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Generic Vigora
Generic Vigora

Related post: Co., 1888. Pp. viii-13 to 316. [Price, fl.75.]
Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of West Virginia.
Twenty-first Vigora 100 Tablets Annual Session, held at Huntington, May 16 and 17, 1888.
Un cas de cancer du larynx. Considerations sur la laryngectomie.
Par le Dr. J. Vigora Price Charazac, de Toulouse (Communication faite k Vigora 50 la Society
francaise d'Otologie et de Laryngologie, seance du 26 avril 1888).
Operatiunea Order Vigora lui Alexander in prolapsul si retroversiunea uterului.
Tesa penten Doctorat in Medicine si Buy Vigora Chirurgie. Dr. Leonida Varnaly,
Baccalaureat in litero si sciinte, etc. Bucuresci, 1888.
The Prophylactic and Therapeutic Resources of Mankind. A Paper
read before the International Congress of Anthropology, held at Colum-
bia College, New York, June 4 to 7, 1888. By Henry C. Hanchett,
M. D., etc. (Reprinted from the " New York Medical Times."]
Twenty-fourth Report of the Trustees of the City Hospital, Boston,
with Reports of the Superintendent and Medical and Surgical Staff,
Rules for Admissions and Discharges, Prospectus of Training-School
for Nurses, etc., 1887.
The Male Urethra, its Diseases and Reflexes. By Fesseuden N.
Otis, M. D., CUnical Professor of Genito-urinary Diseases in the College
of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. Detroit: George S. Davis,
1888. Pp. viii-86. [The Physicians' Leisure Library.]
Ileports on t^^ flroguss of Pebxdrif.
Antlirarobin is the latest addition to our dermatological therapeuti-
cal resources (" Vierteljahr. f. Derm, und Syph.," 1888, Heft 2). Vigora Oil It
is introduced to us by Liebermann, of Berlin, who describes it as de-
rived from certain coloring matters (alizarin and flavo- and anthrapur-
purin) by chemical reduction. He believes that its action, as well as
that of chrysarobin, is due to its oxidizing properties. It occcurs as a
yellowish-white, odorless, granular powder, which is permanent in dry
air. It is insoluble in cold water and acids diluted with water ; very
soluble in cold, watery solutions of alkalies, ammonia and earthy alka-
lies, assuming a brownish-yellow color. But these solutions are not
permanent, as they readily absorb oxygen from the air, their color
changes through a green into a blue, and finally an alizarin-violet. It is
soluble with difficulty in benzol and chloroform, and iu acetic acid and
alcohol to a much greater extent than chrysarobin. It is also .soluble in
glycerin and in borax solutions. This new product has been tested by
Behrend, Buy Vigora Online and found to be very useful. It may be used in the form of
an ointment, or dissolved in glycerin, or as a tincture, and in the
strength of from ten to twenty per cent. The tincture proved itself
most useful, and was prepared according to the following formula:
Anthrarobin, 5 ; alcohol, 45. Dissolve Vigora 5000 on a water-bath. It may also
be made with double the strength of anthrarobin. In any form the
drug is well borne by the skin, never producing irritation like chrysa-
robin, so that it can be used on the face and scalp without danger. It
\i\. Y. Mku. Juuu.,
Htiiiim tlio hU'iii hikI tlio iiiului-clothiiiK yellow, uiid oniisoH Hnnu'tiinoH
tlio Sfn!*atioii of liuiiiiiiK, wliicli is not Vigora Online sevon'. It wiis Vigora Tablets tiit'd in 15 caseK
of pMoi'iuHiH, 17 ciLsi'S IIS t«tir(>. It Ih iiioro lu-tivc wlieii applied to the skin
afti'i" wasiiinjj ttitli Rroon soup. It Vigora 100 is alioiit oiii' thin! ciicaprr than
clinsuroliiii or p\ i(i;,'allol.
The Poisonous Action of Petroloum upon the Organism in Gen-
eral and upon the Skin. — Lcwin (N'irciiow's " Aicliiv," IHHS, llcft 1)
liuH niado « study of this subji-ct. The latter piirt alone interestH us at
prosont. Many obsorvtTS have reportcil various skin lesions resulting
from the use Generic Vigora of petndeuni in the troatinent of the itch — such as wheals,
snudi ulcers upon erysipelatous bases, and an eruption of acuminate
vesicles upon u Cheap Vigora red base. I.ewin hus invudcd this t-ountry aiui ob-
served the effects of ])etroleum upon the operatives in Pennsylvania.
He found that the heavy oil was very different in its effects from the
light oil. The workers upon the oil-pumps are affected with an eruption
of hazel-niit sized, transparent, white boils. These affect l)oth young
and old, and last in some oases a year or more, in other.s but a few
week."*. The common form of eruption is an outbreak of equal-sized
pimplea and boils, which do not itch, and are located ujjon the arms
and hands. In some laborers the disease relapses fretpiently. Some
escape the disease entirely. Frequent washinf^s of the skin with soap
seemed to lessen the tendency to the production of these boils. Some-
times nearly the whole of the skin is affected. Those laborers who
were not in constant contact with the raw product escaped the erup-
tion. In the refining works, those who handled the light oil and the

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