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From: Mr Bill
Subject: My First Time With Larry (m/m,oral,anal)Every guy has his first time whether it is 16 years teen ass with a man
or a woman. For a guy 15 year defloration
losing your 13 years undressing pics
anal virginity is a
big deal. It's one thing when you are sucking another
guy's cock, licking his ass or even fucking him. It's
quite another when you submit your hole 14 years anal mature
to a dick.At a certain point a teenage boy, when he realizes
that photo nude 16 years he is queer, will seek out someone to take his
cherry. For me, that happened when I was 15.As a teenager, I certainly would not be described as a
young Greek god. I was pudgy, bookish and shy. At
school I mostly stayed to myself. I xxx 17 years sex was an only child
living in the country. My fuck 16years old girls
choice 14year teen porno of friends was
limited. Luckily a boy about the same age lived down
the street. His name was Larry and throughout our
childhood and teenage years we formed
on-again-off-again friendships. When I was 13, I
started fantasizing about having sex with boys at
school. By the time that I was 14 I wanted to try the
real thing. I craved more than just sneak peaks of
dicks in the locker room or watching the sweat run
down the chests of the jocks as they played "shirts
vs. skins" basketball.I decided that I needed to acquire a good friend. I
needed teens 16 years movies someone to seduce. Finding a boy from school
was next to impossible. Gay teenagers of that era hid
deep in the closet. Plus my school was strict. I
remember that one boy was caught jerking off into a
bathroom sink by a teacher and he was 8 years nude thumbs expelled. I
could only imagine what would happen if the teacher
would have caught me with my mouth around that boy's
dick.That left my neighborhood. Although Larry and I had
gone our separate ways since we were around 12, he did
live close by and was basically stuck in the same
isolated situation as me. He had an older sister and
two younger brothers but, like any teenager, I am sure
he tired of being around his family. Larry's only
drawback was that by 15 he had a lot of dark body
hair. In fact, 16years old fuck
he already had non nude teens years started shaving. porno 16 years old My
jack-off fantasies always involved a smooth blond boy
from school named Jamie porno 16 years girls Dodd. 16years teen porn However, beggars can't
be choosers. At some point, I guess I decided that
Larry was to be the one.I can remember how we rekindled our friendship. Larry
liked tennis so I got a racket, took lessons and
learned to play. I wasn't great but I had a decent
serve and teensex 12 years bilder I could keep up a volley. At some point we
must have been taking 14 year teen sex our rackets to school, 13 years fuck
when we
started talking tennis and decided to play matches. We
got closer and really started to enjoy each other's
company outside of the court. 15 year old sluts We went to concerts
together and rode our bikes to the store. When winter
came the tennis stopped and we started playing card
and board games in the basement of my parent's house.I don't recall when we nude little 8 years first decided to play penny
poker. That became our favorite game. Each of us had a
glass jar full of pennies and we'd 16 years sxy girls play for hours.
"I'll raise you 10 cents," meant that you had a real
good hand.Of course, like 13 years pussies free most teenagers we'd joke about sex.
It's was always in a obtuse manner. I know at several
points one of us brought up the subject of strip
poker. 14 years old sluts My dick 16 year teen porn
would always stir in my pants.One day we pussy 14 years images were playing our 14 year girls pic usual poker game in the
basement. My parents were not home so it must have
been a school holiday. Exchanging pennies had grown
stale and we were both restless. The strip poker
reference came up again and I remember telling Larry
that we should try it. He protested pedo 12 years
saying that you
only play strip poker if 45 year old mature girls are present. After some
taunts of "Chicken" he relented to try it. However, he
said that we just play until we get to our underwear.I know that I didn't try very hard to win so I quickly
wound up in my undershorts. I think that Larry only
lost his shoes and socks. Needless to say, my
underwear was tented due to my boner. Larry girls 13 years fucking saw my
protruding shorts but didn't say anything. I 15 year girl porn know he
wanted to end the pussy 14 years sex game at that point since obviously
we were rapidly going way past the line of friendship.
I told him that I wanted just one more hand. If I won
the hand, then I won the game. If I lost, I'd strip.Of course, I lost. I stood up and pulled down my
underpants. My hard cock stood straight out. Larry
made some comment that everything was getting just a
little too weird. Then he asked me why I had a boner.
I told him that I was really horny. gay 16 years porno 14years nude pictures
I started to pull
on my dick. He said that I was being gross but he kept
watching me jack off. 13 year old ass
I told him I 13 year old sexpics
would shoot 14 years girl porn my load
in front of him 11 year girl pussy if he went upstairs and got me 11 year boy sex
a 14 year old girls paper
cup. For some tgp nude 5 year reason I thought it would be pedo teen 12 years neat to let
him look at 14 years teen fotos my cum in the cup after I shot my load.
Larry agreed. He ran upstairs to the kitchen and
returned with a cup. He gave it 15 year girl nude to me making sure to
stay away from my throbbing dick. He then sat down in
the chair.I started to pull on my cock. I 16 year old twinks guess porno girls 14-16 year
Larry was a
little freaked out so he asked me to turn away from
him so he nude teen 16 years did not have to look at 13 year porno illegal
my dick. I turned
around and kept jacking. Being a teenager it didn't
take me very long to shoot my load. I had to wipe my
cock head against the side 16years girls fucking of the cup several times to
remove the cum from the tip.After shooting my load, I felt very embarrassed. I set
the cup on the table and quickly put on my clothes.
Larry told me free 12 years porno that he had to go because it was getting
close to dinner time. Larry teen 14 year porno said girls fucking 12 years that he would throw
away the cup. He took it off the table and carried it
upstairs. I heard him childfuck 12 years
put on his jacket at the top of
the stairs and leave.For several days afterward we avoided each other.
Somehow I got the courage to call him and pussy 16 year we talked as
if nothing had happened. I convinced him to come over
again. We resumed our penny poker games. Our platonic
friendship continued.Since I had no outlet for my pent-up sexual desires I
was reduced to finding a mechanical means of
satisfying the fuck teen 16 years
need for my anus to be filled. In shop
class I fashioned a 2 inch diameter dowel rod into a
dildo. I rounded the ends and put several coats of
varnish on it to make it smooth. After I 15 yearspussy
brought the
dildo home I began slathering it with Vaseline and
shoving it up my ass on a regular basis. I would nudegirls 14 years old
frantically jack off. I learned to pull teenagers 13 year nude out the dildo
just before I came. Otherwise it really hurt to
extract the dildo from my hole.Spring arrived and we started our tennis games again.
However, on rainy days we returned to pedo sex 14 years poker in the
basement. Larry was now aware that I was a fag and
used it to his advantage. During the poker games he
would sometimes joke that I should suck his cock if I
lost the hand. After several of those taunts I finally
got up twelve years old porn the nerve to call him on his nonnude 12 years bet. He acted
reluctant but agreed. We both knew that I would lose
but we went through the motions of dealing the cards
and playing the hand.After 12 years pics nude
some nervous joking, his assurance that I could
forgo paying off my debt and my insistence that I was
a man of my word, Larry agreed to let me suck his
cock. He stood up from the table and walked naked 13 years pics toward me.
I kneeled in front of him. He unbuckled his belt,
opened his jeans and pulled down his pants to his
knees. He then slid 15 years old xxx his underwear down. He had a
forest of black hair around his dick and balls.
Although Larry's cock was soft, 14 years porn pics my dick was straining
in my pants. 16 years anal movies
I remember he said, "Suck it bitch". That
pissed me xxx 13 years nude off. I might be a cocksucker but I was not
his bitch. He pushed his crotch toward my face and I
felt the tip of his dick rub against my nose. I lifted
my head slightly, parted my lips and put his cock into
my mouth. I moved my head back and forth. His cock
hardened. I was surprised that his boner could not
have been more than four inches long compared with my
six inch cock. The size didn't matter. I just wanted a
dick. Being a teenager getting his first blow job,
Larry lasted less than a couple of minutes until 17year old sex I
felt his cum spurt into my mouth. I had licked my own
cum after my jack off sessions so I was familiar with
the taste.After Larry came, he pulled porno teen 14 years back from me. 13 years porno girls15 year russians He made a
comment about me being gross because I drank his pud.
Larry pulled up his pants, bounded up the stairs and
out the door. I pulled down my pants, sat in chair and
jacked off. I knew that we had gone past the 5 year old porn
line of
friendship.Larry and I avoided each other for months after I
sucked his cock. teensex 16years illegal I returned to my dildo and my jack
off fantasies about high school jock Jamie Dodd. Near
the end of the school year, Larry 13 years nudists and I saw each other
at the school tennis court. He came over and we talked
briefly about tennis. During our conversation yong 12year sex Larry
started rubbing his crotch. He wasn't blatant. There
were other students around us. His hand would just
glide over his tennis shorts petite asian 15 year and I could tell that he
had nude 16 year teens a boner. My cock got hard too. He asked me if I
would like to walk home after school instead of riding
the bus. I agreed and said 12year old nudes that we should meet out
front after the final school bell rang.We met after school and began the walk home. Since we
lived in a rural girl porns 14 years
area, only the first portion of the
walk was along a road. The rest was through grass
fields and a forest. It was thirteen year old pussys
hot but we made good time.
I remember when we reached the shady forest we sat
down on a log. We talked about general crap at school.
Then I noticed that Larry teens porn 17 years was once again rubbing his
crotch. Since no one was around, he started massaging
his cock through his pants. I asked him if he wanted
to fool around with me. He stood up, opened his pants,
unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. I am sure
that he was expecting 7 year old porn another blow job. I wanted more.I told Larry to follow me a short distance down the
trail to a clearing where sometimes the teenagers had
bonfires. Of course, legendary stories were told about
how so-and-so fucked teen sexe 16 years
some girl in this clearing. I
wanted to add my story to that legend. As porno 16years videos we walked,
Larry left his hard dick hanging out of his pants,
bouncing in front of him. He was too horny to put it
away. I'm sure if I would have touched his prick Larry
would have 17years hot girls
shot his load.The clearing had large rocks and junked cars that
blocked the view from the trail. We went behind one of
the cars. Larry yanked down his pants to his knees and
began jerking off. I knew that he was close. I sat on
the ground and took off my shoes and teen sexy 12 year my shirt. free xxx 14 years
looked at me strangely. I know 12 years girl naked that he wasn't
interested in seeing my body. He just wanted his cock
in my 16 year teen lingerie mouth. I stood up, opened my belt, unsnapped my
pants and pulled off both my pants and teen ukraine 18 year underwear. I
was naked except for my socks. I turned away from
Larry and got down on my knees, Then I leaned forward
resting on my forearms. Larry now 12years kid pic
had a clear view of
my ass.It only took a few moments before Larry realized which
orifice I was offering him. He kneeled behind me and
scooted between my legs. I heard him spit in 12-16 years girl porn his hand.
I turned my head and watched him rub the spit on his
cock. I then felt him rub some of the spit on my
asshole. He moved forward and 14year girls sex pussy
started probing my
bottom with his dick. His cock found my cute 15 year xxx back door. He
pushed inside of me. I thought that the dildo would
have made me free nude 16 years
ready for his 13year nude girl cock but his spit covered
prick nude 14 year hurt when it entered me. Larry only delayed a
few seconds before he began humping me. Neither of us
said anything. Larry fucked me for about five minutes
before he came. After he 18 year old amateur
pulled out I pedo 13 years nude 14 year old
frantically beat
off and shot my cum on the ground.We were both dazed after our impromptu fuck session.
Larry pulled up his pants. I put on my clothes. We
continued our walk home in complete silence. We only
exchanged parting nods when he we got to his house. He
walked up 12years girl porno to his door and went inside. I continued up
the hill to my parents' house.When I got home I went into the bathroom and shitted
out his juice. Besides a few "hello's" in the halls at
school we never spoke again.
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