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Subject: Mikey01, by Justin Davis (T/t,mast,oral,anal,incest)The following story contains graphic sexual scenes between young males.
If material of this candid black preteen
nature offends you then you should not read this
story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you
are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work preteen pussy girlies of fiction and any hottest preteen model resemblance to person's
living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely
coincidental. Moreover, none preteen schoolgirls of the actions of the characters in this
story is meant to condone, approve, or sanction their behavior.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by preteen model abby the web sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.Positive comments are always fly to preteenpreteen nymphete model welcome and you can e-mail them to
Justin DavisChapter One
Actually, my little brother's name is Michael, Michael Joseph Dorsey to
be exact, gallery preteens sex but everyone, myself included, calls him Mikey.I'm sure, almost everyone has seen the television commercial where these
guys are around the table eating cereal and one says "Give it to Mikey.
He'll eat anything!" Well, my little brother Mikey will too, especially
if it's cock. Yep, my little brother is a full-blown cocksucker. preteen xxx pedo In
fact, he's been sucking me off since he was ten, and that's been two
years now.I guess, while I got some time sitting outside preteen model bailey
his bedroom waiting for
Shantel, my friend who plays center preteen gothic clothes
forward on the basketball team to
finish fucking him with that ten-inch, naked young preteen
black snake of his, I should kinda
tell you about how all this mpegs of preteen got started.From the way Mikey is hollering and caring on in there you'd think he'd
never had a preteen japanes models dick up his butt, preteen inna
although I gotta admit Shantel's thick cock
would be preteen nide pics hard to get used to. Of course, that's preteens mom not the case cause I've
been fucking Mikey for the last year and so have my friends. They pay
pretty good for it, too, nude preteens clips and I young preteens pictures
always split the money sixty-forty with
Mikey. First, though, a little about me.I'm Jason Dorsey. I'm seventeen years old and five feet eleven inches
tall. I weigh 160 pounds and have close-cropped blonde hair. I'm on the
track team in high school and run in the cross country school preteens sex
races and all the
girls think I'm a stud, which is pretty much true small preteen pix cause I do look fine.
In the sex department I fofo de preteen
ain't bad either. I got a cut cock that is
almost seven and one-half inches long and low hanging balls that my
friends say look like bull nuts. Anyway, this story ain't about me; it's
about my little brother Mikey.I guess everything started two tinytiny preteen models
years ago when Mikey erotic preteen angel
had to share the same
bed with me cause mom and dad were adding a couple of rooms onto the
house and one of them was going to preteen model virgins be a new bedroom for Mikey.I thought Mikey was asleep and I was so horny I was about to pop, since
it had been along time since I had had some pussy or gotten a blow job.
So, I pulled my boxers down and started wanking on my cock. I got hard
in preteens beach nude no time and my seven-incher was leaking like a damn faucet as I slowly
stroked it."Geez, Jason. What are you doing?" videos preteen nude Mikey asked, catching me totally off
guard.Well, let me tell you. I damn near preteen gallery pics jumped outta the bed asian preteens clips I was so
shocked. Quickly I pulled up my boxers to cover my hard dick and
low-hanging balls."I ain't doing nothing. Go back to sleep," I told him, and rolled child preteen supermodel over
on my american preteen erotica side."You are too. preteen erected dicks
I saw what you were doing," he replied."Look, ass wipe, go back to sleep and forget it," I told him, and covered
myself with petite preteen pthc the sheet."You were playing with your thing. I saw you," he nonnude preteen porn said, then giggled."I was not," preteen nymphet websites I replied."Yeah you were," Mikey top board preteen countered."Look, shit head, go back to sleep and leave me alone," I replied angrily
and rolled over to face him."Hey, preteen pics toplist
it's okay. I play with mine sometimes," he replied, then grinned."What the fuck do you know about it?" I asked, finding it impossible that
my little brother would know anything about jerking preteen girl cams off."I know it feels good and it 12yo preteen pictures gets all tingly and you feel like you
explode," he replied."Where preteen pink pics
did pregnant preteen photos you learn that?" clitoris picture preteen I asked."From Nathan's cousin. He showed Nathan and me how to do it. He's
fourteen and has hair around his dick and everything and when his starts
feeling good white stuff tights preteens shoots outta the end of his dick. Does white
stuff shoot out of the end of yours?" Mikey said.Well, let me tell you. I was floored right then and there. I couldn't
believe my little bro knew that much about jerking model preteen mpeg off much less msn cam preteen
sperm."Yeah, it shoots out. Lot's of it," I replied."I bet not as much as Nathan's cousin. He shoots a lot out. Last time
when I was doing it for him it shot out all over his neck and stomach,"
Mikey said."You jerked him preteen xxlmag off?" I asked."Uh, yeah. I put my hand around his dick and stuff," Mikey replied.Well, as horny as I was, preteeny girl mode asian teen preteen
and really needing a good hand job, I wasn't
gonna let that kind of moment pass."You wanna do mine for me?" I asked."Sure!" Mikey replied.And that is how it all got started. I pulled off my boxers and laid busty preteen stories
my head upon the pillow and my hands behind my head, and watched while
Mikey jerked me off.Let me tell you, I could tell right then that Mikey had been jerking
Nathan's cousin off a whole bunch. The way his hand moved up and down on
my cock drove me wild. As a matter of fact, he even knew how to smear
the pre-cum I was leaking over the head to make it slicker. I would have
loved to have lasted for hours while the little fucker jerked me off but
I couldn't. In no time, I was spurting cum out all over my stomach and
chest.Naturally, Mikey was shocked gallery preteens gratis that I shot out so much and told me that it
was way more than Nathan's cousin shot out. Of course, I knew that
anyway, beings how I have always won any cum shooting contest with the
guys.From then on, there wasn't a day that went by that Mikey wasn't jerking
me off. In fact, sometimes he did it for me twice a day and he seemed huge tit preteens
really like doing it. Gettin him to suck me off was harder though.The first time was when mom and dad had gone to the movies and Mikey and
I were home alone. I was really horny again and asked him if he would
jerk me off, which he said he would."Hey, Mikey. preteen youth nudes You ever do anything else with Nathan's cousin?" I asked,
as I preteen pussy deluxe lay back on the bed naked, my cock free preteen whores already gettin hard."Like what?" Mikey asked, as he got up onto the bed and sat down naked innocent preteens next to
me so he could wank my cock."Uh, you ever put your mouth on his dick?" I asked."Uh, no," he replied.Well, I could tell by the way he said it that he probably had."You're lying. I bet you have," I replied."No, really, preteen with strapon
I didn't," Mikey replied."You have haven't you?" I pressed, causing Mikey to not say anything but
nod his head yes.Well, let me tell you. That was almost too good to be true. I knew
right then that Mikey had been sucking cock and there wasn't no way I was
gonna foto preteen cuties pass up an opportunity to get mine sucked."Suck mine!" I commanded."I don't wanna, Jason. It tastes yucky," Mikey replied."Wadda you mean it tastes yucky?" I asked."You know, the white stuff," he replied.Well, I almost fell outta the bed right there. Mikey had been eatin
Nathan's cousin's load."Hey, mine don't taste like that, it tastes models elite preteen
good," I replied, not really
lying cause I had tasted my own cum a few times and it was kinda sweet."Please, Jason. I don't want to. I'll jerk you off though," Mikey
replied."Suck me. nn preteen video You can play with my Xbox if preteens fashion pics you do," I offered.Well, Mikey groaned, and in no time at all he had his hand around my cock
bobbing his head up and down on my hard meat. Needless to say, preteenz free thumbs
the way
Mikey was doing it I knew right then that he had been sucking cock a
lot. In fact, he only gagged a few times when I took hold of his head
and started hunching my hips and fucking up into his mouth and down his
throat so that his nose was buried in my pubes.I would have liked it to last forever cause he was the best cocksucker
that ever had a mouth on my alt preteen pics cock. But, I jammed my cock down Mikey's
throat horny preteen gymnasts and blew my load all the way to his stomach.From then on, Mikey was going off to school every morning with a fresh
load of my sperm in his tummy and it was the last thing he drank at night
before he went to sleep. Getting him to let me fuck him wasn't that preteen blow jobs easy
though.The first time I fucked Mikey was the weekend models nudes preteens mom and dad had gone off on
a fishing trip with some friends. Mikey and I stayed home and it beutiful preteens
was the
first time that we really got into some kinky stuff. You know, more than
him just preteens nude 16yo sucking my dick.I'd figured right off that since Mikey and I were gonna be home alone for
the entire weekend I might as well have some fun. So, the night before I
had promised him that he could play with my Xbox all he wanted if he did
whatever I told him to the entire weekend.Well, mom and dad hadn't been preteen pedo underground
gone five minutes when I told him young preteens stories that both
of us preteen nyde were gonna be naked the whole weekend and to strip off preteen pedoland his clothes.It was the first time I had seen Mikey illegal preteen sexpics naked since he was a baby and I
gotta admit for someone who lol preteen pics was eleven at the time he didn't look bad. I
guess candy preteens pics
he kinda underage nudes preteens got embarrassed when he young preteen russia took off his briefs and his pecker
was already dazzling models preteen
hard since he blushed and covered it with his hands, although
it really wasn't filipina preteen
nothin to be ashamed of for a kid his age since it was
almost four-inches long.
Anyway, the first thing I child preteens love
did was to sit in dad's chair in the living
room, spread out my legs, and let Mikey suck preteens models portals on my cock and balls. Then,
for something different, I illegal preteen images told Mikey he was incest preteen bbs gonna wank preteens nn legal
for me and I lil preteen whore
gonna watch awesome preteen modells
him. Wow! Was that something to see!I mean the little fucker dirty preteen panties laid down on the carpet and started stroking his
cock like he couldn't wait to do it. Then, when he put a finger preteen extreme nudist
in his
butt and started russian preteen modelsl movin his hips around I damn near passed out!Here was my little brother wanking dreamwiz bbs preteens his cock and fucking himself with his
finger and moaning and groaning like crazy. Then, when he preteen kds top
went, I
couldn't believe how he squealed and started shooting clear drops from
his pecker onto his tummy as he bucked his hips back on his finger, which
was in his butt as far as he could get it. It was soooooooo hot!Well, it wasn't long after that hairless cuties preteen that I was fucking my cock down his
throat and blowing one of the biggest loads of preteen banana sucking
my life. In fact, Mikey
couldn't swallow it all and preteen algeria porn it was preteen cum pictures
running out the sides of his mouth.Later on, I made Mikey wank himself off again and you should have preteen metart portal seen
the surprised look on his face when I tossed him a carrot I had gotten
out of the fridge and told him to put it up his butt and wank. Man on
man was that wild!I preteen pedo info mean, Mikey preteen kid videos carried on even more than he had the first time and was
fucking himself with the carrot like crazy when he came the second time.
Right then and there was when I decided he was gonna preteen german model
get more up his butt
than a carrot before the weekend was over.Oh shit! Sounds like Shantel just blew his load up Mikey's totally preteens nude butt preteen and raped so I
guess he's through. Guess I'll have to wait until next time to tell you
about fucking Mikey the first time and what all has gone on since then.(To be continued ?????)
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