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Mark-series Part #33MARKPART #33
WARNING: This is a gay fantasy involving homosexual relations
between gay men and boys. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO
THIS MATERIAL, LEAVE AND READ NO FURTHER.Mark and Calvin stand in the doorway between bedroom and living
room, holding each other but not saying anything. Both of them feel the
other breathing, their hearts beating almost as one. Deep inside of him,
Mark feels an aching longing to be with his Uncle but Calvin is in his
arms. It is confusing usenet preteen pics sometimes to be longing for his uncles arms to be
around him yet he has strong feelings for Calvin.Calvin feels the struggle going on inside of Mark but he does not know
how to help him. He loves Mark and Mark has told him he loves him
but top preteen toys
there is a place in his heart he knows he will never be able to enter.
That place is for Mark's uncle and no one will ever fill it except his
uncle. All of the things they had talked about come rushing in on him
and he feels tears filling his eyes. Mark will always be his first love and
he will always be grateful to have had that love for a short time.Looking down, Mark sees the tears on Calvin's cheeks, "Cal" he says
softly "would you go to bed with me, I want to us to make love
together?"They move together from the doorway and start undressing each other.
Clothes are dropped on the carpet and shoes are kicked off as they
move to the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed, they kiss deeply and
searchingly. Their need for each other flowing between them as they
press their hard bodies together. They look into each others eyes and see
a deep unwavering love, need, a passionate lust.Mark reaches down and takes Calvin in his arms, holding him preteen galleries rapidshare tight
before gently laying him on the bed and sliding his spanking preteen boys
body next to Calvin.
They both explore and feel hard muscles and stiff throbbing cocks.
Kissing and lip biting each other gently as they move their bodies feeling
their warmth and strength. They had not showered and they both
smelled the warm musky smell of sweat as their passions increase.Mark moves over Calvin and pushes his arms up under his shoulders as
he presses their cocks together. Slowly lifting him up until their lips
meet in a soft gently loving kiss as he grinds his hips into Calvin's
feeling their cocks sliding up and down on their guts. As he lay's his
head back on the pillow he hears Calvin say........"Oh Mark, I love you so. Take me, love me please."Mark slowly kisses his sharply defined breasts, licking over his hard
nipples. He bites them gently and feels the tightening of Calvin's
muscles and a low deep groan. Sliding his legs up alongside of his hips,
Mark lifts himself up with his hands placed on either side of Calvin's
chest, he sees the beauty of a boy not yet a man and he wants underage free preteenz to give preteen porn pantyhose this
manboy all of the pleasure he is able to give.As he leans back on his heels, Mark slowly kisses and runs his tongue
over the soft rippling muscles of Calvin's chest and ribs. He feels the
tightening of Calvin's abs as he pushes his tongue into his belly button
and again hears the low groaning moan that escapes his lips. Running
his the forbidden preteen
tongue down preteen clitoris picture the thin hair line he reaches his dripping cock and
takes it into his mouth stopping to taste the sweet salty pre-cum as his
lips tighten just below the skin covered head. Mark runs his preteen fuck picture hands up
under Calvin's waist nice preteen pics as he slowly lowers his head taking his cock deeper
and deeper. Calvin is running his fingers through his hair as Mark sucks
him deeper until he feels his nose press into his soft pubic bush. Mark
smells the sweat and musky smell and rests there inhaling deeply
through his nose. Not a dirty smell, clean and sweaty, a mans musky sex
odor.Mark starts a slow sucking and working of his throat muscles as he
moves up and down Calvin's long shaft. He feels his lips adjust as he
reaches the bullet shaped head and then the thick base as his tongue is
probing and licking under the foreskin with each withdrawal. He
moves his hand from under Calvin's waist and runs them up and over
his hard pectoral muscles squeezing and pinching. Slowly he slides his
hands down his torso pulling the pressure down over his abdomen into
his pelvis as he feels Calvin thrusting his hips up to meet his preteen girlchild models sucking
mouth. A light sheen of sweat covers them as they run their hands over
each other. Calvin is squeezing Marks shoulders and arms pulling him
to him with each movement of Mark's body and running his hands
through his thick hair as his body is being massaged and loved. The
pleasure of Mark's hands, lips, mouth flows through him in increasing
waves. His god of love feeds at his alter, devouring his offering, his
body.As Mark is sucking and feeling Calvin's thrusting hips, he reaches for
his dripping cock and strokes himself in sync with his sucking mouth.
An uncontrollable urgency takes them as they are driving to reach the
pinnacle of their lust, their need. Suddenly in a cataclysm of physical
need, their cocks swell and harden gushing in a great volcanic explosion
of life giving force, filling Mark as he covers Calvin with his seed.
Bodies tighten and arch as great preteen pussy wet streams of their thick, sweet sperm
flow. Calvin spreads japanese preteen pictures Marks cum over his body as he feels him
swallowing preteen kiddie cunt each hot preteen sex fourms gushing stream draining his nuts. They feel their
bodies relaxing but the fog of passion still envelopes them. Mark drains
the last drops from Calvin's cock and then collapses on top of him, his
body held by strong muscled arms.Slowly they relax and drift off into sleep, holding each other their
passions spent.
Lee and William rouse from the light sleep they had slipped into.Lee brushes his lips lightly over William's and asks, "Feeling a little
better now?""I always feel better when I am with you Lee. You should know that."
William says."I guess I should but it is always good to hear you say it. We have been
apart to long." Lee says.Swinging out of bed, William says "Lets take a shower Lee and then a
cup of tea or coffee."The take a shower and play the little games that two men in love with
each other play. No arousal techniques, just loving strokes of preteen sex acts each other
and small nibbling kisses. The water is warm, baby preteen incest
the soap an aromatic
musk and they luxuriate in the feeling of being together. A renewing of
their ties to one another.Drying each other off, William hands Lee a soft terry cloth robe and
dons the other."Coffee or tea Lee?" William says as they walk horny preteens nude to the kitchen."Coffee Uncle Bill. I'm still not much of a tea drinker." Lee says.Lee sits at the table and watches William working swiftly and
efficiently. He sets cups and saucers on the table preteen child sex
with a creamer and
sugar bucket with a small plate of shortbread cakes. The coffee is
percolating and its pungent odor spreads through the room.As he is working, William asks Lee, "Are you feeling any better about
talking with Mark's parents?""Yes Uncle Bill" Lee says. "I know it has to be done for both of us. Me
going back to work would not be a problem for me but I don't know
how Mark would handle it. He is a pretty passionate and determined
young man and now that he knows I love him as much as he does me,
that could backfire on him. This evening when I told him I alena preteen model
was coming
to visit with you, I could see fear in his eyes and hear it in his voice. It
was like a little puppy that has been abandoned. He knows my feelings
for you, I have held nothing back from him. If I leave for a year or two,
I don't really know how he non preteen panties will react. I'm not flattering myself but I
know the boy and just sex is not what he needs. He loves Calvin or at
least he says he does. It is not the same if what he told me after their
first time together is true and I feel it is. It was not like when he and I
were together, he liked Calvin but it was not the same he told me.""Yes Lee, you may be right." William says. "I got that impression when
we talked. His fear is losing you and that is not going to be easy to
overcome. He bbs preteens horny is still a boy, a frightened boy and substitutes are not
going to resolve it. I tried to explain the naked preteen magazines
bonding between you and he. I
think he understands it but I don't believe he trusts it. Your analogy of
the abandoned puppy is just that. The puppy will never really trust
anyone again having been abandoned. Hopefully he will not feel that
you have abandoned him when you go back to work. I have known men,
let alone boys, that have felt that they were abandoned by their lovers
and it all european preteen porn
but ruined ilegal preteen list them. Some did not survive. God pray boy modals preteen
that does not
happen to Mark.""I think I may have a temporary solution Uncle Bill." Lee says as he
sips his coffee. "I am going to call my supervisor, George Whittstone,
tomorrow underground preteens gallery about the added petite preteen pornography
piece of equipment and I am going to ask for
a years leave of absence. I hot and preteen am pretty sure he will recommend it for me
to the higher ups. I just finished 4 years in Saudi Arabia and haven't
really had any time off. Besides, George doesn't want to lose me, I am
too good and cute euro preteens he knows it. I could pick up a job almost anywhere, there
have been a couple of offers before.""As you say, Lee. It is only temporary. Have you thought about the
future, his not yours? He still has a year in lower school and then
college. Depending on what he wants to study, that is 5 years and you
have only covered one with a leave of absence. What preteens in nylon about the other 4
or so? Where will you live while away from your company? You can't
really stay with your brother and his family.""Uncle Bill, there are a lot of ifs in all of this." Lee says. "Getting over
the hurdle with John and Sharon is the key. I don't think there will be a
problem with John but Sharon I am not sure of. She has known I was
gay since before Mark was born but she is his mother and he is her only
son.........that makes it difficult. Sometimes mothers have a more
difficult time accepting that their son's are gay but when it comes to an
only son, I'm not sure how she will react. Taking time from work is no
problem, that is almost a given. Get the time off or quit naked young preteen
and find a job in
or around the area and an apartment.""You have decided that have you? Are you sure about that? Would you
quit your job just for Mark?" William says as he pours another cup of
coffee for them both.As he stirs his coffee, Lee is deep in thought before saying, "Wouldn't
you have done the same for me?""Not the same thing Lee." William says. "Had it been necessary, I
probably would have but you were not my nephew and I didn't have a
family. The situations are not the same.""I am sorry William. I was trying to be a little coy and lighten up the
atmosphere some." Lee says."Be flippant at another time. This I will tell you and you listen well. I
love you as a son and Mark has become very dear to me. Our lives are
entwined one with the other. When you talk with your brother, his wife
or together, do not let emotions control your thoughts. Uncontrolled
emotions have ruined more then one relationship or life. Do not allow
Mark to be with you at this meeting. He is the central figure and would
be a distraction if he were there. Yes, Mark is the focal point of this
entire affair and his welfare comes before anyone else. Without him you
will be no good preteen arina video and he will be absolutely desolated without you. Your
bond goes deeper then either of you realize. History has been written
and art created by men that have loved each other. You and he with
many others are but the heirs of that legacy. The fabric of our being is
woven daily in an endless thread. Don't break your thread because of
emotions. Do not dictate but explain and show reasons that involve all of
you, not just yourselves. Be honest and avoid being devious or hesitant
in your answers. They very likely understand far more then you might
realize." William says with a deep sigh.Lee gets up from his seat and walks over to William. Sitting alongside
he leans in kisses him gently saying, "What cute preteen bedding would I ever have done
without you? Can we go back to bed? We have unfinished business."Standing beside the bed, Lee unties Williams robe and pushing it back
from his shoulders lets it drop to the floor as William does the same.
Taking each other in their arms, they nuzzle each others necks and kiss
softly as lovers over the ages have done. William pulls Lee tightly
against him feeling his hard cock pressing against his and they nonnude preteen free move
gently against each other feeling their passions rising with each
sensuous movement."Lee." William whispers into his ear, "Take me as I did you. I need to
feel you loving me.""Lie down old friend, I need you as bad as you need me." Lee says
looking deep into Williams soft eyes.Slowly as if engaged in a waltz of love, they explore and enjoy the
hidden delights of male love. Slowly moving to the music only they are
hearing they engage and mating is slow and painless. A deep love is felt
as erotic feelings of ecstasy flow over them, into them, through them and
around as they enter into the paradise created for them alone, their
mutual love. Their bodies whisper to each other as words are not
needed for the bliss they are experiencing while they rise to a climactic
pinnacle of giving and receiving the pure pleasure of melding into one
entity. Their life force cements their relationship as others have done
over the ages. Rippling muscles strain and bodies diaper in preteens
arch and shudder
before slowly relaxing japanese underaged preteens
to allow the warmth and pleasure hold them in its
grasp. Once again, they have soared over the heights of pure love
together and descended as two into one in their love & need of each
other.A blanket of sleep folds over them and they smile in the knowledge that
they are and will forever be one with the other.The lights and life of Louisville races on in complete oblivion as Mark
and Calvin are exploring and learning preteen nudes legal
each other. They have
explored the heights and depths that can be reached in the giving and
receiving of each other and dream the dreams of the innocent.As Calvin awakes, he feels Marks body pressing down and they feel
cemented from the dried sperm between them. Moving his hand over
his smooth bicep, Calvin asks softly........."Mark, are you sleeping?""No Cal, I am wide awake. I just don't want to move and have you fly
away." Mark says.Snickering, Calvin says, "how can I fly from under you when we are
stuck together?""Oh!!" Mark says. "You noticed that did you? Looks like we will have
to preteen japanese sexy walk to the shower stuck like this. I think I can move and then we
can shower.""You shouldn't cum so much." Calvin says."No more then you. Lets get showered." Mark says.Mark and Calvin stand under the warm water japanesse preteen models
washing each other,
running their soapy hands over slick rippling muscles. Hands and
fingers invading places that create strong sensations and they feel their
passions rising as their cocks harden and jut from thick hairy bushes.
Slowly stroking each other, Mark leans in and kisses Calvin softly as his
tongue penetrates and their saliva mixes.Gripping each other by their ass cheeks, they lean back preteen russian clip and the warm
water cascades between them. The falling beads of water falling on
exposed cocks send stinging sensations through their bodies as they gasp
at the erotic feel of being caressed by stinging streams of water. Mark
slides his hands up Calvin's back and pulls him tight."Cal, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you taking me, penetrating
me and filling me."Calvin shivers as he hears Mark ask this. Holding him tight he say's,
"Are you sure Mark? I want to so bad but I was afraid to ask you.
You'll have to help me, I 3d preteen cartoons have never done it."Turning the water off, Mark satanic preteen fuck takes his hand and leads Calvin to the bed.
Both are dripping wet as they lay down. Calvin lays beside Mark and
runs his hand over his hard defined muscled body. The young pretty preteens wetness makes
his skin slick and in the dim light it almost seems to glow golden as he
leans down and takes his hard nipple in his mouth, suckling as if at his
mother's teat. He slowly runs his tongue pre teens pantyhose over rippling, breathing
muscles and in his belly button. He feels Mark breathing deeply and his
body preggo preteen tighten and relax as he licks his ribs and down into his groin. He
strokes his thick cock as he feels Marks hand guiding him through his
pubic hair and up his other side to suck again on his nipple. Nipping
gently he hears a deep groan come from inside Mark's throat."Mmmmmmmm yes Cal. Yessssssss," Mark hisses between clinched teeth.Mark reaches and takes Calvin's hand and places it in his crotch over
his rectum and presses his fingers against him. Calvin moves down and
takes his thick throbbing cock into his mouth as his fingers press and
rub Mark's asshole. Lifting his head he sucks on his index finger and
then returns to press it into Mark's tight rectum. Sucking slowly he
pushes and feels a slight give and then the tip of his finger slips inside
Mark groans and tightens his sphincter muscle. Calvin stops and lays
there with his finger slightly inside.Mark feels Calvin trying to finger fuck him and he slides his hand
under the pillow getting the lubricant and a condom he had put there.Reaching down he runs his hand through his hair and huskily says,
"Here Cal, use the lubricant."Calvin takes the tube and kneeling between Mark's legs he spreads a
thick glob on his fingers. Leaning forward he takes Mark's cock in his
mouth again as he starts rubbing the lubricant over his ass and pushing
his finger in and feeling it slide smoothly. Slowly he penetrates past his
knuckle until he can go no further. As he runs his free hand through
Mark's soft hair, he rotates his finger as Mark had done and starts a
slow feeling preteen tits withdrawal to be followed by his second finger and he repeats the
motions feeling the heat and smoothness surrounding his fingers.
Withdrawing again he inserts three fingers and suddenly he feels a
lump as his fingers are rotating and Mark's ass muscles tighten."Oh yeah Cal. You found preteen model forum
it. God that feels good. Pull out, I think I am
ready for you." Mark says.As Calvin is kneeling between his legs, Mark hands him the condom."Gee, I was hoping you had forgotten that but guess we better use it."He sees Mark grinning at him as he rolls the condom over his dripping
cock and then smear lubricant all over the length of it.Lifting Mark's legs onto his shoulders, he leans forward until their
noses are almost touching. Looking into his eyes, he sees golden flecks
flashing and deep lust. He hesitates until he preteen jail bait
hears Mark say,"Fuck me Calvin. Push your cock in. You won't hurt me. Let me feel
you."Sweat is running off of his body as he guides his cock into Mark's ass.
Pushing slow, he feels resistance and then he suddenly slips in and he
groans as he is held tight by sweet joy preteen Marks ass muscles. Hesitating for a second he
pushes in deeper as he feels Mark's muscles relaxing taking him in. Pushing
deeper until he feels his hair pressing against warm flesh with Mark's balls
laying between them. With a deep sigh, he leans forward and covers Mark's
lips with his as he slowly rotates his cock deep inside its hot cocoon of
flesh and he tells Mark "I'm in, all the way in. You are so hot. I never
knew it could feel like this, so hot and tight."Mark says, "Wait a minute before you start fucking. Lay there."Calvin does as Mark says and feels his cock being squeezed as Mark
moves his hips against his groin."Oh God Mark, I'll cum without even fucking your ass if you don't stop
that.""Feels good doesn't it? Stand up on your knees and hold me tight
against you with my thighs and start fucking me slow and feel it
building in your nuts. Fuck me Cal. Drive it in deep. Make me preteen newsgroup cum."Kneeling as Mark has told him, Calvin starts a slow piston motion, in
and out preteen links fucking of his ass. He feels the heat and tightness as his cock is gripped
by his muscles. Slowly the tempo increases as he feels Mark lifting his
hips to meet his downward plunge. They both are caught up in the
ancient art of male fucking male and feel the thick enveloping fog of lust
covering them. Calvin's cock feels like it is being thrust into molten lava
Mark's fucking preteen videos
ass is so hot. His nuts slap against his tailbone with increasing
intensity as he feels his cock thickening and hardening reaching for its
explosive climax. Calvin no longer controls his body, the sweat is
pouring over them both as he groans and drives deeper with each
thrust. Driving, grinding , twisting he feels his cock rubbing Mark's
hard prostate gland and suddenly he hears Mark scream..."Fuck me Cal, oh god fuck me, I'm cumming. Ram it deep please,
please. Hurt me Cal. Fill my ass."Looking down Calvin sees Mark's cock jerking and throbbing as nn preteen 101
streams shoot from its blood engorged head up on his chest and gut.
Streams of cum running between his hard stomach muscle. Calvin goes
over the edge as his body continues to drive his cock deeper until with a
final lunge he screams....."I'm cumming Mark, here it is. Oh god almighty. I can't stop." Calvin
grinds his pelvis against Marks balls as he feels his seed spewing out in
great hot streams filling Mark's ass until he collapses on his body,
exhausted. Sweat pours from both of them mixing with the cum from Mark.They both gasp for air as their muscles relax, their chests heaving
together. Mark reaches up and holding Calvin's head he kisses him
lightly and strokes his hair gently as he looks into his eyes seeing the
love in them."Cal." He says. "I really pedofilia preteen russia
do love you.""I know Mark. I will never forget this. Hold me a little longer please. I
love you very much." Calvin says.As Calvin's cock slips from Mark's ass, they doze off again, their bodies
Cemented together by Mark's cum.Lee lay's with his head on William's shoulder and he feels his body being
shaken gently and William saying,"Lee, what time is Charles picking you up, it is almost 6:30.""Is free preteen mpeg
it 6:30 Uncle Bill? He is picking me up at 7o'clock. I better get a move
on. I asked him if he could take Calvin home after he drops me off." Lee
says as he slides out of bed."No need to rush Lee. Charles won't mind waiting for a few minutes while you
shower and dress. I'll get some coffee on and juice while you are." William
says.Lee shower and dress quickly and walks into the kitchen. Charles is sitting
at the table and says,"Good morning Mr. Lee, did you rest well?""Very well Charles, thank you." Lee says. "Sorry I am late, I kinder preteen porn hope you don't
mind?""William makes an excellent cup of coffee. Have yours before we leave. We
aren't that far behind your schedule are we?" Charles says.William sets a cup and saucer on the table saying, "Charles has always said
I make better coffee then his wife," as he pours Lee's.Lee listens to the exchange and 14yo girls preteen wonders just how well Charles and William
know each other. Looking at Charles as he sips his coffee, he asks,"Charles, how long have you been with William? A long time I know."Sitting his cup down, Charles glances at William before answering, "It's
been almost 30 years hasn't it William?""It will be 31 years on 11 December Charles. You were driving a delivery
truck for one of my suppliers if you remember.""Yes, that's right, I remember. You needed a heavenly preteens pics chauffer and you got me the
position with the limousine service. I met my wife Elizabeth shortly after
that." Charles says."A limousine service? I thought you drove for Uncle Bill?" Lee says glancing
at William and Charles.William cut in and said, "He does now. At first I didn't need a full time
chauffer as I do now. Charles drives many of my clients for me. The owner of
the service is a friend of mine and we arranged that Charles would be
available when I needed him but otherwise he would drive for the service.
The arrangement worked out pretty well but as my client base increased and I
was more involved in other business enterprises, I needed him on a more or
less permanent basis. I bought the white and black Lincoln's which Charles
houses and maintains when he came with me permanently.""Mr. Lee." Charles says. "It is almost 7:30 and the boys might worry if we
are to late."Glancing at his watch, Lee says, "You are right Charles. I have another
favor to ask of you Uncle Bill. Could innocent preteens pussy you spare naked angels preteen
Calvin until tomorrow? I am
going to be tied up with Leggett's most of the day and I wouldn't want to
leave Mark in the motel alone. Calvin and he can spend the day together and
takes in a movie or Calvin can show him some of Louisville.""That can be arranged Lee. Ask him to report tomorrow at 8:30," William
say's."Uncle Bill, I promised Mark we would spend the evening together and I need
to talk with him before we return to Cincinnati. We could come over early
and try Marks & Calvin's clothes. I'm sure Calvin would be with us, he has
become very close with Mark.""You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that Lee. Now you
better get going." William says.Giving William a big hug and kiss on the cheek, Lee says, "We will use
Calvin's car this afternoon. I don't want to use the Explorer after it's
loaded. Any changes and I'll give you a call."Charles deftly maneuvers the Lincoln through Louisville traffic and they are
at the motel rather quickly. He pulls up to the side entrance as Lee had
asked him to. Starting to get out to open the door, he hears Lee say,"That's okay Charles, thanks. I can make it. Calvin will be out in just a
few minutes if you don't mind waiting?""Yes, Mr. Lee." Charles says.Checking his watch as he walks to the room, it is 7:45 and he has petite models preteen plenty of
time. Seeing an in-house phone on the wall, he picks it up and asks for hot preteens models room
service. A bored voice answers and he orders coffee and orange juice sent to
his room. He smiles to himself as he notices preteens in underware the person at the other end
suddenly seem interested when he mentions suite #106 as he replaces the
receiver.Sliding the key card through the slot, he opens the door. The room is dark
and he sees the dinner cart from the previous evening still sitting where it
had been set up. Alarmed for a moment, he quickly looks to the bedroom door
and it is ajar but no light showing. Moving quickly into the bedroom, he
sees two forms in the bed and releases his breath that he had been holding.
He turns on the light that sat on the nightstand and two beautiful young
boys stir slightly and murmur something he does not make out. The innocence
of youth modeling fashion preteens
lays there embraced and he feels relieve wash over him at his
concern when he came into the room.Lee sits down on the edge of the bed next to Mark who is on preteen chill sex the outside, his
arms over Calvin. Placing his hand on Mark's rib cage he feels the steady
rhythm of his beating heart. Watching the rise and fall of his body as he
breaths, he strokes his smooth warm skin and Mark stirs a little rolling
over on his back. Lowering his head, Lee brushes his lips over Mark's and
watches his eyes open slowly as he squeezes his breast gently.Marks eyes light up seeing Lee and he says, "Good morning Uncle Lee, what
time is it?""It is going on 8 o'clock sport and you guys have to get a move on. Charles
is waiting outside to take Calvin home." Lee says as he brushes the hair out
of Mark's eyes.Reaching over, Mark shakes Calvin and say's "Calvin, wake up, it's getting
late. Charles is waiting outside german preteen photography for you" as he sits up.Calvin mutters into his pillow, "what for, we just got to sleep?"Lee looks at Mark with raised eyebrows and gets a grin. Reaching over Mark,
Lee shakes Calvin with a gruff, "roll out Calvin, Charles is waiting to take
you home."Recognizing the voice, Calvin bounces around on the bed and seeing Lee, he
stammers, "I didn't know you were tiny preteen chill
here Mr. Michaels.""Yep, in the flesh." Lee says. "Charles is waiting outside. Coffee and
orange juice should be here any minute. In the hot preteens naturist
meantime, don't worry about
showering right now, just wash up. After Charles takes you home, bring your
mother up to date. Mr. Woolford will start you tomorrow morning at 8:30, you
have the day off to show Mark some of the city and take in a movie while I
am picking up the rest of the equipment. You can drive your car back and
bring a fresh change of clothing. We will discuss the rest of it when you
get back, okay?"Calvin looks at Mark and then at Lee, a little befuddled."Calvin, you can't wash and dress sitting in the bed." Lee says."But, but, I'm naked." Calvin stutters, pulling the sheets sandra photos preteen a little closer
around his waist.Mark is leaning back against the headboard, ilegal girl preteen smiling when he says "Calvin,
better get out of bed. I don't think it will embarrass Uncle Lee if he sees
you naked. He already has you know.""Yeah. He hasn't seen usenet preteen
me like this though." He lifts the sheets showing his
raging hard on.Lee is enjoying the exchange but it is getting late. Looking at Calvin he
says, "If you are afraid I preteen image forum will see you with a free preteen art morning hard and I might want
to rape you Calvin, I will go outside.""Oh shit." Calvin says and throws the sheets back jumping out of bed. His
hard cock springing up and down as he heads for the bathroom."Hmmmmmmmm, impressive Mark." Lee says as he feels a twinge in his cock."Isn't he Uncle Lee." Mark says his eyes sparkling as he sees a slight bulge
in Lee's crotch and he pulls the pussy kds preteen sheet tight around his body, the outline of
his growing cock very obvious.Lee pulls the sheet from Mark's grip, seeing the impish look on his face
with his eyes sparkling. The sheet falls from his hips and his throbbing
cock is laying on his stomach. Lee takes it in his hand and leaning forward
he swallows Marks hot cock and preteen hardcore vids
presses his nose into his pubic hair as he
feels his hair preteen nubile nonude knotted in Marks fingers and a low deep sigh escape from his
tight lips.Lee sucks on Mark a few times and then withdrawing he say's "put your robe
on and come into the living room until Calvin leaves."Swinging from the bed, his cock aching, he puts on his robe and follows Lee
into the living room just as there is a knocking on the door. A nice looking
young man carries in a tray with juice and coffee sitting it on the table.Looking at Mark and then at Lee, he ask's "will there be anything else sir.""Yes." Lee says. "Will you take last night's dinner cart back to the
kitchen?""Yes sir. Call when you want the tray picked up."As Lee is pouring coffee and Mark orange juice, Calvin walks in pulling his
jacket on. Mark hands him a glass of orange juice."Mr. Michaels." He says. "I think Mom is working the 3 to 11 shift and she
will need the car to get to work and come home.""That dildo preteens should be no problem Calvin. Tell her you will take her to work and
pick her up. You and Mark can do what ever you want until she needs to elweb preteen pics go to
work and then you and he take preteen nude gallery her and be sure she knows you will pick her up
when she gets off."I'll see you in a little while Calvin. We will go to a movie or just hang
out, whatever you want to do, okay." Mark says."Charles is waiting for you at the side entrance Calvin. I'll see chemal model preteen you later
this afternoon." Lee says.Calvin finishes his juice nn top100 preteen and looking at Mark he say's, "I'll be back as I
soon as I can Mark. Thanks Mr. Michaels, see you later."As Calvin closes the door, Lee feels Mark's arms around his chest pulling
him tight. Starting to turn, he feels Mark's tongue running around his ear
and then, "You didn't say anything about this evening Uncle Lee?""I promised you we would spend the evening together sport. Dinner in our
room and just enjoy being together unless you would rather do something
else." Lee says as he feels a hard cock being pressed against his butt."There is nothing I would rather do then be with you." Mark says as he
loosens his hold on Lee's chest.Turning to face Mark who had dropped his robe on the floor, Lee is held by
the beauty of the boy. Mark stands like a marble statue except for his
twinkling eyes and steady rise and fall of his chest as he places his arms
around his neck, pulling him into a deep passionate kiss. Lee preteen japanes modeling runs his hands
over his preteens pictures body and feels Mark pressing into him as their mouths cling, their
tongues in a duel mixing their saliva.Leaning his head back from their kiss, Mark says, "How long has it been
since I told you how much I love you Uncle Lee?"Lee picks Mark up as if he is a feather and looking into his eyes, he says,
"You tell me every black top preteen
time I see you looking at me sport," as he carries him to
the couch.Laying Mark on the couch, he kneels on the floor and runs his hands over the
young muscled body of his nephew and kisses his breasts, nibbling on his
nipples. He feels his body tighten and his breathing quicken as he slowly
kisses his preteen stocking feet
way down over the light trail of hair leading to his throbbing
cock. Opening his mouth he breathes on Marks cock and touches the tip of his
tongue to the oozing slit before taking preteen extreme pics its length into his throat. Holding
his cock deep he works his throat muscles around the head as he feels
fingers running through his hair and a deep gasp,"Oh Uncle Lee, take me, let me give you my love." Mark moans softly.Lee runs his tongue over the length of Mark's cock and pushes his foreskin
back swirling it around the head. As he is pulling of his nuts and running
his fingers through his soft curly pubic hair, he feels Mark groping at his
crotch. Releasing him for just a moment, he stands up straight, still
kneeling and drops his pants down, his hard dripping cock exposed. Mark
takes it and starts pulling it back and forth as Lee swallows his hard cock,
sucking young preteen 3d
and pulling at it with his lips coaxing it to swell and harden,
delivering its hot sweet aphrodisiac flowing into his throat as his nuts
tighten and he gushes hot streams onto the carpet in surging thick streams.With one final spasm preteen erection cartoon of his and Marks cocks, he collapses, his head falling
onto his hard stomach still holding his softening cock between his lips.
Muscles slowly relaxing, Lee feels Mark stroking his hair and fondling his
softening cock. Pulling up he watches as he puts his fingers into his mouth
cleaning his cum off of them, smiling. His eyes are soft with golden flecks
as he leans to kiss him tasting his cum and mixing it with the residue left
in his mouth, swallowing.Leaning back on his heels, he runs his hand over his soft muscular chest and
says, "If I'm not careful, I might fall in love with you young fella."Rising up and hot preteen ametures leaning back on his arms, Mark says. "I hope you do mister, I
have fallen in love with you already." Arching his body upwards, every
muscle ripples and strains as he holds himself at Lee's eye level.Breathing little preteens nymphet
deeply, Lee says "My god you are beautiful Mark."Mark holds the full press for a moment and then sitting back on the couch,
he swings his legs out on the floor and kisses Lee's lips lightly. "Do you
want to take a shower before Calvin gets preteen sexy underwear
back?" He says.Glancing at the clock, Lee sees it is just past 8:30. "See what you do you
Imp? I'm supposed to be at Leggett's at 9 o'clock." He says. "Oh what the
hell, a few minutes late won't make any difference, lets get a shower."With warm water flowing over them the sponge each other with the aromatic
musk soap. Dropping the sponges, they run their hands over each other's
bodies, feeling the waves of total joining running through them. Only they
know how one feels for the other, no words porno preteens pussy
will explain it so others would
understand. They have entered the realm that is reserved for those that know
the meaning of one man loving another totally without the shackles placed on
it by others.As they are drying each other, Mark say's "Uncle Lee, always before when I
touched your body or just looked at you, I would get a hard on but not this
time and you didn't either when we were showering. Why?""I'm not sure Mark. I think it was because of our not lusting, wanting each
other. We want each other but I was thinking of how much you mean to me and
how much you had made my life change. I think we both have learned the
meaning of love. Ours is a deep compounded love that we know cannot be
changed or replaced by another. I wasn't thinking about the sex, just how
much I love you.""I guess you are right, Uncle Lee. I know how much you mean to me, you
always have. When we are together it feels like I am going to burst and when
we aren't I feel sort of lost. I don't know Uncle Lee, all sorts of stuff
goes though my head and I get all kinds of feelings and I don't know what
they are." He says preteenn model sites almost in a whisper. "All I really know is that preteens ptreteens
I love
you and I don't think I can live without you.""Mark." Lee says. "We still have a lot to learn and things to talk about. It
will work out."Dressing quickly, they go back into the living room where Lee pours himself
another cup of coffee while Mark drinks a juice. Lee asks him if he would
like to have dinner in the room or maybe another restaurant. He could check
with the front desk about a good restaurant close by if he wanted."Whatever you want Uncle Lee." Mark preteen chinese model
says. preteens spanked naked "I was kind of hoping we would be
alone tonight and dinner in the room sounds good to me. Eating somewhere
else would be okay too if you want.""Dinner in then. Think of what you would like and when I get back, we will
have the motel prepare it for us." Lee says as they hear a knock on the
door.Mark unlocks the door and Calvin walks in with a small overnight case. "I
took a shower at home and Mom fixed me preteen glamour forum
this small bag with fresh
underclothes and a clean shirt. She packed a dress shirt and a pull over
depending on what I might need." Calvin says."Good." Lee says. "I should be finished by around 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Lets meet here and then we can use Calvin's car and go see about the clothes
at Williams. Okay? See you then.""Sure Uncle Lee, will it be alright if we have breakfast in the motel dining
room? I'm hungry and I bet Calvin is too." Mark says."Put it on the room tab Mark. I've got to be going, bye." Lee preteen latino bbs says.Send comments to: "The most exquisite pleasure is giving pleasure to others."
Jean de La Bruyere
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