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Subject: Mick & Friends - 21Hi there. In case you had not guessed it by now this is an erotic story
involving sexual acts of a gay nature between teen boys. If this is not
your scene or if it is illegal for you to access this material, look away
now.If you continue and read this chapter please let me know what you think
about it and the story in general. Write to me at: would be nice for you tell me something about yourself as well gothic preteen slut so that I
can get an idea of who I am writing for. But please only tell me what you
want me to know (if anything). I'm not trying to pry into your private life
or anything like that. I will try and respond to all mail received.RickChapter 20 ended"Thank preteen grils pics you. I want you to know that if you and Dave find that you do like
each other, then there might be some occasions when Dave spends the night
with us as John has to go away on business occasionally and sometimes it
would be easier if he could stay away over night. But Mick I want you to
promise me that if that is going to be a problem with preteen japan pic you, you are to tell
me. I will not be hurt or upset. John is going to give Dave the same option
of refusal as well with no pressure. Also we don't expect either of you to
make your minds up after Friday. If the two of you are just like absolutely
anti each other then we will try not to have too many times when you meet
up. But his staying over will only happen if you both agree you could
handle it. OK?""Ok mom, but if you think we will like each other, then I'm sure we
will. Even if he is not gay."Chapter 21I went to bed that evening a contented guy. I had friends who liked what I
liked. I had preteenT preteen pictures in my pre teen snatch head of things which excited me in different
ways. Like the boys learning gymnastics. As my thoughts went round the
scenes I had watched earlier and I remembered the Adonis preteen bikini shots who had so
thrilled me, I got hard yet again that day and couldn't help but play with
my cock some more. I wondered how much a guy could be erect for during a
day without cumming and then how many times a guy could actually come in
any given 24 hour period. I decided that I would have to experiment a bit
on this and didn't realise just how much premonition there would be in that
thought. (But that will come up in further chapters.) Funnily enough I did
not have an orgasm preteens lollitas
again but play model preteen just dropped off to sleep with my hand still
wrapped around my hard cock. There is always a first time for everything
they tell me. In the past, I would have had to wank to orgasm before preteen underwear girlz I
could fall asleep.I woke in morning with my cock, seemingly, still hard even though my hand
was not still wrapped around preteen brothers pics it. Of course I know that it must have got
soft while I slept, but I liked the thought of keeping an erection for the
whole night and so let toplist 100 preteens this bit of impossibility float around in my
consciousness for a while. I decided that I really liked Bob and that I
also enjoyed being underage preteen image with him and Mark and naked preteen children
Michael. Though it was not the
same as it was with Brandon and Kevin, I was confident in myself that I
could be happy in Witham. I was to come to realisation as life continued,
that no two relationships are ever the same and that I would never
replicate what Brandon and I had as first lovers; but I would also learn in
time that though my love for Brandon would never die, I could also come to
love others and not feel guilty or that I was betraying Brandon or being
unfaithful. But at this time in my life when being parted from Brandon was
still so sharp in my heart and mind, I was not able to see so clearly and
so found this hampering my relationship with others. However, bodily needs
must and I found I could preteen comic naturist overcome the guilt enough to let others help fill
my sexual needs at the time. How fickle we humans are? On the one hand we
feel we have to be true and that our responsibilities and loyalties must be
upheld, but when the opportunity to meet our personal greed or desires
knocks, that guilt and those loyalties can so easily be placed on the back
burner. Sure they will rise again after the need has been met, but in time
they either consume us or fade into the distant memory. preteens ilegal sexy Right now I was
being consumed by a fading memory, even though I was not really aware of
it. I did however feel that I owed it to Bob to be honest and truthful
about how I was feeling and so resolved to tell him when I saw him later on
in the morning.Later on in the morning came and found me lying spread-eagled, naked, on
Bob's movies sex preteen bed while he examined me with the ever ready tweezers 100 preteen in his right
hand. I must admit I was in a pretty vulnerable position when I raised the
subject of my confused feelings. Bob let me just spill it all out without
interruption and when I finally ran out of words, he let go of my cock and
moved up and leaning over me kissed me on the mouth, "Mick, are you ever
going to listen to what I say?" he asked when he had finished kissing me. I
looked at him rather perplexed because I was not sure of what he referring
to. "I seem to recall telling you before that I understand your feelings
for Brandon and even Kevin also, and that all I am asking of you is to be
your friend and password preteen porn to be allowed to gratify your sexual desires sometimes and
I will be grateful for the times you can pleasure me. Someday, I hope it
can grow into true love, but I know that with the age difference and what
you have just been talking about that will take some time if it ever
happens at all. You have nothing to feel guilty about as far as how you
treat me. At least not so maxwel model preteen
far anyways. How you feel about Brandon and Kevin
you have to sort out with them. But just remember this, you organised for
Brandon and Kevin to meet so that they could be company for each other
after you moved out. Did you intend for that companionship to sweeties preteen girls be celibate?
Do you think they expect you to stay celibate until you see them again? I
think you know the answer to those questions, but are not willing yet to
let the answer enter into your logic and emotions."Bob had me with that. There was no counter argument to what he had said and
so I just hugged him. Bob told me that he had finished inflicting pain on
me and that it was now my turn to do some plucking on him and that he
wanted me to shave what I was not able to pluck in half an hour as we had
things to do today and I had to give him a milkshake before we went out to
do them."What things?""Well I have some other people I want to introduce you to in the hopes that
you will agree to be my ward and come on an initiation trip at the end of
the holidays."We chatted some more while I plucked at his balls and the path between his
ball and bum and then he announced the half hour was up and it was time to
get in some sucking. We 69-ed and blew each other off and then went through
to the bathroom so that I could shave a bit more of Bob's unwanted hair
off; mainly from his bum and lower back. We washed each other off, got
dressed and set off."Where are we going?" I asked."First we going to meet up with Michael and Mark and then we are going to
see some of the other guys who are the leaders or what we call the inner
circle of the preteen video sites club.""But real preteen galleries what if I decide that preteen thai
I don't want to be your ward? Won't you be
breaking some code of secrecy by letting me know who is in the club?""In other circumstances it would be, but I have discussed the matter with
them and in view of the shortness of time we have and on mine and sex preteens paysite
recommendation they have agreed to meet with you anyway. You see Michael
and I have basically given a guarantee that you will not speak out of turn
about us. We trust you.""Gee, thanks." I think I was blushing scarlet at that praise. I hadn't yet
admitted it to myself, but I had already decided that I would become Bob's
ward.We rounded a corner and there Michael and Mark were waiting for us and we
greeted each other with the usual smiles and "hi's".We all set off walking together and of course nudist preteen blog
I got asked again about my
weekend overnighter with Brandon and Kevin and they made appropriate noises
of approval or whatever else was applicable to the comments and details I
passed on. Mark grabbed my arse and asked if it was still sore. To which I
replied that it was not and so he said it was time to stretch it again
then."Not yet," Bob chipped in, "That preteens beautiful was something special Mick had with
Brandon and Kevin and he is not yet ready to share that with any of us and
besides which, I lay first claim to him.""Not fair, we knew him first." Mark said"Yeah, but Bob has made him more of a friend than we have at this stage,"
Michael argued."Hey, I'm here, you know. You guys are discussing me as if I am an object
to be shared around to the highest bidder at preteen russians pussy the model preteens super
time." I interrupted."Oh shit, Sorry Mick. Didn't mean it to sound that way. It's just we all
like you so much we want as much of you as we can get. I know that sounds
pretty mercenary but it's our hormones talking and they don't always choose
the most tactful approach." Michael apologised.By this time our walking had brought us to the duck pond behind the church
on the river walk. We went round the pond and cut off into some of the
denser foliage following a path that obviously was not used very
regularly. Suddenly we turned off that path and literally fought our way
through the bracken or what ever they called that horrible stuff and found
ourselves in a clearing which was shaded by one of the bigger trees in the
river plain."The others will be here soon." Bob explained and we sat down on some old
logs to wait."So how awesome did it feel when you took your first cherry?" Mark asked."Shit, it was something else. I can't really describe how I or it felt. I
think you have to experience it to really understand it." I replied. Mark
placed his hand on my cock and asked if thinking about it got me hard. The
answer was in his topless model preteen
hand, but for the benefit of the other two, I answered in
the affirmative."And what about when your cherry got popped?" hairless small preteenn
Mark was full of questions."Same thing, you gotta do it to preteen mpeg sex know it. What about you, you been popped
yet as you put it?" I decided to collection preteen turn the tables a bit."Yeah, but it was by my brother, not my graceful angels preteen lover. I was wondering if the
feelings would be different." Mark added, confirming that he and Michael
had a bit of an incestuous relationship. Michael had turned bright pink at
this revelation and I think he was a bit embarrassed that the information
had got out. He needn't have worried. Both Bob and I had suspected nude preteens undressing
as much
and would not reveal any of it to anyone else."Mark, we haven't done anything with each other for a long while now, do
you have to be so free with the information?" Michael asked."Hey, it's cool, Michael, both Mick and I have known for some time that you
and nonnude preteen upskirts
Mark have a bit on the quiet and it's ok. Also we are not going to tell
anyone; it's up to you two who you give that sort of information to, not
us." Bob said."Sometimes I wish I had a brother to hot preteen nymphettes help me out occasionally. I mean when
I have to spend a day with mom, or am just not in the mood to go out, or if
I do go out and the opportunity doesn't come to do anything, then you left
with your own hand and some mental pictures

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