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From: Joe Webster
(Part 19)When I woke up the next morning, Jim was gone. I lay there and
stretched and noticed that the house sounded so quiet. I got up and
headed downstairs young fresh lolita sites
to the kitchen. On lolita models bbs portal
the table was a note from my dad.
It read: Sorry Joey, but had top 50 videos shylolita
to get into work. You just relax and
take it easy today. After all you've done this weekend, you need to
recover a little. So, I'll be home around one. Take care - dad.I hung around the house most of the morning. Around 11 I went and got
the mail and then, decided lolita teen movie preview to go to the little store down near the
end of our street. I got dressed in shorts, sandals and a tshirt and
headed to the store. I got there and went inside and got some stuff I
wanted and came walking out. As I started up the street, this blue
pickup truck came up along side me. It was Randy. I stopped and
walked over to him and he said, "How you doing Joey?" I said, "Pretty
good Randy." He leaned back and motioned at another guy driving the
truck and said, "This is my buddy Greg Joey. Known him top 100 lolita ls since top models lolitas 50 high
school. Greg, this is Joey." I smiled at Greg. A nice looking guy,
blonde hair, with darker hair coming out the top of his tshirt. He
looked hard like Randy did and I said, "Well, I got to get home
Randy."He grabbed my hand and said, "Why in such a hurry Joey! I thought
maybe you'd like to come with me and Greg for a little while and
play." I bit i bbs loli imageboard my lip as I said, "I don't think I should Randy. My dad
might come home at nonnude fashion lolitas model
any time." He smiled and said, "You're dad told me
he'd be home around three and that I should come over then. So, how
about it Joey? Me and Greg will show you a good time! Oh yeah, a real
good time! You know that Joey!" I looked at him and then, over to
Greg and got a funny little twinge in my ass. Randy said, "Hey Greg,
show Joey what kind of toy he gets to play with if he goes with us."
Greg chuckled and looked around and then, undid the buttons on his
levis. He spread them and then, pulled out his cock. It was beginning
to harden and it looked like it was bigger than Randy's. I bit my lip
as black girl lollipop sucking I looked at, as it gorged with blood and stood up straight.Randy pulled me closer to the car and said, "Now, doesn't that look
like something you'd like to play with Joey? Just think of it between
your lips, or, better yet, between your legs. Would you like that
Joey!? Want to feel that big nude nubiles lolitas art dick in you! Greg really knows how to
fuck little pussy boys like you. He likes them young and eager, and I
know you're eager Joey!" I tried to pull away, but stopped as Greg
stroked his hand along the length of his cock. I licked out with my
tongue and Randy chuckled and said, "Thought so. Come on you Joey,
get in the truck with us!" He opened the door and I started to get
in, crawling over young german teen loli him. As I did, he jerked my shorts down and patted
my ass and said, "You're in for a real treat Greg. This little
cocksucker really knows how to treat a mans cock! And this gothic and lolita bible ass! Man,
it loves dick in it, and this little bitch will photographing young girls lolitas hump like crazy to get
it, won't you Joey!?" I moaned as he slid one of his big fingers into
me as he stretched me out over his lap.Greg waved his cock at me and asked, "Want this faggot!? Want to suck
on it for me!?" I gasped,"Oh yes, can I suck it Greg, please!" He
laughed and said, "See what you mean Randy. Little fucker sounds hot
begging for dick! Well, come on cocksuck, slide them red little lolita boy models lips down on
that fucker!" The mention of my lips being red had me shivering and
then, I slid my mouth around the big dickhead. I began to nurse and
suck on it, and heard Randy say, "Take a left turn here Greg. We'll
take the little bitch up into the woods. That nonnude girl lolita boy
way we can fuck him and
he can scream and holler for more all he wants!!" They laughed and I
continued to slurp on the big dick in my mouth. As I did, Randy was
working two fingers into my hole, and I humped my ass up and down and
moaned on Greg's cock.Randy patted my butt and said, "Look at this hot little bubble butt
Greg! Man, its so hot, shit, we got to take him deep in the woods.
Hell some other guys see this hot piece of bitch ass and he'll get
gang raped!" He and Randy laughed as I sucked on Greg's hard meat.
His hand was on my head and Randy reached under me and pulled my
shorts off completely. He reached down and grasped my cock and said,
"Let's see if the bitch is hot to be fucked Greg! Yeah, his little
cock tit is hard and dripping, just like a fucking udder on a cow!"
Greg laughed and slid a hand over my back and patted my ass and asked,
"He like to take it deep guy!?" Randy said, "Watch this!" He pulled
his little lolitas nude art fingers out and then, shoved three into me 12 13 lolita pics
all the way! Greg
said, "Shit, and look at the way he's humping that queer ass! innocent lolit russian teen
the little queer cunt loves it!"Randy chuckled and used two fingers on me and said, "Yeah, little
bitch took on his dad, another guy and me last night and begged for
more! Didn't you bitch!?" He slapped my ass hard and I moaned on
Greg's cock. lolita art pay sites Randy hit my ass and said, "I asked you a question
bitch boy! Answer me!" He slapped my ass again and I lifted my head
and gasped, "Yes, yes, I did! I did beg for more cock!" Greg shoved
my mouth back down on his cock as Randy stroked a finger back in and
out of me. He said, "Yeah, this little cunt just can't get enough
dick in him! Hell, his old man even whore's him out to guys to play
and use! Shit!" Greg asked, shocked, "You're fucking with me man! No
guys dad would do that!" Randy pulled my head up and said, "Tell him
cunt mouth! Tell him blog russian lolitas gallerie
what you do for your daddy!" I lolita bbs cp kiddy looked at Greg
and said, "My daddy sells me to other men to fuck and use Greg! He
sells me to them cause I'm a whore!" He looked at me as he
maneuvered the truck onto a dirt road.He asked, "You shitting me elweb bbs freedom lolita guy! You work as a whore for your dad!?"
I nodded my head and Randy said, "See, told you guy! And the little
shit must be good at it cause he's always busy getting dicked! Aren't
you Joey!?" I nodded my head and then slid my mouth back onto Greg's
big dick. Randy laughed and said, "Pull up in there Greg! Yeah, we
can park there and have a real ball with our little slut pig pussy boy
here!" I felt the truck lurch to a halt. I was excited by the big
dick that Greg had and was sucking real hard on it, excited to feel it
in my mouth! He grasped my head and said, "Shit, slow down honey,
slow down! You'll lolita 15 preteen pics
get that big dick, don't you worry your pretty
little ass about that. Just suck it easy honey, easy, yeah, like
that! Shit, fucker is trying to suck my dick off Randy!" Randy
slapped my ass and said, "Yeah, he sees a big hard dick and his
cocksucker urges take little lolita 9 yo
over and he just wants it in his mouth or ass!"
The two of them laughed and then, Greg lifted my head and said, "Come
on honey. Let's get in the back of the truck, and then, me and Randy
are going to play with you! Yeah, gonna poke some real fun at you!"He and Randy laughed as Randy practically dragged me out of the truck
and led me around to the bed. Greg tossed a blanket on the bed of the
truck and Randy slapped my ass and said, "Get up there honey. Your
studs want to fuck you!" I quickly got up on the blanket, russian lolita xxx torrent excited and
eager for what they were going to do, as Greg slid off his shirt and
pants and jumped up into the truck. I was kneeling on the blanket as
he walked over to me lolita model art poses and pulled my head around, his big dick sticking
up right before my eyes. He said, "Chow down cocksucker! Eat that
big meat you little faggot cunt!" I moaned as I slid my mouth onto his
cock and began to suck wildly on it, bobbing my head back and forth,
back and forth. He let me do this for a bit, and then, he backed off,
pulling his cock out of my mouth with a pop.I stared up at him as he stroked his cock and stared at me. He said,
"Come and get it queer boy! girls i love lolicon
Come for free little lolitas galleries
what you want bitch!" I crawled
towards him and he moved back and then, to the side. He rika lolita art galleries laughed as he
moved around the bed of the truck, me following, my saliva dripping on
my chin as I stared at that big dick waving in front of me. Every
time I'd get close, he let it touch my lips or my tongue slide around
the big head before he'd pull back. I heard little asian girls lolitas Randy laughing as he
slapped at my ass as I crawled around trying to get Greg's cock into
my mouth. He said, "Oh man Greg! This is hot! Look at this fucking
homo! Shit, he's asian lolitas 24 7 aching to have that big fucker of yours in his
mouth!" Greg laughed and said, "That right bitch faggot!? You want
this big cock queer dick licker!?" I gasped, "Yes, yes, oh please, let
me have your cock sir, please, please I want your cock Greg!"He laughed as he continued to move around the truck bed. Just then,
as he lay his cock against my lips and I licked out at it, I felt the
smack of Randy's belt against my ass. Greg laughed as I jerked and my
mouth slid around the head of his cock. Then, Randy slapped my ass
with the belt again. I instinctively spread my legs wider, as I got
more of Greg's cock into my mouth. Then, Randy slapped the belt up
under between my legs, slapping my balls. I groaned and almost closed
my legs, as he repeated the slap. Greg said, "Oh man, his mouth just
tighten up on my dick man! Oh shit, you fucking faggot, eat that dick
cocksucker, eat it!" He had loli girls preview nude thrust his cock deep into my mouth and
throat, his hand holding my head to his crotch. I moaned on it,
letting my tongue lick along its underside and around child lolita imgboard bbs to each side.Then, Randy did it again, two hard slaps with the belt against my
balls and ass crack! I moaned even deeper and lifted my legs up
higher! He said, "Yeah, got to make the bitch know his sex lolitas virgins young place!
Between a stud's legs, his mouth on a cock! Eat dick bitch boy, eat
dick!" This was followed by two hard slaps of the belt against the
back of my balls. I groaned, my legs trying to close, all lolita nude bbs
but wanting to
keep them open for him at the same time. I knew this was crazy,
letting a stud beat me with a belt against my balls, but I knew that
Randy got off on really humiliating me. I knew it made him feel
strong and manly, so I shoved my ass up for the belt even more. He
laughed and Greg said, "Shit, he's wanting you to beat him with that
belt Randy! Shit, he is a disgusting little whore queer!"Randy laughed and said, "He is that, but he loves to have me use him
this way! Come here bitch!" He jerked my head off of Greg's cock and
pulled me around to him. He said, "Lift up, now, kneel, spread your
legs, yeah, your hands behind your back whore!" I did as he wanted,
my hands behind my back, my legs spread wide, my little cock sticking
up, as my balls hung below it. He slid the belt along my cock and
balls and then, said, "Kiss it honey! Kiss your almost favorite tool
bitch!" I moaned as he held the belt at my lips and I kissed it,
licked out with my tongue and kissed it again. He pulled it back and
then, whack, he slapped down and up, up under my balls and cock. My
head flew back and I shouted, 8 y o lolitas "Ow, ow, oh Randy, oh Randy!" He did it
again, then, again, each time getting me to scream out.Then, he put the belt around my neck and jerked me over onto all
fours. He reached over my back and slapped at my ass and said, "Now
Greg! You get to sample his hot little male pussy! Shove your dick
in there stud!" Greg asked, shocked, "Don't I need something to lube
me up Randy!? Heard you needed to do that to fuck an ass!" Randy
laughed and jerked the belt and said, "Reach back and spread your butt
cheeks whore! Show Greg why he doesn't need any lube!" I reached back
and spread my cheeks wide, knowing that preteen lolita lesbian photos
he could see the lube around
my hole shining in the light through the trees. Greg said, "Shit man,
he's already lubed up!" Randy laughed and said, "That's our Joey boy!
Always keeps his pussy nice and lubed so anytime a stud wants to fuck
it, its ready!" I lolita art preteen bbs looked up at him and he laughed as he continued,
"So, fuck him Greg! Come on guy! You said you wanted to find out best lolita free pics
it was like to fuck a queer in the ass!! There it is stud, go for
it!"I moaned as Greg grasped my hips hard and then, began to shove his
cock into me. Each inch was pushing my ass chute open, making it
accept his big hard cock. I moaned and even wiggled my ass as I felt
that big dick sliding deep into me. preteen lolita child He didn't stop till he had every
inch inside me. Then, I squeezed down on his cock, and he slapped at
my ass and said, "Oh shit! Fuck, his ass is lolita pre hot lolikon squeezing on my cock man!
He's fucking trying to squeeze it off!" Randy laughed and moved so
that his big dick was against my face. He used the belt to control my
head and rubbed 11 lolitas pedo gallery my face against his cock and balls, as he said, "Don't
worry about it guy! That's just the way the bitch has been trained!
Trained to squeeze on a dick in him and please it with his tight hot
ass!" Greg moaned and began to pull his cock back and then, thrust in
again. I moaned over and over as he thrust into me completely with
each thrust, not stopping as he picked up the power and speed of his
fucking cock working inside me!I was really enjoying the way Greg's big cock was filling me up and
felt so good. I gasped out, "Yes, yes, oh Greg, fuck me stud, a little lolita model
harder stud, harder! Oh yeah, fuck my pussy Greg, oh fuck my pussy,
fuck, fuck, fuck it!" Randy laughed and said, "Shit man, you got he
bitch turned on now! We can do anything we want to him when he gets
this hot! Lift your head pussy! Show Greg what you love to do when a
dude has to piss!" I lifted my head, opening my mouth and slid my
lower lip under the head of Randy's big dick. I stared up at him and
heard Greg ask, a bit shocked, "Shit, you ain't gonna do what preteen ls lolita models I think
you are Randy man!? You got to lolita cum hardcore free be kidding man!?" Randy rubbed his
cock head around my lips and asked, "No joke man, the bitch will take
it! Won't you honey!? You want what I got for you, don't you Joey
baby!?" I licked out at his cock head and said, "Yes, yes, I want it
Randy! I want it!"He laughed as Greg paused, his big dick thrust up into me, his balls
and crotch tight to my crack. Just then, Randy began to piss into my
mouth. I knew Greg could see it as he was leaning way over. He said,
"Aw man! I can't fucking believe this! The little queer fucker is
swallowing your piss Randy! Oh man, shit, I ain't never seen a dude
swallow another guys piss!" Randy laughed and lunged into my mouth,
as I closed my lips tight onto his cock, drinking his piss from the
spurting cockhead. He laughed again and said, "Shit man! lolita party 12 yo This bitch
will let you piss up in his hungry cunt if you want too!" He laughed
again and then, Greg began to fuck me again. I was so excited,
drinking piss from Randy's big dick, I actually pushed my ass back and
wiggled it in a circle for him! Randy laughed as he watched Greg pull
his cock almost all the way out and then, ram it into me!The hard thrusts of Greg, was pushing me all the way down on Randy's
pissing lolita hardcore top 100
cock and I moaned eagerly. Then, Randy stopped pissing and
grasped my head with both is big rough hands and said, "Come on Greg,
let's really fuck this bitch at both ends! The cunt will love it
man!" I moaned as just then, Greg jerked his cock out of me all the
way and then, drove it back up into me again. He said, "Shit man, you
told me you knew a pussy that could take cock, but this man! This is
wild! Shit, take my cock bitch! Feel it deep honey, yeah, real deep
in this tight man pussy of yours cunt whore!" Randy laughed and
reached over and slapped my ass and said, "Now you're getting into it
man! hot little lolitas models
Yeah, get into that ass pussy! Fuck this bitch! Show him what a
man can do guy! Fuck him Greg, shove that big fucker in there hard!
Make him know he's being fucked by a man, shit, that's all this bitch
is good for any way, to be fucked man!!"I rocked between the two of them, Greg's powerful hips driving his
cock deep up into me over and over, and Randy, shit, that luscious
cock of his filling my mouth and throat, I was in cocksucker heaven!
In and out, back and forth, they thrust their hard dicks to me and I
moaned and wiggled my butt up into Greg's crotch. Greg slapped my ass
and said, "Oh man, shit this is good! Fucking hole is so tight and
hot and he's squeezing on my dick like crazy!" Randy laughed and
jerked his cock from my mouth and whipped it back and forth across my
face, saying, "Yeah, one thing about Joey here, once you get your dick
in him, its like he never wants it out again! Ain't that right pussy
bitch? Got to have dick, don't you cunt mouth!?" I looked up at Randy
and gasped, "Oh yes, in me, in me, yeah, big cock, big, uh, cock! Oh
Greg, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!"Randy laughed and lunged back into my mouth again. I moaned eagerly as
I accepted the rough thrust into my hungry mouth. I grasped his hips,
holding on as he went for broke, and, I knew, he was going to feed me
some more of that rich Randy cream again! Suddenly, Greg stopped
fucking and said, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum Randy! Shit this ass has
got me so fucking hot!" Randy leaned over, crushing my face into his
hairy crotch, as he slapped my ass and said, "Go for it guy! Fuck,
fill this bitch with cum, he loves it in him!" I was going wild at
that point, Randy slapping my ass, a I pushed it back onto Greg's cock
and squeezed it inside me. lolita photos nude preteens
Then, he never got a chance to pump, as he
held his cock inside me and I felt it explode. I clamped down on it
hard, getting a wild shout from Greg, as his cock filled me with his
cum!He shouted, "Aw man, the fucking cunt worked my cock till it, uh,
shot! Oh shit, what an japanese lolita girls bbs ass, fucking, uh, take, uh, my load, you
fucking queer bastard! Take it, uh, uh, awwwwwwwww shit, take it!"
Randy was laughing as he crushed my face into his hairy groin, the
full length of his shaft buried in my mouth and throat. He slapped at
my humping ass as Greg began to pound his shooting cock into me. He
yelled, "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Fill that fucking bitch cunt hole stud! Do
it Greg, fill this whore with cream man!!" Greg couldn't take too much
of my squeezing on his shaft and jerked it out of me roughly. He fell
back and Randy jerked his cock from my mouth and said, nude lolita dark portal "Over on your
back whore! Let's show Greg how you really loved to be fucked pussy!
Lift them bitch legs and give it to me honey!" I fell backwards as he
pushed me onto my back.I eagerly lifted my legs, spreading them wide as I watched him move
down rika nude loli book between them. He moved pre loli russian com in and then, began to rub the head of his
cock around my hole and asked, "This what you want cunt!? You want my
big cock in you Joey!? You want me to fuck you good honey!? Do you
bitch!? Do you!?" I reached down between my legs and grasped his big
dick and said, "Yes, yes, fuck me Randy! Oh please, fuck me, fuck me
with your big cock stud, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" He lifted his
head and looked over at Greg and said, "Now, watch this whore perform
stud!" With that, he drove his cock up into me as hard as he could,
his balls banging against my upturned ass. I shouted out, "Yes, yes,
yes! More stud, more!" Randy laughed and reached down and began to
bat at my cock and balls, saying, "Yeah, work that pussy cunt boy!
Work it on that cock bitch! Fuck on it, show Greg what a fucking whore
for cock you are Joey! Work on it Joey!"I moaned and planted my feet on either side of him as I stared up at
him and began to hump my ass up and down on his cock. I worked it in
circles, then, up and down, jp loli bbs links
impaling myself on little girls lolita fuck it over and over. Each
time I felt his hairs at my hole, my body would arch and I'd grind my
hole into his crotch. I gasped, "Oh Randy, yes, yes, so good, so
good!" He laughed and began to slap at my ass from the sides as he
said, "Do it bitch! Move that pussy whore, cunt, pig slut! Move it!"
I couldn't help myself as it felt so good, that big dick of lolita underage model pics
sliding up into me each time I shoved my ass down on it. Then, a
shadow began to cover my face and I looked up and Greg was standing
over me. preteen indian lolita pics Randy laughed and said, "Go for it stud! Sit on the bitch's
face! He'll fucking eat your ass hole guy! Do it Greg, do it!"Greg squatted and I grasped his big hard thighs and pulled him down
further, stretching my head teens lolitas toy model up to plant my mouth into his sweaty
crack. He groaned as Randy began to power fuck dark lolitas top paysites my hot aching cunt
hole, as my tongue went wile up in Greg's hole. He began to wiggle
his ass on my face and then, pressed down, almost smothering me. I
didn't care, with Randy's big cock keeping my boy pussy hot, filled
and stuffed, and this hot hairy man hole over my face, I groaned in
wild pleasure! Then, with a shout of, "Awwwwwww man!!," Randy
crammed his cock up inside me and I squeezed on it hard as I felt his
load shoot up into me. That must have been what set Greg off, cause
he jerked his hole off my preteen model legal lolly mouth and shoved his cock down into my open
mouth. He groaned and I was being filled with cum from both ends.I swallowed and milked with my ass as I wanted both their loads in me,
stroking Greg's hard thighs and humping my ass on Randy's dick. Then,
Randy jerked it out of me and moved up and pushed Greg back. He
straddled my chest and held his cock at my mouth and said, "Clean me
cunt bitch! Clean that cock that just fucked you!" I eagerly accepted
his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked as I wanted to clean it
for this stud. Then, he jerked it out and undid the belt at my head
and said, "Spread your legs bitch! Spread them real wide!" I did as he
wanted and he said, "Watch this Greg! Gonna make the bitch cum with
him all boys lolita top not even touching himself!" He leaned over me and held the belt
and began to slap at my aching balls and cock. I writhed on my back,
keeping my legs spread wide for him as he slapped my cock and balls
over and over with the belt.I was going wild, there was pain, but it was a dull pain as he worked
me with his belt. Then, I couldn't control myself as I stared up at
this hot stud that always fucked me so well. My hips lifted, as
though I wanted more of the belt on my cock and balls, as my body
shook and then, I shot. A couple of long ropy strands of cum shot out
the head of my dick and landed on my tshirt and belly. Randy was
going wild, he was turned on, as he landed more blows to my cock and
balls as I kept cumming and cumming. I was delirious, not from the
pain, but from the fact that I was being used and used well by these
two studs! When my orgasm eased, I gasped, "Fuck me, fuck me! One of
you fuck me, oh please, fuck me, fuck me!" Randy grabbed my still
oozing cock and jerked my body with it and said, "Give it to the bitch
Greg!"Greg moved over and I eagerly went to all fours, reaching back to
spread my cheeks as I begged, "Yes, yes, in me Greg, please, please,
in me, in me, uh, uh, yes, more, more, more!" Greg slammed his cock
into me and grasped my hips and began to rabbit fuck me, punching
into me deep, as I writhed in front of him. I was his whore alright
and I loved it, lifting and lowering my ass like wild, as he plowed
into me. Randy moved in front of me, standing there like some god as
I stared up at him as he watched me work for Greg's cock. Then, just
as Greg was cumming inside me again, Randy aimed his cock at me and
began to piss. I opened my mouth, but he was pissing on my face,
hair and on my back, wetting my tshirt with his piss, as Greg jerked
out of me and said, "Oh man!" Randy said, "Come on Greg, piss on the
bitch! He loves being covered in piss man!" I stared up at Greg as he
moved along side Randy and then, they were both pissing on me.As Randy's flow stopped, Greg moved closer to my face and I opened my
mouth and before he could pull it back, I had his pissing cock inside,
drinking his flow. He started under lolita teen porn to push me back, but then, moaned and
gasped, "Oh yeah, swallow my piss you fucking queer whore, swallow my
man piss!" When his flow stopped, he moved back and stood near the
cab of the truck as Randy sat on the side. I knelt there, gasping for
air, piss dripping off of me, cum oozing out my hole as I stared at
the two hot studs. Randy said, "Give me one of them beers Greg!" Greg
pushed open the window on the back of the cab and reached in and
pulled out two cans of beers. He cp underage prelolita pics handed one to Randy and opened his.Randy opened his and took a big gulp and then, walked over to me. He
held his semi hard cock down and said, "Open wide mouth cunt!" I did
and he se the head of his cock on my lower lip and then, poured the
beer lolitas bbs 14yo pics
onto his cock and let it run into my mouth. He shoved the beer
covered cock into my mouth and I sucked wildly on it. Then, he pulled
out and I looked from him to Greg and back again. Greg stared at me
and said, "Oh man, I can't fucking believe we've been doing this!
Shit, I heard queers like dick and cum, but now! Fuck!" Randy said,
"Yeah, they do, lolita pre teen naked
but Joey here, well he's special! You see he's a
whore, and he'll do anything to get a dick in him, won't you fag
bitch!?" I said, "Yes Randy!" He chuckled and lifted the belt and
slapped it across my face. It stung, but it wasn't meant to cause any
hurt.He moved around behind me and slapped my ass with the belt and then,
began to beat my ass with it. I was so turned on, I didn't care, as I
stared at Greg uncensored little lolitas toplist in front of me. Randy beat me with the belt about
twenty times and then, reached in between my legs and grasped my
balls. I groaned as he jerked on them and then, asked, "Well Greg,
want to fuck the bitch again!?" I looked up at Greg as Randy squeezed
my balls again, and I could see his cock was rising to full hardness.
He chuckled and moved behind me and grasped my head by the hair and
said, "Yeah, I want to fuck the bitch again!" Then, he shoved his
hard cock up into me hard and my mouth fell open as I gasped, "OH
GREG!" He began to fuck me then, slamming his cock russian amateur lolita nymphets
up into me harder
and harder. Randy moved to my side and slapped my ass with the belt
and said, "Squeeze on that man's cock cunt! Yeah, show lolita preteen modeling pics
him you love
his big cock in your hot pussy bitch! Squeeze on him cunt!"I began to do just that, as Greg moaned and said, "Oh fuck, so tight
and hot! Work it bitch! Work my cock you fucking queer faggot
whore!!" He began to slap my ass over and over as I heard Randy
laughing behind me. Randy said, "Yeah, now your using him stud! Work
the bitch, make him please your best preteen nude lol cock! Got free lolita models tgp to show the bitch his place
man! Fuck him, fuck him!!" This was a different sounding Randy than I
had ever heard. It was a rougher man, beam great lolita bbs
a meaner sounding one. He
began to use the belt on my upturned butt as Greg fucked me and then,
began to beat me with it all over my back and even up to my head.
Greg laughed and said, "Shit Randy, man!" Randy laughed and continued
to beat me till Greg shouted and came inside me.Randy pushed him back and said, "Let me at that ass cunt!" Greg
pulled out of me and Randy roughly shoved his big dick up into me,
making my back arch and my head fly up. He grasped my head by the
back of the hair and power fucked me, driving his cock to me wildly.
For the next half hour, the two took turns shoving their dicks to my
ass and sometimes to my mouth, never cumming, just putting their dicks
in me. In between, Randy would beat me with the belt, young lolitas in thong till I was so
numb, I could hardly feel the blows. They drank more beer and then,
finally, Randy shoved me down onto the floor bed and motioned Greg
over and as I lay there on my back, the two of them stood over me,
covering me in their piss. Then, they got out of the back of the
truck and closed the tailgate and got into the cab.Greg started driving and we pulled out of the woods and I just lay
there, stunned and abused. I didn't know where we were going, what
was going to happen, I was in some kind of stupor. As Greg drove
wildly out of the woods, I was banged around inside the bed of the
truck, hardly even able to keep myself from hitting the sides as we
hit bumps and made sharp turns. Then, we were on the road again. I
tried to lift up, but for some reason, I had no strength. We got about
a block from my house and Greg stopped the truck. He and Randy came
around and jerked me out of the bed and shoved me hairless lolita hairless lolita
onto a grassy area.
They threw my shorts at me and then, got back into the truck and drove
off. I lay there, naked from the waist down, my shirt drenched in
piss, my face covered in streaks of cum and piss. Just then, as I
started to put my shorts back on, this police car drove up.The office got out and looked at me and asked, "What the hell happened
to you kid?" I just shook my head, then, said, "Nothing sir. Just
got hit by a water balloon!" I don't know why I said that, but saw the
officer's nose wrinkle and say, "Must have been filled with piss from
the smell! Where do you live kid!?" I looked around and saw my house
a little ways down the street. I pointed at it and said, "There sir!"
He lifted me up and said, "Pull your fucking shorts up boy!" I did
and then, he walked me to my house. I could see my dad's car in the
drive as he walked up to the door. I opened it and my dad was there.
He asked, "Joey, Joey? You alright Joey!" The officer said, "Found
him up the street. Says he was hit by a water balloon, must have been
full of young russian lolita elite urine sir!" My dad looked at me and said, "Go get cleaned up
Joey. Come in officer, better find out what happened."I ran for the little lolita smoking model
bathroom and tore off my clothes and got in under the
shower. As I did, I got a look at my legs and belly. There were
streaks from the belt Randy had used on me. I washed off and then,
got out of the shower and got a good look at myself in the mirror. I
turned and my ass was streaked with red marks lolita preteen girl sex and part of my back and
the backs of my thighs. I dried off and went and got a pair of clean
shorts and tshirt and then, walked out to the living room. My dad and
the officer were sitting there, and stared at me as I came into the
room. My dad asked, "Now, what happened Joey?" I stammered, "Uh,
well, some guys drove by as I was walking home and threw some water
balloons at me." The officer asked, "How many were there?" I said,
"Three I think, could be four. I didn't get much of a look at them,
it was all so quick."As I said this, I looked at me dad. My dad said, "Turn around Joey."
I did and the officer asked, "And, what about those marks on the back
of your legs? You didn't get them from water balloons!" I stammered,
"Uh, I was up in the woods, must have been from the bushes or
something." The officer looked at me dad and back at me and said,
"This all seems a little funny, sort of strange if you ask me." My
dad said, "Well, you know how kids are officer. Always going and
doing things they shouldn't." The officer said, "Yeah, could be, but
those marks photos nudist angelic lolitas look like they were from some kind of belt or whip." My
dad looked at me and I blushed and I knew, he knew I had been off with
someone. He said, "Pull your shorts down Joey."I hesitated, but he said, "Now Joey!" For some reason, I felt
embarrassed to be doing it in front of the officer, but, I slid my
shorts of. There was a gasp from the officer as he saw the belt marks
on my ass. He said, "Now those weren't made by some bushes!" My dad
stood up and walked over to me and began to rub his hands on my ass
and asked, "Now, tell us the truth boy! Where have you been Joey!?" I
looked up at my dad, embarrassed that he was rubbing my butt in front
of the officer. I looked at the officer and he was staring at my dad's
hands on my ass. I don't know why I did it, but I pushed my ass back
and said, "I russian lolita nude gallery went with Randy and a friend of his up into the woods
daddy!" My dad was spreading my butt cheeks and closing them as he
asked, "And what did you do with Randy and his friend Joey!?" I bit
my lip and looked over at the officer.I could see his pants were russexland preteen lolita pics tented as my daddy, spread my cheeks and
slid a finger down along my crack. I moaned as his finger touched my
hole, and he said, "Now, tell the officer and me what you were doing
Joey! I want the truth baby!" I looked at the officer and then, up
at my dad and gulped as I said, "They fucked me daddy!" The officer
said, "Shit, I can't believe this! Did they rape you boy!?" My dad
patted my butt and said, "No, I don't think rape is what was happening
officer!" The officer's head jerked up to look at my dad and asked,
"What are you saying mister!? You saying he wanted them naughty nude teens lolitas to do it to
him!?" My dad smiled and slid his finger to my hole and then,
inserted it and said, "Oh, I'm sure Joey here wanted it! Didn't you
bitch!? You wanted them to fuck you, didn't you Joey!?"I bit my lip as I watched the officer rubbing the front of his uniform
pants, and said, "Uh yes, I did daddy, I did want them to fuck me!"
The officer stood up, his pants tenting and asked, "What the fuck is
going on here!? You mean, you know your son was getting fucked, and
it doesn't bother you!?" My dad smiled and said, "No, not really.
You see, Joey likes being fucked by men! Don't you Joey!?" I looked
at the officer and then, up to my dad and said, "Yes daddy! I like men
fucking me!" The officer gasped and then, my dad said, "You can fuck
him if you want to officer! In fact, Joey would love to have you do
it to him!" I was amazed at the way my dad was acting, and, at the way
the officer was looking at me. My dad pulled my tshirt up and off and
I wiggled my ass at the officer, and asked, "Want to fuck me sir! My
daddy likes to see men fucking me sir! Please sir, fuck me, please!"The officer seemed to be lost in some strange thoughts as he stared at
me. I bent over and looked over my shoulder as my daddy spread my butt
cheeks. I made my little pussy wink at the officer and then, he
gasped, saying, "You mean, you mean, you'd let me fuck him his ass?"
My dad said, "Oh yeah, I would officer. Joey enjoys being fucked and
he loves sucking dick! Show him Joey! Go over there and kneel in
front of the officer and take out his cock Joey!" I turned and walked
to the officer and knelt down, looking up at him as I slid the zipper
down on his pants. He was frozen, not sure what to do or say as I
fished into his pants and pulled out free pics nn lolitas
his hardening cock. I slid my
mouth around the cut head and began to suck and he hissed and said, "I
can't believe this is happening! Shit, your son is sucking my cock
sir!"My dad laughed and asked, "Doesn't his mouth feel good officer!? He
loves having men fuck his mouth pussy! Why don't you fuck his face
for him officer!?" little lolita ls land
I stared up at the officer and slowly his hands
raised up and grasped my head. Then, he was pumping his hard shaft in
and out of my mouth and I groaned as he fed it to me. My dad ruffled
my hair and said, "If you want, you can fuck him. Joey is a little
cock whore and loves having online little lolitas video dick fucked to him!" The officer looked
down at me and then, up to my dad and asked, "You're shitting me!? He
lets men fuck him!?" My dad chuckled and video folladas lolitas venezolanas slid his hand under my chin
as the officer continued to pump my mouth, and said, "He sure does
officer! Gets off on it, in fact, likes to have more than one dick in
him at the same time too!" The officer pulled his cock from my mouth
and jerked my head up and asked, "That right boy!? You like more than
one dick at a time!?" I nodded and licked out at the head of his cock
and said, "I love dick all the time officer!!"My dad laughed and said, "Get up on the couch Joey. Spread for the
man! He wants to fuck you honey!" I crawled over to the couch and got
up on it and lay back part way on it, and spread my legs wide as I
stared up litter lolita model pohoto at the officer. My dad slapped him on the shoulder and
said, "Go for it officer. In fact, anytime you want to come over and
fuck my boy here, you just do it! The little shit will love taking
your cock officer!" As if in a daze, the officer walked over to me
and I grasped his hard shaft and said, "Fuck me officer! I want your
big cock inside my pussy officer, please, please, fuck me officer!"
The man seemed like he was lost in some other world as he leaned over
me and I felt his dickhead touch nude adolecent lolita art my hole. I top cp site loli
wiggled against it and
then, reached down and pulled on his hips, moaning as his cock began
to slide into me. He groaned and said, "Can't believe this! Got my
cock in a little guy's ass and he's squeezing on my cock!"My dad slapped at the man's shoulder and said, "Yeah, he's been
trained to service cock officer! Fuck this bitch! Make him take ever
inch of your cock officer! Put it to him, make the whore moan!" The
officer pushed into me and I wiggled my butt and squeezed harder on
the man's shaft and then, he was fucking me. Drawing his hard shaft
out till just the head was in me, sometimes, all the wy out, before
thrusting back into the hilt. I grasped his arms and said, "Oh yes,
yes, like that sir, like that officer, ooo, oh yes, so big and hard!
Fuck me sir, fuck me! I want you to fuck me sir, fuck me hard and
deep, please sir, please!!" My pleading lolita nu lolita nu seemed to set the man off and
he began to pump underage penetrate lolita videos me harder and deeper, the stuff hanging from his gun
belt jingling and hitting my body as he plunged his cock into me. I
loved it and begged and begged for more and the officer never slowed
down his pumping of my ass.Then, with a wild shout, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, oh shit, can't, uh,
fucking believe this, uh, uh, uh, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cummming in you
whore! CUMMMMMMMMMINGGGGG in you!!" I clamped my ass muscles down on
his shaft inside me, as I felt his hot load shoot up deep inside me.
I milked his shaft and he just stared down at me as his orgasm eased.
Then, he pulled out of me and I whimpered from the loss, but he stood
up and stared at my dad. He asked, "Do you fuck him too sir!?" My
dad chuckled and said, "Sure do officer! Little lollitas year 17 nudes bitch just goes crazy
when his daddy's dick is inside him!" I reached out for my dad's cock
and squeezed it and begged, "Fuck me daddy, please, fuck me!" My dad
moved over between my legs and shoved his hard shaft up into me. The
officer gasped as he said, "Man, never saw a man fucking his own son!
Shit, and look at the little bastard, he loves it!"My dad moaned as I slid my hands down between my legs and caressed and
squeezed on his balls and his cock as it slid in and out of me. I
cooed, "Ooo, daddy it feels so good, so good! Ah, ah, yes, fuck child model lolita girl me
daddy, fuck me!" My dad chuckled and said, "See what I mean officer!
Fucking little whore loves it when his daddy fucks him!" The officer
moved backed near us, his still rampant cock sticking out the bbs little loli puss
fly of
his pants. I reached up and stroked it and said, "Please let me suck
on it officer!? Please, let me suck it while my daddy fucks me,
please! I love to suck dick officer!!" The man moved closer to my
face and my dad moved us so that I could take it. I slid my lips
around it and moaned and then, slid all the way to the base. The
officer gasped, "Shit, fucker took it all!"My dad laughed and said, "That's my Joey, always loves a cock in his
mouth! Fuck his face officer, give it all to him, he'll love it!"
The two of them set up a rhythm, one going in, while the other pulled
back. I moaned and worked my ass on my daddy's cock and sucked like
wild as the officer was now fucking my face wildly. In and out the
two big teen model art lolita
dicks speared my body and I loved it, goose bumps rising on my
body as I submitted to them. My dad jerked his cock out of my hole
and asked, "Want lolitas child world com his ass some more officer!?" The man pulled his cock
from my mouth and said, "Oh yeah!" My dad slapped at my ass and said,
"Down on the floor whore! Get on all fours for your studs!" I did as
he wanted and moaned as I felt the officer sliding his hard shaft back
into me. I reached up and grasped my daddy's cock and shoved my mouth
down on it and the two of them began to fuck me completely.When they finished, the officer looked down at me as he adjusted his
pants and said, "Wow, this has been wild Mr. Martin! You told me he
loved cock, but wow, I didn't realize how much!" My dad laughed and
said, "Like I told you when you came by earlier, he's a fucking slut
and gets offered a dick and his mouth and ass both want it!" The
officer said, "Shit, I'll be by a lot more from now on, if he likes
dick that much!" lolitas teen nudes bbs My dad clapped him on the shoulder and said, "He
does tiny little lola sluts officer and will love to have you fuck him young lolitas upskirt pix
anytime you want!"
Then, he and my dad walked to the door and the officer left. I stared
up at lolita 18 nude pics
my dad and he said, "Now Joey, I want the whole truth about what
Randy and his friend did to you. Oh and about the officer? I knew he
would want to nude lolitia petite girls
put his dick to you. I once caught him in a restroom
with a boy your age, so, when he came by to ask about something, I
told him you were supposed to be home. He offered to go look for you,
and damned if he didn't find you! Did you like him fucking you
Joey!?"I moaned and said, "Oh yes daddy. But it was better when I had your
dick in me at the same time!" He laughed and said, "Well, I'm gonna
put it to you one more time, then, you're gonna tell me what happened!
Right little whore!?" I licked my lips as he moved closer to my face
and said, "Oh preteen lolita xxx pics yes daddy! But first I want your big dick!" He laughed
and shoved his cock into my mouth and for the next few minutes, I
serviced my dad's cock and relished in doing it. Then, after he fed
me his cum, he pulled out of my mouth and lay me on the couch. He
slid his cock back into my well fucked pussy and began to fuck me. I
knew things would be o.k., after that and greedily sucked on his hard
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