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From: Desolation Angel
Subject: "Mom's Secret - Chapter 5" Transsexual - ShemaleSynopsis: This is the story of Brendan, a teenager who has just learned that
his beautiful and loving mother, Christine, is actually a male-to-female
transsexual. This stunning revelation leads to another - the deep-seated
sexual tension between the two. The tension bursts and mother and son engage
in a hot, passionate night of boy-on-tranny love which has changed them
forever. Now it Christmas barely18 twinks Eve and there is much to be explored as Brendan
and his mother have 46 yr porn their first anal experience together.* * *My mom and I frolicked together in the snow for about an hour, until it got
too cold, and we had to go back inside. The hour we had spent together had
been magically, though. We had rolled in the snow and made snow angels. We
threw snowballs at one another and made a little snow man. Every so often,
one of us would tackle to the other, and steal a quick but deep and
passionate kiss.Finally, Mom stood 3 d anime incest up and extended her hand to me. I took it and she helped
me up, then led me back towards the house without releasing my hand. I
could tell by the way her ass was wiggling beneath her snowpants that she
was in heat. Although we'd each had our own separate, amazing orgasms this
morning and the previous night, there was one forbidden territory into which
we had not yet entered. I looked at my mom's ass and dreamed of gently
pulled her perfect, round ass cheeks apart, finding her tiny pink anus, and
gently pushing my cock all the way inside her. Suddenly, my mom stopped and
flashed me a mischevious grin."What is it?" I asked."I have an idea," she told me. Smiling at me, she unzipped her snowpants
and pulled out her long, semi-rigid cock. I immediately whirled around to
look at the neighbor's houses but no one could see us in this spot from any
angle. "Pull yours out too, sweetie. Let me see that big boy."Shyly, I removed mine from my pants. It shrank a little bit as it was
exposed to the cold, but remained hard. "What now?" I asked.Without responding, my mom looked down at her cock, which expectedly shot
out a stream of yellow urine on to the snow. 70s gay sex pics Laughing, she wiggled her hips
in such a way that the urine wrote the word "Christine" on the ground. illegal 12-15 nude Next
to it, she drew a + sign. Then she was empty. She took off the last few
drops, cackling. Obviously, she hadn't done that since she was a little
girl."Your turn," she told me."I can't believe I'm doing this," I said as I looked at her name in steaming
yellow."Urinating together is a very intimate act for two people," she said. "A
person is at his or her most private when they are 80-s pornstars in the bathroom, the most
vulnerable. Allowing another person to witness it is an act of extreme
trust. I've shown that I trusted you.""OK, Mom," I said. I pointed my penis at the ground and waited. My bladder
tightened and I began to pee, grunting slightly. While my mom watched my
every move, I wrote out the word "Brendan" so that we had spelled out
"Christine + Brendan" in the snow. Below our names I made a heart. Then
the flow stopped and I shook off the last drops. Mom smiled at me and walk
towards the house, grabbing my dick as she went, and using it to guide me
into the building.Once we were inside, we began to undress, stripping off our snow clothes and
gear until we were wearing nothing but our underwear. Normally, this is
where a mother and son would drop undressing, but not us. Mom stripped off
her long johns and her panties in one motion and her cock popped free. She
dropped the clothes on to the ground and stood up, tossing her gay robot part 2
hair back as
she did, unconsciously (or perhaps consciously) showing off the bounciness
of her breasts and of her erect penis. She definitely wasn't going to need
Viagra any time soon.Likewise, I removed all of my clothing. 80s gay porn stars I decided to tease Mom a little bit
by dropping a glove on the floor and bending over to pick it up with my ass
pointed directly at her, pretending that I wasn't dodge 12 valve cummins aware of the show I was
putting on. I knew my mom was now thinking what I had been thinking out in
the yard. She wanted to step up behind me, grab me by the waist, and show
me how deep a mother's love could go.* * *Twenty minutes later, Mom and I sat in the living room in front of a roaring
fire. We lay together on the soft carpet, her on her side, leaning on her
elbow with me on my back, leaning my face against her stomach. We looked
together into the fire for the most part but there were times when I
couldn't resist turning my face towards my mom's and watching the firelight
reflect in her eyes.We were both drinking wine. Mom never allowed me to drink her wine before
but, then again, she had never let me suck her dick before either. These
were strange times. We had both had our share of wine and then some. It's
fair to say we were pretty drunk after a short period of time. Between the
warmth of the fire, the power of the wine, and the sweet smell of my
mother's body, I could not have been happier."You're a good son," she said to me abruptly."Thanks, Mom. You're a good . . . Mom.""I really mean it," she said, setting down her wine glass. "I have been so
busy lately that I know I sometimes forget to show it but I really love you,
Brendan. You're my entire world and I'm so proud of you. I know your
father would be proud too.""I know you're busy," I said, tearing up a bit, "but that's OK. And I know
you love me.""I promise that from now on, I'll devote more time to you," she said. "And
I'm not just talking about sex, either. I mean I'll always be there when
you need me.""You're a great mother," I said as I switched positions. Now I was in the
same position as her, facing her, with my back towards the fire. I leaned
on my elbow and looked into my mother's face, admiring her bright eyes, her
soft skin and lips, her elegant smile. "I think I'm afraid to show it
sometimes, but I really do love you too.""Why are you afraid to show it?" she 14 inch long doggy asked."I guess this 60 and a milf
is my way of showing it," I told nudist 12 yo nude her, gesturing towards our
naked bodies. "It's hard for me to say what I'm feeling sometimes, so I
have to find other ways to show it. When we were together earlier, I wasn't
the most turned on by seeing you naked or tasting you in my mouth, I was the
most turned on by the fact that I was at last showing you how much I cared
for you.""Thank you, Brendan," she said with tears streaming down her face."You brought me into this world," I said, "and nurtured me. You fed me,
bathed me, clothed me. You gave me all the love in your heart. What more
could a mother do?""Besides give you a lap dance on command?" she asked, grinning and wiping
away the last of her tears."Don't I wish!" I exclaimed."You don't think I'd do it?" she asked."Come on, Mom," I said. "I can't imagine you . . . lap dancing.""I bet you couldn't imagine me doing this either," she said as she grabbed
my balls."No, no," I said. "I probably couldn't have imagined that either.""Get on the couch, baby," she instructed.* * *I did as she said, crawling up on to the couch and sitting on the middle
cushions with my arms spread out on the back of the couch and my dick
standing straight at attention. Mom rose languidly to her feet with her
back to me, clothed in wavering shadows. She looked over her shoulder at me
and smiled. 99 escort fenders It was not her motherly smile, nor her mischevious, sexy smile.
This smile was seduction. My heart immediately began pounding.She began moving her hips in a circle in a way more graceful than I had ever
seen her before, like her legs and stomach 602 starr rd knox were joined with ball bearings.
As she moved her ass, it would dip into and out of the light, offering me
tantalizing glimpses of golden skin in the fire's glow. As she danced,
letting the crackle of the fire be her music and the sound of my heart her
beat, she ran her slender hands up and down her body.Then she turned to face me, never breaking eye contact, and posed for a
moment, allowing me to take in the full glory of her nude body. Her D cup
breasts hung proudly from her chest, her big nipples hard and ready to be
sucked. My eyes rolled free 16 yr nudes
down from her exquisite 16 yr girl uncensored breasts to her firm stomach
and at last her 10-inch cock between her muscular, yet feminine thighs. She
began to dance around, slowly and sensuously, letting me admire every curve
of her frame. I was 48 ddd bras
so aroused by the 2x pull on skirts
sight of this transsexual goddess
that I nearly forgot 360 brass bushing the goddess was my mother.She walked slowly towards me until she was standing with her legs spread
wide and her feet planted on either side of mine. Her penis was less than a
foot in front of my face. I leaned forward, eager to have it in my mouth,
but my mom pushed me back on the couch. Without missing a beat, her
rhythmic dance continued. As her hips moved from side to side, her dangling
penis moved back and forth like a pendulum and her large sack bounced gay men 55
up and
down.Then Mom spun around and sat down in my lap. Well, I shouldn't say she sat
down, because her ass was several inches off my lap, but it was close enough
that my cock rubbed against her bare asscheeks. She lollita 3 sex
didn't seem phased,
though. In fact, she began moving her ass in such a way that my cock would
roll against it. She lowered herself until she was literally grinding her
ass against my crotch. I leaned my head back and moaned. She tossed back
her honey blonde hair and I buried my face in it, breathing deeply.Mom stood up and then bent forward at the waist without bending her knees,
keeping her legs wide apart. She bent down towards her right side, reaching
for her right foot. I was amazed that she was able to bend so far she could
put her face to her leg. Of course, I couldn't really pay attention to her
face, since her dazzling, firm yet matronly ass was right in front of me. I
could see her small, pink butthole winking at me eagerly. Her enormous
scrotum hung down below her 18 gay stories asscrack and I wanted so badly to kiss those two
bulges Half life 2 porn
at the back of her sack.She turns arouned again until she was facing me, shaking her hips like a
slow hula hoop. She pics 14yo stopped once we were facing one another and 15 girls fucking bent down
towards me, letting me get a perfect view 12 yo naked
of her cleavage. She stood up
again and I yearned to be close to those beautiful, saucer-sized nipples.
Once she was standing straight up again, she tucked her arms under her hair,
and then began writhing her body as if she was in the throes of ecstasy. As
she writhed, her cock began to spin in a circle and her balls flapped
freely.Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed lineage 2 porn
her around the waist and
pulled her right on top of me. She frantically turned her face towards mine
and our lips joined. Then our sex porn tube 8
tongues joined. I turned and pushed her over
on to the couch so that her head was pillowed by the arm of the couch. I
crawled on top of her and began kissing her neck, shoulders, and breasts for
all I was worth. My mom placed her hand on the back of my head and sighed
deeply."Still can't imagine me dancing?" she asked."Every guy I know would pay a hundred dollars to see that," I told her."And you got to see it for free," she said.I leaned down with my head against her breasts. We lay there for a moment,
me resting between her legs, her with her arms wrapped around my head,
keeping my face pressed against her 16yo nude
chest. I could hear her heart beating
through her goosebumped skin and I was surprised to find it was beating just
as hard as mine, if not harder. I felt her cock stiffening against my body.
I was already rock hard."Mama," I whispered."Yes, honey?" she replied."I want you inside me," I said."Are you sure?" she 19th century vaginas
asked."Yes," I told her."OK."* * *
A few minutes later, Mom and I were sitting together on her bed upstairs.
Mom had forced me to put on a pair of boxer shorts while she covered herself
with her robe. According to her, she felt it was inappropriate that she
teach me anything without our clothes on, since teaching was a mother's job,
first and foremost. Of course, I couldn't keep my eyes off the curves in
the fabric over her breasts nor could she be ignoring the huge tent 3gp latina videos
pitched in my shorts."Remember what I told you about watching each other pee?" she asked."That it shows trust," I replied."Right," she 1920 s skirts said, "because you feel so vulnerable while peeing or . . .
well, pooping, 12 girls masturbate it shows trust that you would allow your partner to witness
you in that state of vulnerability.""OK," I said."Anal sex is the same way," she explained. "Allowing a person to enter the
most sensitive part of your entire body is an act of trust. You sex 16 show that
you trust the other person enough to open yourself completely. So, before
we can begin, amateur 3 way
I need to know that you trust me enough to let me penetrate
you.""I do trust you, Mom," I said."You swear?""Are you going to make me shit in front of you to prove I trust you?" I
asked."Brendan!" she exclaimed, startled by my swear. "No, I'm not going to do
that. Your promise is enough.""I promise I trust you.""Good," she said. "Now this is how it's going to work: I'll show you
something to demonstrate how it's done 18 girl pics and then you do the same to me for
real.""Gotcha," I said."Now roll over on to your stomach, sweetie," Mom said, "I'm going to eat out
your butthole."I happily flipped over on to my stomach. Of all the things Mom had left to
teach me, this was one of the things I looked forward to the most. I'd
always been turned on by images or videos of analingus and had fantasized
about giving and receiving it many times. Of course, my own mom was never
the person I fantasized about doing it WITH but who better to teach me?As I lay on my stomach, Mom grabbed the hem of my boxer shorts, and pulled
them off me. Then she spread my legs apart until my ass was a fully-exposed
target, directly in her sights. She scooted forward on her knees and ran
her hands up and down the backs of my thighs, each time moving a little
farther up my leg until her fingertips brushed the flesh of my butt."I've always thought you had a cute butt," she said."Mom," I said, feigning indignance. "You shouldn't be checking out my
butt.""Give me a break," she said. "You think I never noticed you checking out 12 yo incest pics my
ass or my boobs before?""I never . . ." I tried to protest but, when I really thought about it, I
checked her out more than I was willing to admit to myself before our
incestuous relationship had begun. Perhaps I had done it on an unconscious
level but I did it nonetheless."What else did you think about?" she asked."What do you mean?" I replied."Did you ever imagine me squeezing your cute, tight butt?" As she asked
this, she began doing it. Her hands gently worked the flesh of my rear end
like a bread-maker kneading dough. An involuntary shudder of pleasure ran
through my body at her touch."Did you ever imagine my lips kissing you back there?" As before, she
didn't wait for an answer, but instead leaned forward and planted a kiss
directly on the center of my left buttcheek. It wasn't just a quick peck
but a deep, loving kiss. I could ever feel her tongue running along the
goosebumped skin. She began planting kisses all over my entire ass,
wherever she wasn't massaging."Did you ever imagine my fingers, all wet and slippery, sliding into you?"
She popped a finger in her mouth and then spread my cheeks with her other
hand. The tip of her fingernails touched my tense asshole and I flinched a
little. After giving me a moment to calm down, my mom began pushing her
finger inside my ass. At first, it only hurt, sexphotos under12
but as her long, slender
finger passed my reluctant sphincter, I began to find the pleasure behind
the pain."Did you ever imagine your mommy sucking your sweet, little asshole?""Please stop teasing . . ." ben 10 porn hentai I begged."Did you ever want to fuck your mommy?" she asked."No, I . . .""Don't lie to your mother. Now tell me. Did you want to fuck me?""Yes," I confessed. "I wanted to fuck you. Please lick it. under 14 girls pussy I can't take
it . . .""That's my good boy," she said. Then she leaned over me, pressing her
semi-rigid cock against my ass, and whispered into my ear. "I always wanted
to fuck you too."With a giggle, Mom moved on to her hands and knees, once again between my
legs. She leaned over my ass and began kissing the base 14k gold rope chains of my spine, then
working down, until I could feel her breath against my ass crack. She
grabbed the flesh with both hands and spread my cheeks apart. She leaned ass and tittes mp3 in
closer and blew on my hole, making it pucker involuntarily. I was almost
crying with anticipation when she finally began.I felt Mom's warm, wet tongue as it glided over my asshole, lubricating it.
She repeated it several times until I could feel saliva running down my
crack and over the back of my balls. nudist 14 yo Once I was wet, she began probing my
asshole gently with her tongue, pushing it in only a fraction of an inch
each time. Soon, as I became more loose, she went deeper with her tongue.
Then she began using her fingers as well. She would insert a finger into my
ass as she licked the rim around it, sometimes pausing to kiss my butt or
lick my scrotum.It continued for . . . how long? I don't know. It felt like hours but even
hours weren't enough. Being eaten out by my own mother was an experience I
wanted to enjoy for the rest of my life. I had no doubt Heaven would be
like this."It's your turn to do me," she finally said."Already?" I half-asked/half-whined."Come on, baby," she said. "You have to learn how to do it too."I finally gave in. I sat up and 6 lace turned to face her. She smiled and we
began to kiss. As we did, I reached under her robe, and took her thigh cock
in my hand. I began to stroke it gently as our tongues meshed in our
mouths. For some reason, knowing where her tongue had just been made the
kissing all the more erotic. We were crossing every line, breaking every
taboo, and had no thoughts of going back."Are you ready?" she asked."I am," I answered."What position do you want me in? On my hands and knees? Or on my stomach
like you were? Or I could even sit on your face if you wanted.""On your hands and knees," I said, grinning.With a grin of her own, my mom moved into position. She got into a
doggystyle stance with her ass pointed directly at me, then reached behind
her with one hand, and pulled the bottom hem of the bathrobe up, presenting
her ass to me. My eyes took in every detail, from the soft skin of her butt
cheeks, to the bright, pink hole between them, to the huge package hanging
down between her thighs."So what do I . . . how do I get started?" I asked."You cumshot 12 yr olds have to lick it first," age 13 rape pics she said, 14yo nudes free "to get it lubricated.""Will it taste bad?" I asked."Of course not, silly," she told me. "I'm a very clean woman.""You're the dirtiest girl I know," I told her. Mom laughed.The room was silent. My mom was waiting for me to begin, but this was so
unlike anything I had done before that I had no frame of reference for what
I was about to do. It took me a moment to get my bearings and remember
that, yes, this is what I wanted. I moved on to my hands and knees and
crawled over to Mom until her ass was directly in front of my face. I
sucked on my tongue to get it wet and then slowly, nervously, slipped my
tongue into the crack of her ass and dragged it over her pulsing hole. She
sighed as my hot spit coated her anus."That's perfect, sweetie," she said. "Do it some more."I took another breath and licked my mom's asshole a second time. Like she
had promised, it didn't taste bad at all. Actually, I kind of liked it.
After I made that revelation, I began licking with more gusto, lapping
hungrily at Mom's pristine butthole. She alternated between sighs of
delight, moans of pleasure, groans of ecstasy, and giggles of amusement as I
tantalized her most forbidden orafice."Now put your middle 36ff boobs
and forefinger inside," she said. "Just shove them in
and wiggle them around.""Both of them?" I asked."Don't worry, baby," she reassured me. "I can take it."I sucked on 11 old girl tgp my two fingers until they were coated with saliva, the way my
mom had done for me, and then pressed the tips of my fingers against her
rectum. Her hole widened instantly, as if on command, and I slid my 17 y o nude fingers
inside. I met with resistance at the sphincter but kept on pushing until my
fingers were in her up to the knuckles. Then I began moving them around in
a circle."Now lick it while you do that," Mom instructed.It was tricky at first, to fit my face into that small space with my hand,
but I finally worked out a good position. While my fingers penetrated her,
pumping in and out rhythmically, I constantly moved my tongue in a circle
around my fingers, stimulating the rubbery skin of her anus. Occasionally,
I would focus on other areas, as she had done. But, at one point, I became
a little too interested in 16yo nudes sucking her nuts, and she scolded me for not
paying attention. A couple seconds of licking quickly brightened her mood,
though.I thought RECEIVING a rimjob had been great but GIVING one was even better.
Every time my tokyo tgp 15yo
mom squirmed or wriggled or thrashed in response to the
pleasure she was feeling because of my performance, I couldn't help but get
hotter and hotter. My dick was painfully erect and ready to cum when Mom
finally stopped me."That's enough, sweetheart," she said."Alright," I said reluctantly, and moved to an upright kneeling position.
She turned until she was facing me and knelt upright as well. She looked at
me with an expression of deep love and devotion. I tried to keep a straight
face but couldn't 5 weeks pregnant symptoms help but giggle. Somewhat incensed, Mom asked me what was
so funny. I pointed out 87 ford escort transmission
that her now fully erect cock was poking out from
between the folds of her bathrobe."Brendan!" she exclaimed."It's your fault, not mine!" I said."I thought we were having a nice, mother-son moment, and then you go and
giggle.""I'd say we've had plenty of nice, mother-son moments over the past
twenty-four hours.""Well, yeah, I can't deny that."* * *"So . . ." I said after a moment of silence. "What's the next lesson?""I think you know what it is, big boy," Mom replied, smiling."Anal sex with Mom 101?""Right on the money, honey. If that's what you want, I mean.""I do. So bad, it hurts. But first, you gotta lose that robe."Mom looked down at the bathrobe she was wearing. Then her hands moved to
the knot of the cord which held it together. She carefully untied the 24 inch dicks knot
and moved the two ends of the cord aside. She slowly parted the fabric,
revealing her D-cup breasts, her flat and toned stomach, her ten-inch erect
cock, and her egg-sized testicles in their pink pouch. Despite all that Mom
and I had done together recently, I was still stunned by her beauty."I love the way you look at me," she whispered."Why?" I asked."It makes me feel so sexy," she said. 1870 beaver ohio "I haven't had a man look at me that
way in a long time.""We shouldn't have waited this long.""No, we shouldn't have. But let's not worry about that. Let's just make
the best of it. Now lay on your side."As Mom had ordered, I lay on my right side, leaning my head against my hand.
My mom, now with her robe completely discarded, lay down beside me in the
same position. We were in a spooning position with her directly behind me.
As she moved into position, our bodies locked together, and I could feel the
shaft of her cock running parallel to the crack of my ass. Likewise, I
could feel her huge breasts pressing against my back, the nipples poking me.
For a few minutes, we simply lay in that position, satisfied with the
intimacy of it. Mom kissed my neck softly and nibbled 15 girl fucking free at my ear. 18 latina porn I ran my
left hand up and down her long, smooth thighs."Are you ready?" she asked, whispering into my ear."Yes," I replied."It's going to hurt at first, so I need you to be brave, but remember that I
won't give you more than you can handle."I trust you, Mama," I told her."Thank you, Brendan. Now just lie still. I need to loosen you up a bit
first. Give me some spit."Mom reached over and presented her middle and forefinger to me. I sucked
them into my mouth until they were wet, then she drew them back out again.
Her hand deftly moved from my face to my butt and I could feel the fingers
prying me open. barry949 adult As before, she gently inserted her fingers into my waiting
hole, slowly at first but then harder once she was inside. It didn't hurt
as much as before. Apparently, I was still pretty loose from the earlier
finger fucking.Soon, 40plus porn she was finished, and withdrew her fingers from my anus. She took her
enormous cock in her hand and positioned the head between my ass cheeks.
(In fact, Mom's dick was so larger that she had to move her hips away from
me just to 38f breasts
make room.) She reached under the pillow with her free hand and
removed a bottle of KY Jelly which she proceeded to squeeze directly on to
her love muscle. Once it was fully lubricated, she gave me one last kiss on
the cheek, and began to enter me.At first, the pain was intense. Her fingers had been one thing, but her
cock was like the bottom end of a baseball bat. I simply wasn't prepared
for the feeling of ten inches of hot, hard meat penetrating my bowels. She
moved quickly, however, and once the tip of her cock was past my sphincter,
the pain diminished considerably. From years of experience, she knew that
the first few inches are the most painful, and to get them inside as
speedily as possible. Once she was 80 gal motorfuel propane inside, it was simply a matter of easing
the other seven or eight inches 15 yo movies sex
of her girly dick inside me. Once it was in
all the way, she stopped, and let me get used to the feeling of her inside
me."Anal sex," she said, "is all about power. Now that I've got my cock in
you, I have all the power. Before I entered you, the power was yours, to
say yes or say no. The greatest love a person can show to another person is
to willingly give up that power and let themselves be penetrated in the most
sensitive and tightest hole on their body. When I enter you, it all
changes. My penis is in your ass and I am in complete dominance."She slowly began to withdraw her organ from inside me, pulling out about
seven inches, stopping just before her cock head reached my sphincter - the
danger zone, so to speak. Again, she moved back inside me, this time more
easily than before. She repeated this process many ten or twelve times,
each thrust becoming harder, but sliding into me more easily. Tears fell
from my eyes but they were a purely physical response to the aching in my
body. There was no sadness or regret in my tears.At long last, my mom really began to fuck me. In and out, in and out, she
thrust her incredible dick inside her son's virgin ass, deflowering me,
making me a man and a woman 1984 miniseries celebrity dvd
all at the same time. I tried to speak, to
vocalize the intense, wonderful feeling she was giving me, but I could only
create guttural moans. 4x2 ips slip saddle Our bodies fell into sync and I began pushing my ass
against her crotch even as she plunged her shaft into me. The friction was
intense and the heat inside me was rejuvenating. It spread its blessed
warmth throughout my entire body. Everything seemed brighter and more
beautiful. I fucking 12yo
turned my head to face Mom lolly 2 domai pics and opened my mouth, offering her
my tongue. She eagerly accepted and sucked voraciously at it while she
continued pummeling my hungry bottom."You're much looser now," she said, after we broke the kiss. She was
panting heavily now but still continued the lesson despite her physical
exertion. "It doesn't hurt anymore, does it? Now it's feeling good. But,
the thing is, no matter how good it feels to you right now, I can promise 1080p adult wesite it
feels a thousand times better to me. amateur mom 3some free The power is back in your hands once
again. If you tell me to stop, I will have to end this slut 13yo pleasure before my
orgasm comes, and a little piece of myself will die. Do you want 13yo non nude pics me to
stop, Brendan? Do you want to take the power back?""Don't stop, Mommy," I pleaded. "Don't ever stop.""I'm going to cum soon, baby," she whispered."No. Please.""I have to. Here it comes . . ." She had lost control of her body. Every
ounce of energy she had was poured into fucking me. Every muscle in her
body was put to this one task. She was still speaking, but her words were
mixed with grunts and screams of rapturous pleasure. "Here it comes . . .
oh sweetie, tell me how much you love me!""I love you, Mommy, with all my heart and soul!""Tell me again!""I love you, Mommy! I love you!""Oh God, baby, bleach 3rd opening episode I love you too! Mommy loves you . . . so . . . much . . ."Her words trailed off as she broke into a shuddering cry and rammed her cock
deeper inside me than I thought possible. I was amazed to find myself
crying out with her. I came to believe at n95 ed hardy theme
that moment, and still believe to
this day, that when that moment of orgasm hits between two people who truly
love one another, their souls temporarily become one.Finally, she exploded within me, and I could feel burning hot liquid
splashing against the insides of my bowels. Mom thrust in again and another
wave of her precious semen surged into me. She thrust a third time and I
could feel as she jizz was forced out of my ass, around her shaft. My body
simply couldn't take any more of it. Still, Mom kept at it, until her body
gave out at last. Then she collapsed on her back, sims 2 skins nude her breasts rising and
falling rapidly as she fought to catch her breath. I looked at her cock
which was gradually becoming limp again. illegal nude 12yo A trail of white semen, as pure
white as the snow falling outside our house, dripped from her cock hole down
her scrotum. Eagerly, I leaned over, and lapped it up. Mom placed a hand
on the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I did so.
When she was clean again, I cuddled up against her, with my face resting on
her breast."How was it?" I asked."I think that ties my wedding night for the best orgasm I've ever had," she
replied."Thank you," I said."No, thank you, honey.""So who has the power now?""I do. I'm your mother. Your mother always has power over you.""You big meanie," I said, laughing. She giggled."Do you want to get cleaned up or something?" she asked."No, I'm good.""But you're all full of . under 16 girls free . .""I know. I like it that way.""Suit yourself."We lay together in that position for a while, content and happy in the
silence. Mom needed time to recharge and I needed time to recuperate. asian 14 porno My
legs felt like strings of wet spagetti. So, I lay 2 adult flahs there quietly, enjoying
the sensation of my mother's warm semen coating the inside of my colon. The
only sadness I felt was knowing that I could never be the same again after
this experience. I would never stop wanting to feel this way. My mother's
sex was a drug and I was addicted."Brendan?" Mom finally said."Yes, mother?""Your little buddy galleries 15yo looks like he's ready to go.""He is. But I can wait, if you need more time.""It's time to finish the lesson. What position do you want me in?""On your 3-d incest hentai
back, I think. I want to look you in the eye while we make love.""That's beautiful, sweetheart.""So are you.""Come on. It's time for you to fuck your mother."I finally broke away from her. I moved to a kneeling position with my mouth
not far from her face. I told her hyderabad sex videos 3gp I needed some lubrication, but my mouth
was a little dry. Happy to oblige, Mom opened her mouth, closed her eyes,
and swallowed my cock, coating every inch of it with her spit. Once she was
done, I pulled it out, and she let go a little reluctantly, but then smiled
up sweetly.I moved into position between her legs, spreading them apart, and placing
one ankle on each of my shoulders like I had seen in porn movies. I took a
moment to 15yo 16yo 17yo hot
admire the splendor of my mother's body, laid out before me. Her
penis was lying flat against her stomach with the underside facing up. Her
nutsack drooped down low. 13 yo free erotic
She bit on her thumbnail, a nervous habit, as she
looked up at me. I finally took my eyes away from her flawless form and
kissed her right ankle, then moved slowly down her leg, kissing every inch,
until I came to her delicious cock. I licked her shaft all the way up and
down before proceeding to her left leg and giving it the same treatment as
the right, in reverse."Now show Mommy what you've learned," she said."The KY Jelly?" I asked."I don't need it," she said. "Besides, I prefer it the natural way."Who was I to argue with nature? With one hand, I moved her scrotum out of
the way. With the other, I guided my dick towards her asshole. I pressed
the tip against the hole and it felt tight. Then, all of a sudden, the hole
seemed to open and my penis head was sucked in almost before I realized what
was happening. I came to the realization that Mom could open and close her
ass at will, probably a trick she leaned from years of anal sex.I imitated my mom's behavior and quickly pushed my way past her sphincter.
Despite her experience, I saw her wince and bite her lip as my cock pushed
past the tightest spot. Once it was inside, however, she visible relaxed,
and began breathing normally. Nothing had prepared me for how good the
inside of her ass would feel as the slick, wet walls wrapped themselves
around my shaft and began massaging my penis. Another trick my mom had up
her sleeve.Beyond the physical pleasure I was receiving (and it was more than I can
possibly describe) was the mental, emotional, and spiritual pleasure I was
feeling. I had never felt more alive, more complete, and closer to some
force of pure love that you can call God or anything else you want. All I
know was that I felt its touch that night as Mom willingly gave her power
over to me. Lying on her back, her legs wide open, she was in a position of
complete servitude and submission."Don't be afraid, darling," she whispered. "Make your mama proud."Gripping her thighs, I pushed myself in as far as I could, and then slowly
withdrew. I wasn't as adept as my mom, so I had to watch her face to gauge
how I was doing. When I saw her grimace in pain again, I knew I had pulled
out too far. I made a mental note of it alternative families 3 moms and pushed back inside. The next
time I pulled out, I could stop before I hit the danger zone. Mom sighed
blissfully and smiled at me with the radiance of an angel.At last, I began making love to her in earnest. I moved my hips forward and
backward faster and porn 1080i
faster, until I developed a steady rhythm. Mom fell
into sync with it, as I had done before when she was fucking me, and we
moved as one person. She closed her eyes and tucked her arms behind her
head, moaning luxuriously as the well-trained muscles of her sphincter
tightened and loosened around the skin of my cock, sometimes so tightly that
I felt I would never get it out again (not that I minded.)I wanted the experience to last as long as possible. I wanted to spend
hours this way. Sadly, I was far too worked up from the day's events, and
there was no way I could last more than ten minutes. I comforted myself by
reminding myself that there 60 over porn
would be many more nights like this one.
Tonight wasn't about slow technique. 2 bbw one stick It was about passion and raw love.Still, I tried to hold on. I rammed my cock deeper and deeper into Mom's
ass and she wailed in pleasure, begging me to continue, to do it faster, to
do it harder. I put everything I had into fucking her. Time meant nothing.
The world meant nothing. All that mattered was the exquisite joining of
our bodies and the melding of our souls. 120 inch laces My balls pounded against her ass,
making a loud flopping sound 12yo forbidden as I did. My mom's cock, now as rock hard as
mine, bounced up and down on her stomach. I reached out and began to jerk
it. I wanted us to have our xxx 70 ladies pics orgasms together, as we had our first night
together."Mom, I'm gonna cum!" I cried."Shoot it in my ass, darling!" she replied."God . . . I'm cumming . allanah starr photo 4 . . Mom . . .""Do it, baby! Cum for Mommy!""Oh . . . God . . . Mamaaaa . . ."The last syllable deteriorated into a groan as I spilled my seed inside my
mother's bowels, just as she had done for me. I kept pumping her, giving
her more and more of my semen, until my 18 ball chain brass cock was literally swimming in
thick, sticky cum inside her body. As I came, I jerked her harder and
faster, and she erupted with her second orgasm. The white, puffy liquid
splattered across her breasts. Without even thinking, just hungering for
it, I wiped it up with my hand and licked it off. Mom sat up quickly and
forced her mouth against mine so she could taste her cream inside my mouth.At last, my dick popped out of her, but I barely noticed. Mom had her legs
wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck. She pulled me on top
of her as she fell back on the mattress. I straddled her body, kissing her
as hard as I could. She kissed back with equal fervor, sucking the semen
and saliva out of my mouth, where it was sucked back by me a moment later.
At last, the kissing came to an end, and 70 moms I swallowed the last of her sperm
down my throat.* * *I lay down on the bed. This time, my mom curled up against me."That was amazing," she said. "You're a brilliant pupil.""I had a great teacher," I said. "How did you learn to do that thing with
your ass?""I'll teach you someday.""Mom, there's something I have to ask you.""Hmm?""Will you marry me?"She opened her eyes and sat up. She stared mp4 porn vidoes down at me with a look of
disbelief."Marry you?""I mean, 16yr old girls nude I know we can't do it right now," I explained. "But when school is
finished, we can move somewhere else. We can go to another state where no
one knows us. We'll just say we're husband and wife. We won't tell anyone
that we're mother and son. If they don't know, it won't harm anyone.""But the age difference?""It doesn't matter. We'll just say it's a Mrs. Robinson kind of thing. So
what do you say?""Brendan . . .""I still love you as my mother and I always will. But nudist 16 y.o. I want to love you as
my wife, too. I want to be able to kiss you in public and go on romantic
cruises together and all of that. feminism in europe 1914 It would be perfect.""It would be . . .""So?""Brendan, I wish I could marry you. I wish we could go somewhere else and
start new lives as husband and wife. We could adopt children and raise them
together. It would be wonderful but . . .""But?""It's not right for me to keep you all to myself like that. It's a mother's
duty to make you into a man so somebody jessi 14 you can find a woman to love . . .
or a man to love . . . who will be with you for the rest of your life.""But you are that woman.""I'm your mom. I will always be your mom. Even if we pretend otherwise to
fool the neighbors, I will know it in my heart. And so will you.""I guess you're right.""But thank you for asking me. It was the sweetest HORSE PORNO SEX TUB3
thing anyone has ever
done for me."I was disappointed, but I understood what she was saying, and I knew she was
right. I held her hand and she gently lay back down beside me. I grabbed
the blankets and pulled them up over us. It was late and we were both
exhausted. Before I drifted off to sleep, I noticed Mom glance over at the
clock. It said 12:01 AM."Brendan?" she whispered."Mmm?" I replied sleepily."Merry Christmas, baby," she said."Merry Christmas, Mom."THE END* * *This story is dedicated with love, admiration, and respect to all the
beautiful, wonderful transsexual mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters porn week 2 out
there, and to all those who love them for who they are.
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