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From: Sam Sheppard
Subject: Memories of Sixteen 9Disclaimer: This story is true and happened just as it's written. Some
literary license has been taken. The names have been free toplist nymphet
changed for obvious
reasons. If you are under 18 years old or offended by gay sex then please
leave this site immediately.Memories of hot nymphets video Sixteen 9It was the last week of August and a slight gloom had settled over all the
kids at the pool, including me. The countdown was on. We were at nymphets photo collection
T minus
8 days and counting until the end of underage teens nymphets our freedom. Summer was over and the
pool was closing today. I spent the morning giving the pool its final
cleaning and then cleaning all the equipment, storing it in the lock up and
making arrangements with the superintendent to have a pump delivered on
Monday so we could empty the pool and cover it for its snooze over the
winter. It was a fairly warm day, somewhere in the toplist nymphets nude 70's, with mild
humidity, so I thought it might be a bit slower today. Not to mention that
the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) had started the previous week, and
that always reduced the number of kids at the pool.I opened the pool and took a few laps and then sat down to see who'd legal nymphet show
up. Since I'd figured it to be quiet, I'd brought a naked little nymphetes
book with me. I was
reading "The Persian Boy" by Mary Renault. Yes, I actually was. I've
always been a history nut and this was the second in her trilogy about
Alexander the Great. little nymphets portal I still have the books in a box in the basement. nymphet nude model
fact that it was a true story, about the homosexual love between Bagoas,
Alexander's Persian eunuch and Alexander, sparked my interest even more,
but I was able to explain it off as my reading a historical novel. So I
was sitting there reading and didn't, at first, notice that Freddy, Bill
and Bob had wandered in. Freddy came over, sat down beside me and said Hi.
I looked up, stuffed the book quickly into my bag and said Hi nymphette cartoons
back. Bill
and Bob had jumped in the water and were chasing and splashing each other."What're ya reading?" asked Freddy."Oh, just a book about desired angels nymphets Alexander the Great," I explained, blushing a little
at being caught with this particular book."Is that the new Mary Renault one?" he persisted to which I hesitantly
replied "Yeah, it is. How do you know about it?"Freddy surprised me by telling me that he'd read the nymphet porn site first one of the
series and was looking forward to getting the next one. He asked me what
it was about, and I tried to explain without emphasizing the gay aspects of
the book (not an easy task). He said it sounded interesting and with that
he stood up and jumped into the pool to join the other guys. A valuable
lesson learned here. If you don't want to answer questions, don't put
yourself in a position where you or your actions create them. So away went
the book for the rest of the day.Since no one else ucranian nymphets was coming down to nymphet schoolgirls the pool, and since it was the last
day, I figured I'd bend the rules a little and jump in and fool around with
the guys. extreme tracking nymphets galleries
We started playing tag, which eventually became a game of Marco
Polo. It wasn't long before nymphetes nudes
someone called someone else a cheater and we
were all splashing each other and grabbing and throwing each other under
the water. Since there were four of us we decided to play Chicken. That's
where one guy sits on another's sexy nymphets shoulders and tries to knock the other pair
into the water, well, you know what I mean. I got teamed up with Bob, and
Freddy and Bill were the other team. Bob climbed onto my shoulders and
Freddy got on Bill's and we started the game. We were chasing each other
around the pool with the guys on top grabbing each other's arms and legs
and anything else they could get hold of. 2 nymphets kissing Bill and I had to keep a good
hold of our partner's legs. Occasionally, I'd reach up and clasp my hands
behind Bob's back. Of course, the top guy never stays in one position and
always has to nymphets nud3e shift around to get centred. I couldn't help but notice that
when Bob shifted, I'd feel a slight lump against the back kidz nymphets of my neck. I
thought sex nymphette
"Hmm..That feels cool", but didn't pay much attention to it, until
I noticed he was shifting fairly often and that little lump wasn't so
little anymore. We played the game for a while, both teams getting dunked
repeatedly, until we got tired and so we all climbed out of the pool and
the guys nymphet cartoon pulled out their beach towels and set them up on the concrete
beside my chair. I watched Bob as he went to lie down and noticed that he
was lying on his stomach. "Interesting," I thought. "Wonder if he'd be
interested in a little action?" My next thought was that if we did get
together and his brother pubescent shy nymphets
ever found out, well, it wouldn't be pretty, so I
filed the thought away as a mistake.We all started shooting the breeze and Bill suddenly asked how nymphets sites password my date with
Sandy had gone. It's my policy not to kiss and tell, for very good
reasons, so I said it had gone well and that we were getting together again
tomorrow night. He pushed me for some details and I just said we'd gotten
along great and hadn't come straight home after the movie, if that's what
he wanted to know, to which he raised his eyebrows and smiled. Just then,
Stevie showed up, but not dressed for the pool."Hey, how's it goin'?" illegal nymphets gallery
I asked him."It's cool," he replied. "Hey, I kiddie nue teen nymphet wanted to invite you guys to my birthday
party on Wednesday."Everyone sat up and started talking at once, asking him where and when and
a bunch of other questions."It's on Wednesday. home nymphets tgp We're gonna have a family thing at 6 and then
everyone's invited to my place at around 7. We're gonna have pizza and some
music. under aqge nymphets I invited some chicks from school as well," he replied. We all
agreed to be there. It at least made the week more bearable.After Stevie left, we elweb bbs nymphets
all started talking about what was going to happen
next year in school. Bill, Shawn, Stevie, Mike and I would be in high
school and Lane, Bob and Freddy would be in junior high. Bill was going to
be playing football again and was hoping to make the senior team this year.
We were both going to be swimming for the school and Stevie would be trying
out for the swim team as well. Shawn was going to do Shawn stuff. We
talked about what the chances were of making city finals in some of the
sports and who we thought might make the teams and then we started talking
about the only other thing boys talk about when they're together, girls.
Bill and I started discussing the relative merits of some of the girls in
our class and in some of the upper years. We seemed to be in agreement
that we had some ace chicks in our year and Bill got onto the topic of who
he thought might put out and what they might be willing to do. Mistake!
We're all sitting there in our Speedos and Bill's spouting off about blow
jobs and fucking and feeling girls' tits, so needless to say, things got a
little uncomfortable. So we all jumped into the pool to free nymphets hairy pics cool off. As we
were splashing, I felt someone swim behind me and a hand grab my ass for a
second. I looked around and there was Bob, behind me. "Must have been a
mistake," I thought and went back to horsing around. We all decided that,
since no one else was in the pool, we'd play red rover. The only
difference nymphets portal sex
was that in order to get through the line you had to go under
the water.We started playing the game with me, since I was the oldest, as free nymphet bbs list
"it". I
called everyone over and, as they started to swim past me, I grabbed hold
of Mike and held him, adding him to my line. We both called everyone over
and Mike went after Bill and I went after Bob. Bill was able to get past
Mike, but I grabbed Bob and was holding nude model nymphets him around the waist when he
suddenly grabbed my crotch and gave my cock a squeeze. I was so nymphets childs sex
shocked I
released my hold nudes nymphets and he swam away to the end of the pool with the other
guys. This time when Mike and I called them over, I nymphet elwebbs wanted to make sure I
got hold of Bob again, so as he tried to swim past, I jumped on ukrainian nymphets girls
top of him,
grabbed the back of his suit and held on. I then slid my arms around his
waist and held him. Again, his hand slid down under the water and grabbed
a ls nymphet sites handful of my package, only this time I didn't ukrainian angels nymphets hard let him go. He continued
to rub my cock until everyone had gotten to the far end of the pool. Now I
was completely confused and very hard. I'd thought this kid was as
straight as his brother and couldn't figure out what he was bbs nymphet link up to. Mike
had missed Bill again, so now 4chan archive nymphets
it was Mike, Bob and me against Bill and
Freddy. We played until everyone ukrainians nymphets toppless
had been captured and then climbed cp nymphets pics
out to
catch some sun again. After a while family nude nymphets Bill got up, said he was heading in
and motioned for Bob to follow him. nymphet hard sex
Bob said he was going nymphets 14y to hang astral nymphets bbs out here
for a while, so Bill went upstairs.Fairly shortly after that, Freddy called it a day and went inside, leaving
Mike, Bob and me at the pool. We sat in the sun and I watched as nymphets cp top list
turned over onto his back and started sunning his front. I'd swear that
whenever Mike wasn't looking Bob would adjust his cock in his suit. I was
hoping Mike would leave soon so I could figure out what was up with Bob,
but no such luck. I was trying to think of ways of getting Mike to scram,
but nothing sounded feasible. Talk about frustration. Within a few
minutes, Bob had to go inside and I could have killed Mike, but I just sat
there trying to appear young chinese nymphets calm and cool. Oh boys and nymphets well, the best laid plans, as
they say. It was now late afternoon and no one else had come down or was
likely to come creampie teen nymphets mpegs
to the pool so I thought I'd close up early. As I started
to grab all the equipment, Mike said he had to go and off he went. I threw
some of the unde nymphet bbs
equipment in the shed, intending to put it all away properly
later. When I stepped out of the shed, I was surprised to see Stevie
standing there."Hey man," I said, "What's up?"He replied, "I just came down to see if you wanted nymphette 12y o
any help packing up.""Sure," I said. "Hey thanks for the invite to your party. Fifteen, eh.
Gettin' to be a big kid, aren't ya?" I joked."If anyone'd know, you would," he replied with a smirk."Yeah, I would," I chuckled "And I can't wait to see how much bigger after
your birthday.""Why wait?" he asked."Sounds good to me, but I want to save a surprise for you until after your
party. It'll be kind of like a surprise present, K?""Cool," he replied."You been to the "Ex" (the CNE) yet?" I asked him."No, I was hoping to go on Friday," he said."Tell you what. Ask your folks if you can go with me. sweet hot nymphets We can go on Friday
morning and hang there for the day. The Air Show's on, we can grab some
munchies and come home later in the evening. It'll just be you and me, just
like brothers. Sound OK with you?""That sounds really cool, thanks," he said. He ran upstairs and was back
in ten minutes."They said for me to make sure it wasn't a problem for you, but that if you
were OK with it, it was fine with them. It'd save them gallery nymphet pic having naked junior nymphet to go.""Looks like we're on, then," I said. "I'll come get you at around 9 and we
can grab the bus down.""Nine? You mean nine elit nymphet free pics a.m.?" Stevie asked with a shocked expression."Yeah, it takes an hour to get there and the more time we have, the better,
right?" I asked. Stevie agreed reluctantly. Then he brightened up and
suggested he ask his parents if he could stay over at my place the night
before so we could get an early start. I agreed, knowing my folks wouldn't
mind (they bbs illegal uncensored nymphets liked Stevie, and I think they recognized the kind of big
brother / little brother relationship we had developed), so Stevie ran back
up and checked with his parents and came down grinning from ear to ear."Looks like they said Yes," I said, "Well, that's an extra birthday present
I guess."I grabbed the vacuum and hose and began vacuuming the nymphettes nubiles pussy
pool for the final
time for this season. Stevie kept me company the whole time and chattered
away about a bunch of different things. He was just so damn cute and the
more time we spent together, the more I came to enjoy having him around. I
finally finished looking after the pool and 100ree young nymphet
after I locked the nymphets foot fetish gate, Stevie
and I went into the shed to put all the equipment away. Once that was
done, he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my hot naked nymphets waist, almost squeezing
the breath out of me."Wow, nude nymphets artistic
what's that for?" I managed to ask."I just love being dark nymphets links here with you," he replied, to which I responded, "Yeah
me too."I returned his hug and kissed the top of his head. He tilted his head back
and looked at me and I leaned over and kissed his perfect lips. Stevie
responded by opening his mouth and our tongues philippine nymphet
intertwined and danced with
each other for a long time. When we finally broke the kiss, we were both
panting and I could feel erotic young nymphets models Stevie's hard penis pressing against my thigh. I
could also feel my dick being squeezed by my swim suit and pressing against
Stevie's hip. I reached down and placed my hand on his stiff youngest nymphetes naked little cock
and began massaging it through his shorts and was rewarded by feeling it
twitch as I gently nude nymphet videos
cyber nymphets bbs stroked it. Not wanting to waste another second, I
dropped onto my knees and undid the button and zipper of his shorts and
pulled them down to his knees where they dropped to his feet. He was
wearing tighty-whiteys and they were very definitely tented. His stiff
penis was outlined against the fabric and I could see the outline of the
mushroom shaped head poking against the fly. I couldn't take it any longer
and I yanked his underwear out and down, watching as his penis bounce up
and down when it was released. I took hold of it and gently stroked it,
watching Stevie's face as I did. He leaned his head back against the wall,
his eyes closed and he had a smile on his face.I tickled the underside of the head of his penis with my thumb, causing his
cock to nymphet thumb galleries twitch again. I ran my thumb on the underside from where I gripped
his shaft up to the head and was rewarded with a drop of fluid little nymphets non panties pooling at
the slit, which I immediately licked off, causing litles nymphets
Stevie to gasp young nudist nymphets and then
groan. I leaned in and nymphette girls fucking
licked my way from the tip of his sweet penis to
the base and then nuzzled and licked around and into his pubes. I felt the
curly little hairs tickle my nose and I put my mouth against his pubic
mound and rubbed it against his hairs. I licked down to his scrotum and
noticed that there was a little more hair there than when I had last been
here. I licked each tender testicle and took each one into my mouth in
turn and then, letting his balls rest on the bridge of my nose, licked his
perineum, causing his legs to shake.I kept nymphet paradise naked this up for a short while, teasing him. But my lust and desire got
the better of me. I moved up and completely engulfed that wonderful
fourteen, almost fifteen, year old penis with my mouth and started bobbing
my head and sucking for all I was worth."Ohhhh, mannn. Ohh woowww, Oh shit that's so fucking amazing," nude nymphet little moaned my
younger friend as I worked his rod with my lips and tongue. He began
thrusting his hips forward and back, and I began increasing the suction I
was applying to his throbbing cock. I grabbed hold of both of his firm,
tight ass cheeks and kneaded them as I used them to pull him back and
forth, driving him deeper into my mouth."Awwww ffuccckkk, Sam, I can't stand it. I'm gonna cum."He was writhing and moaning and thrusting and when asians nymphets
I looked up I could see
his adorable face scrunched up like he was in pain. His penis began
throbbing and the head felt like it tiny nympho sex was fresh movies nymphet
getting bigger while the shaft felt
like it was getting even harder. With a loud moan, Stevie grabbed my head
and pushed his cock as deep as teeny nymphet it could go."Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Unnnggghhhoooohhhffffffuuuuuccccckkkk," he
practically shrieked as he shot his sweet teenage semen into my mouth. He
shot so hard, I could feel his cum hit the back of my throat and I had to
swallow and swallow to avoid having it run out. kds baby rompl nymphets
His legs were trembling,
his stomach was contracting, his hips were thrusting and his head was
thrown back while he spent himself in my waiting mouth. As he slowed down,
I held him in my mouth until his penis began to soften and I let it
gradually fall from my lips."Oh my god," Stevie purred, "I can't stand up. That was...amazing.""Yeah, it very little underage nymphet sure was. I can't believe how hard you came," I said as I licked
my lips and swallowed the last remnants of his young sperm.Stevie grabbed me around the waist again, laid his head on my chest and
gave me another hug. Since he naked nymphet game was completely naked and pressing up against
my body and I was already ukrainian bbs nymphet as hard as nymphettes thumbs I could get, I felt like my cock going
to explode if I didn't get some relief. I reached down between us and
undid the string on my Speedos and dropped them. I grabbed Stevie's hand
and directed it to my cock. As nymphets nude top list soon as he'd wrapped his hot hand around it
I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Stevie dropped to his knees
and nymphet model links was about to put it in his mouth when I little stars nymphets stopped him and told tgp bbs nymphets him I was
too close and for him to just jack me off. He began gently working my cock
with his hand and after about five strokes I could feel the cum boiling up
from my balls."Oh yeah, Stevie. Keep doing that. I'm almost there. Gonna cum."He kept up his motion and then, pictures nymphets just as I was about to cum, slid his lips
over the head of my painfully nymphet sandra sensitive head."OH FUCK!" I imgboard nymphet yelled and then, grunting nymphet thong and thrusting, blew my entire load
into his willing, warm mouth as he continued to stroke my aching dick.
Once I'd come down ukranian nymphette from my orgasm and stopped shooting, I pulled Stevie to
his feet and slammed my lips against his, thrusting my tongue into his cum
covered mouth. We kissed passionately for a long time. I just couldn't
get enough of this boy. Finally we broke the kiss young female nymphets
and, breathless, sat
down in the shed to recover our senses."Wow, Sam. I can't believe how I feel," breathed Stevie."Yeah, I understand. You take my breath away, buddy. I can't believe how
you make me feel.""Sam, I really wanna be with you as much as I can," he began."Stevie, I know exactly how you feel. I'm really looking forward to having
you stay at my place dorki nymphets magazines
and then spending the day together.""Sam... When we get to school, can I hang out with you?" Stevie asked me
with some concern in his voice."Oh, buddy. Not only do I want you to hang out with me, I want you to
think of me like your big brother. I wanna know if you're having problems,
if anyone's bugging you, if you're having a good day or a lousy one. I
want to see you every day. artistic nymphets We can go to school together and come home
together if we don't have practice. Yeah, you can hang out with me as long
as you want to. OK?"With that Stevie grabbed nymphet porn me and black african nymphets gave me another big kiss.I pushed nymphet hairless pussies him away and said, "OK. We need to get dressed and this stuff
packed up and then get home."We pulled on our clothes, packed away all the equipment, shut down the pool
filter, kissed and groped each other some more and left the shed. I locked
the shed door, we went out and I locked the gate.And so ended my summer as a lifeguard, a summer I'll never forget.
Fortunately, there was still more to come.
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