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Subject: Motor Home Adventures 19Motor Home Adventures 19/?
Codes: M/M (oral, anal)
By: idc90hotmail.comWarning: The following story is a work of fiction. It
is a fantasy. It never happened, except in the author's
imagination. This story contains sex between teen boys
and a man and a teen. The author does not encourage or
condone virgin girl pussy
sex between adults and children.If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you
already know what your supposed to do. If this kind of story
turns you off, find something else.Fiction and Real Life: This story is virgin nude teen
all fiction. The
characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's
not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters
are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything
unless I want them to, you're not that lucky. Any resemblance
of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.The author retains the copyright of this story. russians virgins Placing this
story on a web site little virgin topless without the authors permission is a violation
of that copyright.----------------------------------------------------------------------Motor Home Adventurers 19
John 2 I snuggled xxx virgin paradise in close to John, as we slept, that last night. When the
alarm woke us, I was depressed. We got around and had breakfast.
I kissed him good bye, interracial virgin movies and left before his friend arrived. As I
pulled away from his house, I wondered when fresh virgin pics
we would meet
again. We asia virgin pics
would meet again, if I had anything to do with it!
I was near the outskirts of town when I decided to go to John's
bookstore. I didn't have any trouble locating it, he had given me
good virgin kdz pix
directions. I pulled into the parking lot and found the
weathered old sign, just as he had free schoolgirls virgins pics described. There were 5 or 6
cars in the dirt parking lot, and plenty of room to park the motor
home. I opened the screen virgin pink free pics
door on the building, and just as John had told
me, it felt like it might fall off in my hand. I was greeted with the
sight of russian virgins porn a not rusian virgins naked very clean restroom straight ahead of me, with the
door wide open. There was an older man taking a leak, and the
woman sitting at the cash register looked bored. There were the
magazines and video tapes on the left, like John had told me there
would be. On gwen stefanie holy virgin the right, blessed virgin mary caritas by the cash register, was the glass display
case with the sex toys. I gave the woman the money for the theaters, and turned towards
the straight one. John had said there is more action on that side.
The entrance was covered with heavy black plastic, and had ropes
of little little virgin girls pics
bells hanging down. There was no way to get into the
theater without the bells ringing. They weren't big, so they only
made a tinkling sound. Kind of like those bells little kids sometimes
put on their shy virgin porn shoes at Christmas time. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust. The only light came from the
TV. The show was virgin teen list some girl with big boobs, getting virgin
fucked by
some stud, as another blessed virgin clipart guy was fucking her face. It didn't do a thing
for me. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could tell there were
two older guys sitting around. i am fool virgin I took a seat on the couch, and
pulled out my cock. petite virgin hardcore
I started stroking it slowly, and one of the
guys got up and stood in front of me. Limo virginia beach I just moved my hand,
opened my legs, and he sank down on his knees. His mouth was on my dick-head in just a moment. He knew what
he was doing, as his tongue worked my cock, trying to milk out
that special juice. I glanced over, and the other guy had his hard-on
out and was jacking off, as he watched us. He grabbed a Kleenex
and held it over his dick as he shot. That made me go to the edge.
I warned the guy I was about to blow, but he just kept sucking. I
dumped my nuts' offering into his mouth, and he swallowed my
cum as fast as I shot it out. He gently sucked, until I was soft. I
was clean as he tucked my dick back into my pants and zipped
them up. He arose, russian virgin girl
and went back to his lovely virgin teens seat, as I told him
"thanks." I got up, and went to the door. The bells once virgin naked girls again tinkled as I
left. I amateur teen virgin went over to the gay side, and that doorway also had the
bells. It didn't take my eyes long to adjust, and I could russian virgin boys tell there
was someone giving a blow-job, as he was getting his ass fucked.
The tape being played was one of the videos I have, so I wasn't
interested in it. I watched the 3 guys get off, then turned and left. As I was pulling out of the dirt parking lot, I decided I wasn't
ready to go back to Tucson. I decided to hang around John's town
a while. Maybe, John and I could spend some more time together.
I have to be somewhere russian virgin movies while I wait for spring vacation. I drove around town, and found a mobile home park, near the
theater, that would let me park on a monthly bases. I got settled in,
and e-mailed everyone that I would be spending some time there. I
had the telephone virgin nude ru
hooked up, and got back into the babe ruth softball virginia habit of surfing
the Internet. I was walking the neighborhood a few days later, when I
happened to pass a house having a yard sale. There was a step
ladder, and since I needed one to wash and wax the motor home, I
got it. There was a 10 speed bicycle offered, and the price didn't
seem unreasonable. I bought it too. I decided it might help tone
me up a little, and get rid of my non nude inocent virgin
tummy. I don't even remember the
last time I was on a bike, but as the old saying goes, it didn't take
me long to get used to it. It was something else, riding the bike and
hanging on to the step ladder. I got to where I was soon riding
about 10 miles a day. My leg muscles were getting stronger, but
none of that tummy was disappearing. lil teen virgins fucked
I spent a few days washing and waxing the motor home, and it
didn't look bad once I was finished, even if I do have to say so
myself. I rented a carpet cleaner, and cleaned the carpet and
upholstery. I hadn't informed John I was still in town. I wanted to have a little
surprise for him. I knew he usually went to the theater in free gallery club virgin the early
afternoon, but he would sometimes go in the amateur virgins sex
late morning. I
decided to try the afternoons. I waited until I got an e-mail from
him, telling me he was home. I answered him back, but didn't tell
him where I was. The first afternoon I went out to the theater, John didn't show up.
I rode my bike back to the motor home. I hadn't gotten my nuts
off; I wanted to save sex for John. I went out to the theater again
the next afternoon. I parked the bike at the side of the building, and
locked it to a pipe. John's car wasn't in the parking lot, so I went in and killed some
time looking at the display of videos and toys. Not that I wanted
any. I was just killing time. I paid the fee for the theaters, and told
the man behind the counter I was waiting on someone. It was a
little after 2:00pm virgins boy tgp when I saw a car that looked like John's coming
into the parking lot. free japan virgin pics
I slipped into the straight theater. John had told me that is were
he usually heads first. There were a virgins movies porn few men sitting around
watching a couple of women going at it on the TV. I found a seat,
and let my eyes adjust. I know it takes a while for John's transition
glasses to adjust to the light in the theater. The bells tinkled, and
there stood John. I didn't give him time for his glasses to adjust. I went to the
doorway, and groped his package. He was hard. I knew he would free virgin defloration porno
because he had told me he pumps himself up before leaving home. I
didn't say a word, as I led him to an open spot between two chairs.
I pulled down his zipper, and pulled his meat out. Kneeling in front
of him, I soon had it in my mouth, going down on it, until I felt his
zipper scrape my nose. I came up enough to work his fat head with my
tongue. xxx 12yo virgins
I tried everything Kevin had taught me, and John was soon
humping into my mouth. His quiet moans were encouraging me to try
even harder. I was bobbing up and down on him, when my hands felt the
muscles in his ass start to tighten. I came off enough to just keep
the head of his dick in my mouth, as he tensed and pushed out. His
cream squirted into my mouth, and I swallowed, careful not virgin 13yo to lose
a drop. I licked him clean, then tucked him back in his pants, and
zipped him up. He hit me on the arm, hard enough to virgin gay teens hurt, as he whispered, "Ron,
you old son of a bitch, what are you doing here? I thought you
went back to Tucson." I explained to him, I had changed my mind, and decided to stick
around a while. We loaded my bike into the trunk of John's car,
and he took me back to the motor home. I invited him in, and we
had a cup of coffee, as he told me about his trip. John stayed
awhile, then told me virgin nudists he had to meet his daughter. I told him he was
welcome to drop by anytime he wanted. I sent Kevin child tiny virgins sex an e-mail, telling him what I had done to John. He
answered back before too long, saying he wished he could have
seen it. The rest of his note just said he was back into the grind,
going to school and working. He hinted he was looking forward to
spring vacation loita virgins as much as I was. John would stop by every few days. Sometimes we would just
visit, other times, we would have some great sex. Once in a while,
we would go to his theater. John likes variety. A few asian virgins sex illegal
weeks after
he got home, John announced he was having a little get-together.
He told me it would be us and 3 other guys. I knew he had his little
parties about once a month. I went over to John's house a little early to help him get ready for
the party. I made a pot of coffee for John and myself, and set out
the chips and virgin tgp dip, along with the other snacks John had ready. John
changed the towels in the bathrooms, and made sure there was soap
and shampoo in each of the showers. cassandra peterson virginity story The other guys started showing up about 7:00pm. twink virgins nude
I handed each
a beer as we were introduced. Andy is 20 years-old, and works as
a plumber's helper, on new construction. His heavily muscled
shoulders and tight stomach, made him look like he was a
ex-football player. I asked, and he told me he had been a tackle in
highschool. He has green eyes, and dirty blond hair. He also babe virgins sports
the cutest smile I have seen in a long time. His little boy smile tells
you he will never really grow old, but will always be young at heart. Claude was next virgin girls nude
to show up, and he was dressed in a suite and tie.
I found out it was his work clothes. He is 45, about 5 foot 10
inches tall, and a slim school virgins rusia
150 movie sex teen virgin to 160 pounds. Brown hair, and
sparkling brown eyes. The type of guy that's everyone's friend. I
found out he sells new cars, for the Ford Dealership. Mike arrived a little after the others. Mike Tiny virgin vagina
is 42, and John had
told me he used to be with the State Police. He is now a private
investigator. virgin girls mpeg
He burned out with the police. Mike's virgin defloration porno pics hair is hard to
describe. He had it cut short. The color isn't really red, but not as
dark as auburn. I'm sure there is a color to describe it, but I don't
know what it is. He wears a beard, and I'm not too much into
beards. I don't know, maybe I didn't take to Mike too well, because
John had told me he was about ready to stop inviting him to his
parties. 18 virgin sex nicole Mike doesn't want to do anything except be a bottom. It wasn't long before everyone was getting undressed. I was a
little slower then the rest. I wasn't in too big a hurry to show off
my flabby gut in front of these guys. They were all in good shape,
with tight stomachs and asses. Well, I've already admitted what I
look like. virgin pretens John was soon naked, virgin media scuretry
with his hard dick pointing up. He
had pumped up before anyone got there. He came over to where I
was standing, and started taking off my shirt."You virgins galleries and I are nude illegal little virgins
going to get it on with Claude, Gay virgin teen Ron. I'm going virgin porn video
fuck his ass while you fuck his mouth. That Ok with you?" I just nodded, as I watched Andy's dick start into Mike's virgin girls love pic ass. Mike
was on the floor, laying virgin 14yr old girls
on his side. They had spread a blanket
under them, and it swedish web virgins
was a good thing, as the pre-cum was running in
a long thin line, from Mike's tiny nude virgins dick, to the blanket. Mike's face
showed he was a happy camper. Bliss. sea virgin porn That's little girls pic virgin
the best way to
describe his face. Andy looked like he was enjoying his work. I
dropped my pants, letting my hard-on have it's freedom, as I
watched Mike and Andy change position. Mike was soon on his
back, as Andy lifted his legs. anale virgins Andy's cock was soon knocking romanian virgins in bikinis at
Mike's door, once again. John, Claude, and I, were sitting down,
slowly jacking ourselves off, as we watched the live action on xxx first virgin the
floor in front of us. I had to stop my hand a few times, as I was
getting too close to shooting. I noticed the other guys would do
the same thing. Andy had sped up his fucking into Mike. He was hanging onto
Mike's legs, as he pounded hard and fast, using nude virgin tgp Mike's hole to
satisfy his raging lust. The grunts were coming from deep inside
him, as he worked to achieve the relief he was seeking. You could
tell that Mike was somewhere else, as he absorbed the feelings
Andy was giving his body. Mike violently shook his head back and forth, and he moaned,
then a scream came as he arched his back, supporting himself on the
back of his head. Only his ass and his head was touching the floor,
much as a wrestler would when virginias gay owned restaurant trying nude virgin chinese to keep from being pinned.
His cum was oozing from his jerking cock, as Andy shoved into
him and moaned his relief. John was clapping his hands, and Andy turned towards us, and
gave a little bow, and grin. His dick was still buried inside Mike,
and I had a hard time not annie precious virgins giggling. I just joined John and Claude in
applauding. Andy used his tongue to cleanse Mike of the cum on
his tummy. Once he was clean, Mike youn virgins spread a towel to keep for
leaking cum little virgin to fuck on anything, and sat on the couch. John indicated it was our turn. I asked Claude if we could 69, as
John fucked his ass. 14 yo virgin He said he would like it that way. I lay ukrainian virgins porn on my
back, on the blanket, as Claude got on all fours, over me. We
played with each others dicks a little, as I got a close up view of
John working the lube into his hole. John soon almost virgins 2 torrent had them both slicked up, and I just watched as the big
head of his dick, disappeared into Claude's body. I waited until he
was bottomed out, then I used my tongue and girls sample virgins nose, to push little virgins angels porn
art virgin sexe their
nuts virgins nudist together. They were both moaning, as I worked them both at
the same time. John's nuts were starting to draw up, so I stopped,
and took Claude's hard rod in my mouth. I worked my tongue on Claude's glans, hitting all of those
sensitive, tender spots, cute teen virgin sex
that Kevin likes for me to work on him.
Claude was moaning, but I'm not sure if it was because of what cracks password virgin fucking I
was doing, or because japanes virgins teen of the way John was working his ass. I was
aware that Claude was working my dick like an expert, but the
truth is, I was more black anal virgins interested in making sure John enjoyed the
experience, then anything else. 72 virgins challenge coin I could tell John was about to shoot. His nuts drew up tight, and
you could see both his nuts, and the pump in his tight scrotum. I
sucked harder on Claude's big dick, and I'm not sure who moaned
first. I was aware of shooting my load into cp portal virgin
Claude's hungry mouth,
as I heard John moan, and Claude's heavy cream was filling my
mouth with his taste. As we sat recovering, I had the thought that I wished we had been
able to find a group like this for Hank, before I had left virgin little boys Florida. I
sometimes feel bad that I didn't treat him better. We sat around, visiting for a while, before getting up and taking
our showers. Andy offered to teen junior nude virgin take me back to the motor home, so
I accepted. We threw my bike into the back of his pickup, and
were soon off. As we drove home, Andy hinted that he was still
horny. I told him only two people ever got my ass, but I would
suck him off, if he wanted me too. I unlocked the door, as Andy unloaded my bike. I told Andy to
go on in, as I locked up the bike. It didn't take me long, but by the
time I got inside, Andy had already dropped his pants, and was
standing there with his firm young manhood standing at attention. I dropped to my knees, and got right to work. The red head of his
firm young cock was so inviting. His nuts hadn't dropped virgin strawberry nude
low since he last came, and it didn't look like it would be long for
them to be once again be tight against his body. I lapped at those
good looking nuts, and Andy moaned. I started licking at the base
of his dick, and bathed it with my tongue, all the way up. I slurped the head into my mouth, and started using all the little
tricks I know. Andy was groaning and bucking into my mouth. I
went farther down his dick, as I bobbed up and down. Andy free pics virgin russian started fucking
as if he was a buck rabbit. Fast, hard, short strokes. He suddenly pulled
my head against him as his nuts started
unloading their cum. I drank it virgin toplist
down. Andy offered to get me off, before he left, but I told him the party
had been enough for me. I thanked him for bringing me home. He
only stayed a few minutes longer, but I didn't think anything about
that. I decided I wasn't going to make the same mistake with
Andy, that I had with Hank. fuck a tiny virgin
'Don't judge his motives.' I told
myself. I sent my e-mail to Kevin, and told him about John's party. I told
him about each of the guys, and that I hoped John would invite me
to another of his parties. I also told children teen virgin Kevin, that I would gladly give up
all the parties, just to be with him.ContinuedComments: Flames Happily Ignored sorridente I answer all e-mail. If you wrote,
and didn't get an answer, I didn't
get it. Thanks. Joe.

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