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Subject: My Life at Hogwarts 17 *This story is a work of fiction. You know the drill. Copyright
to JK Rowling, WB and Scholastic. Though I sincerely preteen anal loli models doubt any of them
would like what I'm writing. Thank you to JC Vascardi for adding me to his
slash archive. It's an honor to lolita teen models art be the first non-boyband slash on the
archive. And thanks to all who have given me their constant support. It
helps to keep a writer going.* I approached my cabin, but already most of the others were open
with people dark loli 13 bbs
staring out of their doors. At me. I smiled lolita 12yo dog galleries a very evil smile
and felt actual fangs brush my lower lip. "What's everyone looking at?"
All the doors but one slammed shut instantly. At that lolita young teen models one open door,
Hermione looked horrified.
I calmly approached and she flinched away. "What's the matter,
Hermione," I asked gently.
"What happened, Matt?"
"Malfoy and his friends tried some sort of sneak attack," I said
honestly. "They weren't prepared for my counterattack."
"What counterattack," she asked sharply.
"After all that happened with Voldemort," she flinched, "I not only
reinforced the wards around William and Harry, and the House, but I altered
my personal mantle. Malfoy and legal lolita pic archive
his friends thought an attack when I was
caught small girl xxx lolita off guard might give them some sort of advantage, and my mantle's
counter caused some problems." I allowed myself a satisfied smirk.
"So what was that noise?"
"Oh. That. Well, actually, their cabin blew up in the
"They're free lolitas cp pics OK," I said, only a little untruthfully. "Nothing Madam
Pomfrey can't fix, anyway," I added, trying to cover my sudden and
surprising feelings of guilt.
She looked at me askance. "You didn't lose your temper lolita beautiful no nude
and do
something foolish, did you?"
I gave her an innocent look. "Who, me?"
"Yes, you. pretten underage uncensored lolita
I don't know what's happened to you, but don't think I
forgot that little lightning show at your house."
"Sue me," I snapped. "I lost, free lolita porn pics and I don't like losing."
"You're going to have to let it go, Matt. Think how to help Harry.
If You Know pedo preteen lolita list Who has that book of magic..."
"He shouldn't be able to use it," I muttered. "He's good, but that
magic should be beyond his ability. Even Dumbledore can't work these
She looked at me intently. pre teen oriental loltas
"Then why can you?"
"I don't KNOW," I roared, waking Harry free lolitas bbs links and Ron with a start. "I
wish I did!"
"Wish you did, what," Mr. Arico, Dumbledore asked from behind me.
I jumped and whirled nymphet sex lolita pics around, my hands already glowing with flames
before I saw who it was. Immediately, the flames died and I gaped at the
"So, Mr. Arico, what is it you wish you did?"
"I wish I understood how my power works, sir," I muttered. "It got
away from me today."
"Apparently so," his voice firmed. "I brought Madam Pomfrey with
me, and she's seeing to Misters Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They'll be all
Next to me, Hermione heaved a sigh of relief. Harry and Ron looked
confused. He continued staring at blonde nn lolita models
me. "I want an explanation of preteen model nude lolly
happened, Mr. Arico. And I want it now." He didn't sound angry. Only
I relayed the same explanation I'd given Hermione and he looked
doubtful. lolita bbs preteen exclusive "Sir, I know Professor D'Angelius showed you his Mantle spell,"
he nodded impatiently, "and I'm sure you have lola teen bikini models similar defenses in your
not-unimpressive repertoire."
"Mr. Arico, if I wanted to be flattered, I assure you, I would have
asked to be."
"Sorry, sir. Anyway, the special thing about the Mantle is that
once it's mastered, it can be modified to a specific individual. Voldemort
recently won a nude lolitas bbs lolitas
victory over me, sir," I admitted bitterly, "so I changed my
Mantle so that it wouldn't dissipate spells. Instead, I would draw them in
and alter the nature of the magic to be magnified tenfold and fire lolita kds cp bbs back at
the one who aimed it at me."
He nodded. "With students, it shouldn't have mattered more than a
broken limb or sommat, but I think that Lucius Malfoy little cp 13 lolita
was teaching his son
some nasty tricks."
"We shall see about that, I'm sure."
"Of course, sir."
"Why didn't you try to assist them?"
"From damage like that? Sir, anything I tried might actually kill
"I will be watching you very carefully from now on, Matthew."
"I understand, sir."
"Very well." He turned a smile to the other three in my
compartment. "Aside from this mess, did you all have a good break? This
is lolita virgin strawberry pics your first Christmas away from the school, isn't it, Harry?"
"Uh, yes little lolitas forbidden link sir. It was a very good break. Matt was nice lance lollis in colorado enough to
let us use his house and he and Wil- OW!" Ron had elbowed him sharply in
the ribs. "Uh, I mean a few of his friends joined us."
"Excellent. I'm pleased to hear that." After getting similar
stories from Ron and Hermione, he turned young young lolitas rape once more to me.
"Matthew, when we return to school, I expect to meet with hairy lolita nude pics
you and
Michael. I need some answers."
"I understand, sir."
"Wow," Ron muttered. "I've never seen Dumbledore so angry."
"I have," Harry disagreed. "When he broke down the door to Moody's
office after the Triwizard Tournament." He gave me a significant look and
I nodded. Upon arrival at the school, I headed to Dumbledore's office. He
looked up from his desk, annoyed. "Mr. Arico, I believe I requested the
presence of Professor D'Angelius," he said quietly.
"Yessir, but I had an idea for something, and if summon Michael,
I'll be too top gallery lolita nude tired. pre teen nasty lolitas
I thought I'd ask you for an indulgence."
"Indulgences are not my interest right now."
"But sir, if you just let lolita satin pantie pics me explain..." About an hour later, I finally made it to the Gryffindor common
room and let out a sigh. It was going to be another long night, and I was
really thirsty. I shrugged and moved to child lolitas foto pics
the dorm where the other fifth
years were. Harry and Ron were helping each other unpack, and the others
were sitting on their beds, talking about the holidays.
"Harry, Ron, nudist lolita art pictures can I talk to you for a minute," I asked.
"Sure," Harry said.
Dean, Seamus and Neville all looked at me. goth loli girls stripping I gave them a regretful
look and flashed my Prefect badge. They nodded and silently left the room.
"I've got one more project gay boy lolita portal to finish, and I need you both."
They eyed me warily.
"Please. This is the last one for lolita portal bbs darkreal russian lolita pics a while. I promise."
Ron looked at Harry, who nodded amicably. "All right."
"Good. Now, here's what I need. You'll both need your wands dark cp kids lolita and
your dress robes..." I explained what would be xxx lolita from russia required of nymphet pics xxx lolitas them. Ron
paled, juicy preteen nude lolita
and Harry's eyes widened, but I pure lolita tiny angel stressed how important and essential
it would be.
After a lot of wheedling on my part, and a promise to help them
with their exams as well as keeping my mouth shut, they agreed. I told
them to get ready. We'd meet at midnight. Then I went to get Hermione. At midnight, Ron, Harry and Hermione joined me at the Great Hall.
Harry had on emerald green robes and Hermione fotoplenka lolita bbs forum
had periwinkle real nude lolitas childrean
blue. Ron's,
amazingly, weren't maroon video children lola bbs
or old. Apparently, his brothers had bought him
new dress robes over the summer. These were, instead, an acid green that
actually went well with his hair and eyes. I lolita lost girls tgp
was, of course, in black
velvet. I was about to comment on Ron's robes when footsteps behind me
turned me lolitas pedo cp underage around, accompanied by gasps from my companions.
"Good to see we're all here," Dumbledore said amicably. "I must
say, I'm rather surprised that Matthew got you all to agree on the dress
robes," he added with a young asian teen loli grin. He ls little pearls lolita
had ls lolitas free pictures
on snowy white robes with a silver
trim. As per my request, Fawkes perched on his left young teen blowjob lolitas
shoulder. Behind him
stood Professor McGonagall, dressed in robes of a color somewhere between
Ron's and Harry's. She looked rather curious. Apparently, Professor
Dumbledore hadn't told her. But she didn't draw the gasps from the others.
Behind McGonagall, dressed in bloodred robes, stood Sirius Black.
He grinned at Harry, who flew into his arms for a hug. "Sirius! What are
you doing here," Harry asked?
"I was meeting with Dumbledore today, and he asked me to join him
for this encounter," Sirius replied. "I'm not sure what it entails."
Ron muttered something under his breath and turned scarlet.
I graciously ignored him. "OK, Harry. To the young lolita lezbian pics Chamber."
He took a deep breath and led us to Myrtle's lolita teen rape stories
Bathroom. Myrtle
approached, but I pointed. "Disrupt!" I snapped. Her face was startled as
her young nn model lolita form broke apart in puffs of mist that evaporated.
"Myrtle," Hermione gasped. "Why'd you do that," she snarled at me.
"Calm down, Hermione. Myrtle will be fine. I just weakened her
structure for a while. She'll be back. It didn't hurt her."
She appeared mollified as Harry hissed to the entrance. The pipe
opened up, and Sirius and McGonagall gaped. Dumbledore only nodded. "So,
this is the entrance. A very impressive feat of Salazar Slytherin, to make
this." I nodded. "This world lolitas bbs years way."
We progressed down the pipe, which I'd cleaned before, magical lolita pthc imageboard
so the
footing was toplist preteen lolita banned dry and secure, into the rooms below. The granite had been
completely replaced by white marble, and the hideous preteen model lolly pop statues lining the
walls were gone, replaced by bookshelves that were polished so that they
nearly glowed cherry in the torchlight. Torches magically ignited as we
approached, giving a warm, smokeless light to the library. tiny cute sexy lolita
Several chairs
and reading desks now stood in the once-bare chamber. Harry looked around
in utter shock as we walked through. 15yo lolita lingerie models He'd seen some of the work I'd done,
but the job was all but complete, and he wasn't prepared for that.
The doorway that had once been the giant statue of Salazar
Slytherin stood closed, teen lolita high school with doors of bronze barring the way. "Annon
valar, edro hi ammen!" I commanded in the Elven tongue. The doors slid
silently open to reveal a rounded, domelike room that had once been the
home of the great serpent itself.
On the floor, drawn in silver, a simple pentagram centered the
room. I gave nude lolitas pics gallery each of the people with me their instructions. One very young lollita vagina by one,
they entered and stood at one of the points on the star, with Harry and Ron
standing at the same point. I strode to the russian lolitos little girls center, bbs i japan loli where I held loli no nude jp out my
arm. Fawkes flew to me, and rested lightly on my outstretched wrist.
"Let the conjuring begin," I hot big tit lolitas
commanded. My voice was deep and
round: imposing and frightening and throbbing with Power. The light in the
chamber immediately snuffed out.
Everyone in the circle lifted their wands. "Lumos!" The five
pinpricks of light glowed silver in the darkness, causing the symbol on the
floor to top lolita bbs topsites hum. Suddenly, a choir began a slow chant. It grew to a full
"SALVA ME" was interjected through the refrain, which went on in a
Gregorian chant:
"Domine deus misere mei...
Domine preteen lolita nymphets
deus misere mei...
Domine deus misere mei...
Domine deus misere mei..." which also faded to the background as
the verse joined in a mezzo soprano.
"Follow me away from the dark I fear
When the storm is near.
From the endless night.
From my blinded sight.
To the sky of light." The began the harmony, which split into soprano, mezzo soprano and
"Free me to fly (free me to fly) away!
Salva me!"* The song continued for several minutes before fading away, leaving
vestiges of music reverberating throughout the room.
"As music lolita sex top lists grants the gift, let others join the harmony," I intoned
formally. little lolita angles bbs
Sirius black lifted his little lolita video portal wand and a block of stone lifted out of
the ground in front of me. "As the hand that holds the sword must be
strong, so are we strong," I intoned. The light in the chamber lifted a
few hues pre teen lolitas photos from total darkness. Hermione stepped forward and conjured her
special bluebell fire, which writhed around the underage lolita nude pics block of stone. "As the
mind governs the hand, so are we swift." lolita topless 10 yo The lights lifted a little more.
Professor McGonagall changed lolita illegal bbs vombat the burning rock into a living phoenix, who
lifted its voice in song. "As a warrior grows older, he gains wisdom. So
are we wise." Yet again, the light rose. Professor Dumbledore stepped
forward, glowing with an azure nimbus, which he kinderlolitas, very young lolitas then imbued with the
phoenix. "As a light guards from the darkness, so are we guardians." The
light rose so the room was clearly visible. Finally, Harry and Ron stepped
forward. They embraced and gave each other a deep kiss. tenn lolita russian mafia
lolita girl model agency As they pretty models teen prelolita
Fawkes lifted his voice in song as well, and the songs of the phoenix
caused the stone beneath our feet lolita lolipop bikini xxx
to shudder. "As Hate fills the Darkness,
let our Light be, now and forever, Love," I had to shout over the clamor.
At that, the lights and sound vanished, leaving us once again in total
silence and darkness.
I wild nymphets shock lolita lifted my hand, balancing a pale blue flame. "Thus are we bound,
given our charge. We will not rest until the Darkness dissolves." img bbs lol pics
others all echoed, "Thus are we bound."
There was a grinding sound. "LUMOS," I shouted. The light in the
chamber came back up, showing braziers lit high on the little horney lolita girls walls behind each of
the members of the circle. But they could no longer see each other, as an
enormous statue of a phoenix rested in the center of that pentagram,
looking down on us. Fawkes flew to the head of the statue and perched
there, looking noble, before singing out again. At his song, there was a
flash of light, and a velvet cushion appeared on the ground at the foot of
the statue. The song echoed quietly through the pthc rompl lolita dorki
room, never fading, and
giving us all a sense of peace.
We approached the cushion dark cloud lolitas bbs
to see several small rings made little lolita pre view of gold
that showed a phoenix. teen lolita bbs galletries Its wings wrapped around to form the band. "These
rings will grant entry to the Chamber," I said. They kiddie nude pic lol will allow their
wearer through the little lolas models nonude
pipe or into the room via Apparation. Everyone stirred
at that. "These particular rings will also let you into this chamber.
Place it against the bronze doors out there lolitas top 14 years and speak the spell of opening.
It's up to the rest of you to determine who else can join this Order. I
know Professor D'Angelius had some ideas for potential students. Professor
Dumbledore, you are the only one who can make the entrance keys, though any
in this circle can invite new members to the Order. New members will get
something like this," I flicked my Prefect badge, "which will allow them
into the Library room of the Chamber. Again, through the pipe or via
"Don't worry about someone on the wrong side stealing one of them.
The Chamber DOES have defenses, and there are some who will not be allowed.
Anyone russian lolita preteen girls
who has given himself to the Darkness, of course, including anyone
who bears the Dark Mark. Nothing undead, no matter how nice tiny lolitas in pantyhose
it is. No one
without magical ability, and no one who is not at least half-human." They
nodded. I super lolitas vibradores es pointed to a pedestal that had just appeared between the cushion
and the statue. On it lay a large red book with gold pages. "This book
will tell you anything you need to know about the defenses grils lolita sex movie of this place.
It little lolilta nude pussy is up to you, the founders of the Order, to lay down the rules for
members and accepting members, and responsibilities. I have only one. IT
MUST REMAIN A SECRET." Those words burned brightly on the page, drying
into blood-red ink. "At the back of the book is the roster of members and
their positions. That way, the Order can continue after we are all gone.
I only hope it will not be lolita very young girl necessary, but I doubt that hope will come
true." I looked around. Everyone seemed non nude yung lola
to understand.
"Then grab your rings. Wear them on you, somehow, always." They
each grabbed a ring. I smiled. "Good." I said. My voice had returned to
normal. "Now, write the rest of the rules, and bring the Order of the
Phoenix into existence." My eyes rolled back in my sexy lolita movie gallery head and I collapsed. *The song black lolitas nude gallery
"Salva Me" comes from the CD "Libera" by the Libera Boys'
Choir in South London. I recommend you listen to the song. czech pre teen lolitas
It's haunting
and beautiful. If you need a copy, get in touch with me and we'll see what
we can do.*
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