed down my chin.My tongue passionately licked her clit, as my hands
fondled her breasts. Although I couldn't see them, I
could clearly feel her engorged and swollen nipples.
Suddenly her legs squeezed my head tighter as she
rapidly humped my face. Her orgasm was intense and
her sweet, warm cum covered my face. The orgasm
caused her to thrash uncontrollably. Her pussy
gushed as I licked and mouthed her hot, wet cunt.
With a guttural sound she stiffened for a long moment,
then jerked. Her hips pulsated, and I gulped the river
that poured out of her. She released my face and preteen bbs sun I
rotated so that my cock was rubbing against her lips
as I continued to nibble hungrily against her pussy. Using my fingers and tongue, I spread her vagina so
that I could easily suck her preteen girl pic
enlarged clit into my
mouth. The pungent aroma of her secretions was more
than I could bear. I felt her lips wrap around my cock
head and felt her suck on me gently. I wanted more
and shifted position slightly so that I forced more of
my cock into her mouth. For a moment, I thought that
she resisted it, then she let me enter her mouth. I used
my tongue against her clit to show her that I wanted
her to use her tongue on me. I pulled back slightly so
that she had some head room, so that she could use
her mouth to stroke me. Something seemed wrong. Although I was turned on
and sucking her wet clit for everything I could do, she
wasn't as enthusiastic with my cock. My very hard
cock was just resting in her mouth and she was only
barely sucking me. With a gentle motion, I rolled her over so that we were
in a slightly different position. My cock came out of her
mouth and as I pushed my cock back gently forward
toward her mouth, I felt closed lips. Encircling her clit
with my lips, I rapidly vibrated my tongue across its
velvet-like inner flesh, hoping that I could provide her
with the incentive to suck my cock. Her clit felt like a
distended button knob as I sucked it deep within my
mouth.She started upskirts pictures preteens shifting position so that I was rolled over
on my back and she climbed on top of me so that her
pussy was directly over my cock. As her hands rubbed
my chest, she whispered "Please don't ask me to do
that."I stared into her eyes and then nodded to her as she
eased down, guiding my cock so that my cock slid
inside her. I could feel her vagina as it sucked my cock
deeper inside her. Her wetness was overpowering. My
cock felt as if it was in a container of oil. She
whispered, "I want you inside me, and I'm going to give
you the best fuck that you ever had."I caressed her tits with my free hand as she rode me.
Although what she was doing to me was very
pleasurable, it wasn't what I wanted her to do to me.
As she alternated humping up and down on me, with
sideways movements and changes in her speed, my
mind drifted as I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her
pussy sloshing around my cock.I stared at her creamy white breasts bouncing up and
down as she thrashed up and down. My eyes drifted to
her glistening lips as I focused on her slightly open
mouth. I shut my eyes as I listened to her groans and
felt her vagina muscles squeeze me. As my mind
drifted, I could still see her lips with my imagination,
but her face was changing. Her face changed to
Mariah's face and her hair changed color to Mariah's
hairstyle. With my eyes shut, it was Mariah that was
riding me, not Agnes. As Agnes went up and down on
me, my fantasy Mariah wrapped her lips around my
cock. Although it was Agnes' vagina muscles squeezing
my cock, I was pretending it was Mariah's mouth. With this new fantasy simulation combined with the
real simulation, I couldn't control myself anymore. I
released a low groan as my balls tightened and my
hips started pounding against her movement. She
sensed my impending explosion and sucked me in
deeper, squeezing me as hard as she could. I felt her
fingernails dig deep into me as she also joined me in
another orgasm.With a barely stifled, "Aaaaahhhhh!" I let go and drove
hard into her mouth, I mean her cunt. As I exploded
into her, I opened my eyes and came back to reality. It
was Agnes that I was fucking, not Mariah.She collapsed on preteens gays top of me, my cock still buried deep
inside her wet cunt. I could feel her juices mixed with
my cum, flowing out of her and down the crack of my
ass. Her breathing was very deep and she was lying on
my damp chest.We laid like that for several minutes before she
whispered "I like to be ate, but I can't do the same
thing. I gag when a cock rams deep into my mouth and
it ruins the night for me. You don't mind, do you?""No, I enjoyed making love to you very much." I lied.******Our clothes were a mess, with the ripped buttons and
dried pussy juice. I spent the night in her room. We
moved from the floor to her bed. Now, that I knew
what to expect, I didn't try to force her to blow me
anymore. Except for that, she was right. She was a
good fuck.She would let me eat her, but her lips didn't come near
my cock again. We fucked four times that first night
and each time, my imagination drifted away so that it
was Mariah in bed with me.We cut our appointments short the next day and
rushed back to her room. This time, we got our clothes
off before we fucked each other's brains out.I enjoyed the saltiness of my cum mixed with her
pussy juice. So we would fuck and then I would eat
her out while my cock rested. When I was ready, we
would fuck again.At lunch the next day, she suggested that we change
our afternoon appointments so that we could go back
to her room. I took a deep breath because it was the
moment that I knew that I had to make a decision. I
responded "We still have almost five weeks where we
will be working together and have a lot of work to do. I
don't know about you, but I need to get a little rest
tonight or my cock will fall off from over-use."She giggled and responded "Ok, big man. If my little
pussy is too much for you and you need to rest, I can
accept that. Why don't we go to my room after work
and just sleep together? All curled up beside each
other, but candid preteen amateur no sex.""I can't trust myself in bed with you. I need to rest.""It's your loss." she replied coquettish.Chapter 4 - The fightAfter work, I escorted her to her room, and then to my
room to change clothes. I called the hotel operator and
requested her to hold my calls, then took my phone off
the hook. Looking up and down the hall, I slipped out
of my room and down the stairway. I used a back hotel
exit and quickly walked the two blocks to the hotel bar
where I was going to meet Mariah.I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. As I sipped
on it, I wondered how I was to resolve my two women
situation. I liked Agnes and had to spend the next five
weeks working with her. I also liked fucking her; but
for some reason, I could only think about Mariah when
I was in bed with Agnes. I reminded myself of the old
motto about a "bird in the hand being better than two
birds in the bush" but it didn't work. I still wanted
Mariah."Hello, Dave." said a soft voice behind me.I turned to see a smiling Mariah standing behind me.
She was wearing the typical Thailand female dress.
She said "My client wanted me to dress very
traditional, knowing that my American body would
look over-stacked. Have you been waiting long?""No, I just got here a few minutes ago. How are you?""A little tired. My client is an old friend that I have
been with for several years. In fact, I don't take new
clients on because I have such a long list of repeating
clients. Anyhow, this guy doesn't top 100 preteens know when to quit.
Six times a night is normal for him. I really earned my
money although he was very generous. I made more in
the last two days than most native Thai's make in a
year."She sat down beside me and lit a cigarette as the
bartender brought her a drink. I saw several condom
packages in her purse when she opened her purse. I
looked at her breasts pressing against her native
blouse, her exposed thighs through the slit in her
dress and knew that I had to have her. I had imagined
what it would be like to have sex with her and now I
had to have her.I asked "Which condoms are the best?""Depends upon what you like. The ribbed ones help me
enjoy sex more, but I really use them for my
protection. I haven't had sex with anyone in over ten
years without a condom between us. I take that back. I
had one customer whom I trusted very much and he
used to beg me to do it natural. All my johns have to
wear them or I keep going."I softly asked "Would you consider adding me to your
list of clients?"She removed a small piece of tobacco from her mouth
before replying "That could ruin our short but
pleasurable friendship. You would be just another
John. Is that the relationship that you want with me?""No. I want to make love with you, but don't want to
lose your friendship."She smiled at me before she took a sip of her drink.
Then she said "I can have any man that I want and
most women. I'm very selective about who I rent my
body to and even more selective as to who I give my
body to. I know why you want me and understand
your needs. Believe me, I know more about what it
feels like to have a horny cock hanging between your
legs, than you realize. However, I also have my own
personal needs. Most times, I ignore my needs and do
whatever it takes to make the money. When I saw you
and talked to you, it wasn't as a whore talking to her
john, it was as a woman talking to her man. I want
you also, but I don't want you to be just a client. When
and if I do have sex with you, it will be free because it's
something that I want as much as you want it. But I
can't do it now. I want us to have a normal
relationship that isn't built upon sex alone. I want to
know you as a person and think of you that way. Not
as another cock. Does that make any sense?""Yes." I replied.She smiled and turned in her swivel chair so that her
legs were rubbing against my legs. She raised her
hand, touching one fingertip against her lips, before
transferring that kiss to my lips with her fingertip.I caught her hand and held it, staring in her beautiful
eyes. Those same beautiful eyes that I had
remembered as I made love to Agnes.We didn't say anything as we stared at each other.
Then I heard someone close say "Dave, I went
shopping for some new underwear and saw you walk
in here. I didn't follow you on purpose and thought
that I would surprise you. I see that it was me that got
the surprise."I turned to see a very angry Agnes standing mere
inches away. As I opened my mouth, she cried "I don't
want to hear your lies. You can have your whore but
you will never have me again."She turned and stomped out of the bar. I started to go
after her, but Mariah stopped me "If I was just your
whore, I would gladly let you go after her. But I feel
that I'm your woman and I don't want you to go. If you
go after her, I won't be here when you come back. It's
your choice"I stood and looked at her. I wanted her, but I felt that I
owed something to Agnes after sleeping with her the
last two nights. For thirty seconds, I stood there like a
damn fool. Then I said "Agnes is my business partner
and I have to look after her and work with her. I can't
hurt her like this. I'll be back."As I walked across the bar, Mariah cried "I won't be
here."I turned to watch her stand up as she snubbed out her
cigarette preteen sex blowjob and picked up her purse. Then she turned
and walked toward the other door.I hurried back to the hotel and saw Agnes as she
stepped into the elevator. I yelled for her to hold the
door but she let it shut in my face as she angrily
stared at me.By the time I got up to her floor, she was in her locked
room. She ignored my knocking and eventually a
bellhop asked me to leave or go back pre teens nonudes to my room. I
called from my room but her phone was off the hook. I
couldn't go after Mariah because I didn't know where
to find her.I slowly laid back on my bed thinking about the mess
that I was in. My business partner now hated me and I
had five long weeks of working with her which could be
pure hell. Mariah was mad at me and I only had five
short weeks to resolve our differences. Two beautiful
sexy women and both of them hated me. It could be a
long five weeks.******I found a note under my door. The very business-like
note was from Agnes and basically noted that she
wanted to use my time as productive as possible.
Therefore, she would see one series of clients while I
visited other clients. She gave me a list of clients to see
today, with the addendum that she would call me
tonight to discuss work and tomorrow's schedule. It
was a very formal note from a pissed off woman.I followed her schedule and hurried back to the hotel.
Again, her phone was off the hook and she wouldn't
answer my door knocks.I rushed over to the bar where I had left Mariah. She
didn't show up and the bartender pretended he didn't
know who I was talking about. So I returned to my
hotel bar, only to discover that not only did the hotel
bartender pretend that he didn't know illigal preteens top Mariah, but he
was suddenly out of the private business of providing
women to the hotel guests.The next several days were pure hell. Agnes found
some way to hide from me. I ignored her daily schedule
under my doorway and put my own notes under her
doorway. We entered a weekend where we should have
been exploring the countryside but instead I was
sitting in my room, all by myself. I went for a walk and picked up a Thai woman. As we
were walking back to my hotel, a woman passed us
and said something in Thai to my whore. I looked at
the woman and recognized Terahi, who was Mariah's
friend. The whore that I was with, stopped and said in
her halting English "Maybe some other time. I go now."She turned and walked away, leaving me staring at
Terahi. I said "Where is Mariah? I've got to talk to her.""She say me tell you that you had your chance and
fucked up. She pay me and friends to make sure that
you have sorry five weeks.""Fuck you and fuck her. I screwed up and I admit it. I
want to talk to her. I want to apologize to her and beg
her forgiveness. Tell her that I have to see her. If she
really likes me as much as she claims, she will forgive
me this one error."Terahi didn't say anything for several seconds, then
she said "I believe you truth. She feel hurt and is in
anger. She liked you really. Go your room and wait
while I talk to her."She turned and left me standing on the corner. I knew
that I had to do as she directed. In my hotel room, I
paced the floor, waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting
to hear her sultry voice call out for me.There was a knock on my door. I opened it to discover
Mariah standing in the hallway. She was wearing jeans
and a blouse. She said "Terahi can be very persuasive
and convinced me to cancel my early date for tonight. I
understand that you wanted to talk to me.""Yes, please come in."I watched as she entered the room and sat down in the
room's only chair. I sat on the bed and watched as she
lit her cigarette. Then she softly said "What do you
wish to say?""I made a mistake. I want us to be more than friends
and regret hurting you."She stared at me for a moment and then picked up the
phone, pressing a button. As she waited on the
operator, she turned on the room's radio to a soft
music station. After a short pause, she said "Room
Service, please send a bottle of wine up to Room 412.
Thank you."She stood up and held out her hand as she continued
"I won't make love to you tonight, but I'll talk to you
and flirt with you. Dance with me."I stood up and she melted into my body. Her soft,
shiny Chestnut hair felt so soft against my face as she
leaned her body into my body. As her breasts pressed
against me, I felt extremely relieved that she was back.
We danced slow, feeling the music, enjoying the
comfort of each other's body, not saying a word
because it would destroy the mood. Still entwined in
each other's arms and our sensual embrace, we
tenderly kiss and I slowly danced around so that I
could see our reflections in the mirror.We looked so perfect and comfortable with each other.
Her tall body was the correct size and portion for my
taller and wider male body. Her eyes were shut and I
could see that very faint and enjoyable smile on her
face.A loud knock on the door interrupted our slow dance
to an nymphet video preteen old Tommy Dorsey song. She said "It's the wine. I
can't drink much but would like a glass to relax me. I
felt very tense coming up here to your room."I slowly let go of her and walked over to the door. I was
reaching for my billfold as I opened the door and was
shocked to see Agnes standing there. She had a smile
on her face as she said "I made a fool of myself and it
took several days for me to get the courage to admit it.
I want to apologize."I just stared at her, knowing that the partially open
door was keeping her from seeing Mariah. I knew that
my mouth was open but I didn't know what to say. I
heard Agnes continue "Can you forgive me?"She stepped forward and put her arms around my
neck. I felt her tense and her arms jump from around
my neck. She was staring at Mariah sitting in the
chair. For ten seconds, no one said anything or moved
as the two women stared at each other. Then Agnes
said "It's amature preteen models obvious that I made another mistake. It won't
occur again. I suggest that you return to the states
because I refuse to work with you. Have a good day."She turned and walked out of the room. My stomach
was in knots and I felt confused. I wanted to run after
her and work something out, but I knew that I would
lose Mariah. I turned around and Mariah was picking up her preteen lesbian nudists purse.
She said "Looks like you still have some major
decisions to make about your personal life. I suggest
that you follow her and try to resolve your business
problems. After all, money is money. Speaking of
which, I still have time to catch my early date. I'll be in
touch."As she stepped forward, I caught her arm and cried
"Don't go."She looked at me and proclaimed in an angry voice models bikini preteen
"I've never made a relationship commitment to a man.
When I do, he is going to be my only man. Until you model preteen illegal

are ready to make the same commitment to me, I have
to earn a living. And before you go pick up just any
Thai woman for a quick fuck, ask the bartender to
send Terahi up to see you. You don't have to worry
about catching something from her. If Terahi hadn't
stopped you earlier tonight, you would've got a good
dose of the clap from that unclean whore.""Mariah. Please don't go." I cried.She shook my hand loose from her wrist as she replied
"I'm not mad, but I'm a little upset and I don't want to
be with you right now. I'll be back, but not tonight. I'll
be back when it's only me and you; and that bitch
knows her place in your life. And you know my place."I followed her to the elevator, pleading with her before
she turned one more time to instruct me "Shut up or
I'll never come back. I wanted to spend some quality
time with you tonight but that loving mood is gone. I'm
going to go to work and fuck someone's brains out
while I wish that I was really with you. I'm pissed at
you, at her and most of all, at myself, for under
estimating myself and my relationship with you. I have
to go and will plan some school preteen panty time off tomorrow so that we
can talk. Now, don't ask me to stay again or you will
really piss me off."I stared into her eyes as the elevator door shut. I
walked slowly back to my room, only to discover a
bellhop standing there, holding a bottle of wine. I took
the wine, signed the bill, and shut the door. I needed
to throw a good drunk.Chapter 5 - No nooky is...Agnes was in the breakfast bar the next morning. I
stood at her table and she said "I have to work with
you but that doesn't mean that I have to like you. You
may sit down."I sat down and said "I'm sorry. I tried to talk to you all
week. Mariah was also mad at me and we had just
resolved our differences. She and I were talking but we
weren't going to do anything.""Is she a whore?""No, she is a prostitute." I admitted.Agnes leaned back in her chair and softly said in a
sarcastic tone "Some day, you have to explain the
difference to me. How can you kiss her, knowing that
an hour ago, she was probably sucking some man's
cock? As for us, I thought that we had something
special. I was very happy being with you and enjoyed
making love to you. Why did you need the services of a
prostitute? Did you hire her to blow you?""No, I didn't hire her for that. I mean, I hired her for
another purpose but not for her body. She has lived
here most of her life and she knows how to deal with
the typical businessmen. I was paying her to teach me
how they react, so that we could have a higher sign-up
rate."Agnes laughed, but it was more of a snort than a laugh
as she said "A prostitute providing business training?
So when were you going to get down on your knees
and suck your client's cock. As he butt-fucked you,
were you going to slide a contract in front of him?
Come on, Dave. Give me credit for having more brains
than to believe that.""It's the truth. That was my intent, but as I was
working with her, I discovered that I was attracted to
her."Agnes leaned forward and angrily whispered "So as I
was fucking you, you were probably thinking about
her. Thanks, you really know how to hurt people."She jumped up from the table and marched out of the
restaurant. My stomach was in knots from the tension
and from drinking all that wine last night. As I stared
at my cold pancakes, someone said "I was asked to
give you a message. Mariah wants you to meet her at
this address at 11 am."I looked up to see the waiter holding a card with an
address printed on it. Does every Thai know Mariah?******The taxi driver drove me to the address on the card. It
turned out to be a private club located several miles
outside Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand. After the
guard checked his list and found my name, he
admitted me. I walked into the lobby to find the
concierge waiting for me. He stated in very impeccable
English "Mr. Rutledge, so nice of you to join us today.
Miss Mariah asked me to show you to the locker room
where you can change and then to please join her on
the beach. We have taken the liberty of providing you a
bathing suit, which is in your locker. It is a beautiful
day for a swim and we have the best beach in the
country."He escorted me to the locker room and gave me a key
to a locker. When I opened the locker, I saw a skimpy
male bikini, not the usual boxer type of bathing suit
that I was used to. I turned around to discover that I
was alone and probably was expected to wear the
bikini. At least it wasn't a thong bikini.I changed and walked down the door, discovering a
nice little private beach on the ocean. There was about
thirty people on the beach and several of the Thai
women were topless. I immediately noticed that all the
men wore bikini bottoms. There was a row of lovely
young women, all topless, sitting under the beach
umbrellas. I felt myself becoming slightly aroused as I
looked around at all this prime flesh. It was easy to pick out Mariah's tall western female
body, sitting on the blanket as someone rubbed lotion

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