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From: trip carver
Subject: Me and Shawn and Dad, chap. 3Please note, all princess model pantyhose the characters in this story are fictional. butterfly panty models All rights to
this work of child sexi models fiction, or any parts of it, belong to the author. No use
other than what is specified on Nifty is permitted without express
permission.Comments and model bambi hardcore plot suggestions are gladly teen model marie welcomed. nude artists models Please send them to me
at "tripcarverhotmailcom"I hope you enjoy my baby porn model
story, I had a ok nn models blast writing it.Chapter 3 kids modeling pantys
picks up where chapter 2 left off. Trip and his brother Shawn
are kissing, Trip just having licked his cum off of his older brother's
face. Trip notices that all of a sudden there's a hand on his ass. Whose
hand is it?"Me and Shawn teen magazine model and Dad"Chapter 3 xxx new models - - -Turns out it was Shawn's hand on my ass, both hands, one on each cheek, and
he was moving my ass, my hips, side to side. Which was moving my dick side
to asia girl models side. Which was then rubbing up against his dick which was moving side
to side. I put my hands on his butt, bikini fitness model and helped him along as he was
helping me. Dick hitting up against dick, felt kinda good actually. He
started to move models nonude kids a bit more aggressively, litle models com inez nn model
so I did too, and soon enough we
were laughing and sword-fighting. I never thought about another guy's
dick, but Shawn did have a hefty piece of meat on him. I wondered if all
guys his age were free premodels nonude
like that, 2001 ultegra model I preteem model links wondered if I'd get like that, I wondered
what Dad's was like. Dad. dearmond model 41 Almost forgot he was there. the model nude I turned my head,
yeah he was still there, and had this smirky grin on his face."You boys having fun?" Well, shit yeah!, sword-fighting dicks naked with your older brother while
your Dad is watching nude rap model is fun. "Kinda-sorta," I said."Yeaaaah," catwalk model sketches Shawn drawled out."Why don't you boys back off for a moment. start teen modeling
Pull away."We let go of each other's asses (oh, sword-fighting dicks naked with your
older brother while your Dad is watching, while hanging on to your nude swimsuit model
brother's naked ass is even more fun), and stepped back from each other
just a bit. What lolas model sexy was Dad up to now? I didn't know, and my dick was
starting to lose a little stiffness."Turn towards me, let me get a good look at you, let me see how my boys are
getting lil models pre along, model preeten gallery growing up."Now my dick was getting hard again. Dad came models next door up to me first, stood in
front of me, just a bit closer than you normally would. darling child modelbobcat model 5600t I could smell the
last traces of his cologne starting to mix in with the future forecast models
smell of having been
at work all day, see the firmness of his hairy chest through his shirt,
even his arm muscles, as he reaches his right hand towards my chest.Smack!, he comes down on my left pec, over my heart, not hard, just strong.
I bluemania model like it. My dick I swear is getting harder. He feels around my boy-pec,
massaging it, then, holy fuck, pinches my little nipple. Shit! If he does
that again I'll blow another load. He does it again, the pinch. I clench
my butt cheeks, trying to find the muscle in my dick to alternate path model shut it down so it
doesn't cum. I look down at my dick. Ok, no cum, but a clear drop of goo
is forming at the tip. I can't teen model scandel do anything about that. kids porno model I look up into
Dad's face, smelling latina sexy model
it monster models before I see it. His gaze is on me, on my chest,
on my boy-pec, on the nipple. Pleeeease don't pinch it again! image models Pleeeease
pinch it over naked model girl
and over! Pleeeeease... He innocent lollita models moves to the other boy-pec, slaps
it russian boy model strongly.Fuck! He slaps again, a little harder. Fuck. Fuck. Pleeeease don't pinch
my other nipple. He does, Twice, three times. My dick, what's my dick
doing, it adult clothing models
feels like it going to burst out of its skin. I'm watching his
face as he looks down towards my dick. I follow his face with my gaze, so
we're both looking at my dick. Hard as fuck as it's ever been. Dripping.
A goddamn line of boy-juice almost down to the floor. He's staring at it,
swear erin connor model
his stare is teenager models making it harder, if that's possible. The only thing
that would make it worse would be if he touched it. Grabbed it. Held
it. Felt it. Stroked it."You got a nice dripper there, Trip," he says still looking at it.His right hand is still on my pec, his left is down at his side, trying
real hard lia model jailbait
not to take hold of my dick. Whaddaya youngtopless russin models say when your dad comments
on your dick? "Uh, thanks Dad," is all corinna teen model I could come up with.He lifts his head up, a little more quickly than I woulda thought, looks
into my eyes, smiles, I look back, smile. He takes a half-step back,
places the back of celebrity nude models his right hand against my pec, girls modell and casually lets it
drift down over best bikini models my chest, my torso, rubbing, more like feeling, down over
my newly-furry belly to my pubes."I see you got a good patch there. sexsy models russia Looks good."Again, "Uh, thanks Dad." model playboy topless
Thank God he doesn't touch my dick, I'd explode
if he did. He brings his hands up to my shoulders, squeezes them, then
feeling down my arms, squeezing the girl swimwear models new boy muscles just forming there."We gotta get dana redhead model some work on these arms, son, build `em up.""Yeah Dad.""Chest too. Build up those pecs."His hands are now back lingerie models portfolio on my asian kid modelsredhead porn models shoulders, and he free preten model
says, "Turn around, let's
take a look", as he gently turns pleasure models me around.As I turn around I see Shawn. This whole electra preeteen model time he'd been real quiet, just
watching, I guess figuring his turn would be next. Our eyes meet as I
turn, just for a split second. He's lia model topsites got this look. Like hunger. I jap teen models take a
quick glance at his dick. His hand is on it, holding it , protecting it,
keeping it ready. Or maybe he's just jacking off to me being inspected by
our Dad. Fuck, I'm so worked-up, I bikini cartoon models can barely even remember to breathe,
much less figure out what my brother's doin'."I said, teen models 100 relax your shoulders, Trip, you're holding them all tense, let `em
go."Oh, was dick models Dad talking little body models to me? "Huh? Oh, yeah," as I shake out my shoulders,
let `em kinda fall."Good, that's better."I look across at the bathroom ebony erotic model
mirror and see Dad's face, all focused,
concentrated, serious. He's teen remodeling almost like studying my upper back. I feel his
hands there now, feeling it out, caressing it. Feels real nice."Here, how's this?" he asks as takes his strong hands on the top of child top models my back
and starts dani model to really massage it, strongly, firmly, deliberately, daddy-ly."Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh," is all I can ethnic sex models
manage. He grunts out a little chuckle in
response, and gives just a few more squeezes. His hands leave the top of
my back, girls little models
and he caresses, feels, his way down."You got a beautiful models mpegs good strong back developing son, it's gonna be powerful, manly.""Uh, thanks Dad."Now he gets to the bottom of my back, my waist, to 1999 model hundai fitt model porn
where my baby modelling ass cheeks
begin. I look in the mirror again, he's not there. What? Oh, wait, yeah,
he is, little liota models he's just crouched teen pedo models
down so kiddy model fuck he's like level with models panties kids my butt. Level with
my butt? What for?His hands are caroline model nuneaton on my hips, and I feel something on my ass. What the fuck is
that? I close my eyes, try to picture, imagine, what's going on.
Something light, airy, hot and amateur foot models cold at the same time. Idea: Bra panty models my eyes burst
open, to ira teen model check into the mirror. Damn, can't see down that far. What the
fuck is going on?"You ok son?""Yeah Dad, uh, whaddaya doin'?""Can't ya tell?""No, really, what are you doing?""Well do ya like it? What's it feel like?" Dad's always been a prick
about korean women models not giving a straight answer when a riddle would do."Well, teen modelling
I dunno. Feels like you're blowin' on my emily child model
butt cheeks.""Yeah son, something like that."Actually, Shawn told me later, that's models magazine just 12yo models nude what he was doing, puckering up
and blowing on tiny models my furry butt cheeks. Oh, yeah, Shawn also non nude models told me later
that I got this little bit of hair, like peach-fuzz, littlemodelsgirls just barely beginning
to grow in on my ass cheeks.Fuck! What was that? I gotta stop drifting off into daydream-land. Almost
felt like, no way, couldn't be. There it is again, on the other side. It
is. A julia girl model
kiss. Dad fuckin' kissed my ass cheeks! What's he gonna do next,
lick `em?, eat `em?"Shawn, I need your help down here for a black model
bit."He needs Shawn's help? Down there? What the fuck for?"Uh, yeah Dad, sure," he says, startled out of his own la-la-land, dropping
his dick (still hard) and squatting down by preview model fuck
Dad, behind me, at my ass. My
string of boy-juice leaking from my dick, that started when Dad was working
over aqe teen models my pecs, naked art models
is young pre models now starting to pool on the floor.- - - to be continued - - -
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