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Bactroban Ointment For Acne
Bactroban Ointment For Acne

Related post: obey a summons to duty, and oftentimes was a volunteer
when epidemics threatened the country,
" In his death the service loses one of its oldest and most
efficient officers. Respectfully yours,
" Walter Wyman,
" Supervising Surgeon General, M.-H. S."
The Mississippi Valley Medical Association.— The ne.xt
meeting will be held in Louisville on October 5, 6, 7, and
8, 1897. All railroads will otter reduced rates. The presi-
dent. Dr. Thomas Hunt Stucky, and the chairman of the
committee of arrangements, l)r, H. Horace Grant, prom-
ise that the meeting will be the most successful in the his-
tory of the association, and this promise is warranted by
the well-known hospitality of Louisville and Kentucky
doctors. Titles of papers should be sent to the secretary.
Dr. H. W. Loeb, No. 3559 Olive Street, St, Louis.
The Medical Society of the County of Broome, N, Y.,
held its (juarterly meeting in Binghamton on Tuesday,
July 6th, under the presidency of Dr. B. E. Radeker. Pa-
tients were to be shown by Dr. T. A. Hix and Dr. D. S.
Burr; Dr. J. H. Chittenden was to present a report of the
committee on epidemics; Dr. W. N. Wilson was to present
that of the committee on materia medica and therapeutics;
Dr. William A. White was to read a paper entitled Some
Studies of Hypnosis and the Phenomena of Consciousness
in a Case of Hysteria; and Dr. E. L. Smith was to read A
Report of a Curious Case of SepticEemia.
The Tri-State Medical Association of "Western Mary-
land, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia will meet
in Bedford, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, July 15, under the
presidency of Dr, E. T. Duke. The programme has the
following titles: A Series of Brief Clinical Histories of
Some of the Rarer Forms of Ocular Traumatism, by Dr.
Charles A. Oliver, of Philadelphia: Sedimentation in Uri-
nary Analvsis, by Dr. W^illiam B. Canfleld, Buy Bactroban Nasal Ointment of Baltimore;
Typhoid Fever, by Dr. C. F. Doyle, of Cumberland Valley;
Some Buy Bactroban Cream Online of the Digestive Disorders caused by Nasopharyn-
geal Catarrh, by Dr. W. H. Daly, of Pittsburgh; Auto-in-
toxicalion, by Dr, C. C. Jacobs, of Frostburg; Nutrition,
by Dr. William F. Barclay, of Pittsburgh; Obstinate Cases
of Stomach Troubles Treated by a New Method, by Dr. A.
Enfield, of Bedford ; and The Treatment of Some Cases of
Cancer of the Cervix Uteri, by Dr, William J, Craigen, of
Cumberland, »~j^
The Moscow Congress. — •' A letter received from the
secretary general of the Twelfth International Medical
Congress conveys the following information, which is ad-
ditional to that which has been published in the medical
nournals ;
" As it is too late to send tickets to the American con-
gressists, they are requested to send to the secretary general
at Moscow their addresses in London, or Berlin, or Vienna,
or Paris, or to avail themselves of the national committees
in those cities in order to receive their tickets and free
passes over Russian railroads in Bactroban Nasal Ointment For Mrsa those places.
"The free passes are valid from July 13th to September
13th over the following routes : Eydtkunen-Moscow ana
back; Moscow-Petersburg, or Moscow-Graniza, or Moscow
-Odessa, or vice versa.
" Graniza- Warsaw-Moscow and return by Moscow-
Petersburg (or Odessa, or Eydlkuuen, or Unghem, or
Alexandrowo), or vice versa. Diflerent lines going and
returning may be chosen, and stop ovei- is permitted.
Eydtkunen-Petersburg is excluded from the free list."
[Signed.] A. Jacob:, Chairman Amer. Nat. Com.
The Bactroban Ointment For Acne Late Dr, J. Lewis Smith,— The faculty of the BeUe-
vue Hospital Medical College have made this minuie :
■' It is with sorrow that we record in the minutes of the
faculty of the Bellevue Hospital Medical College the death,
on June 9, 1897, of Dr. J. Lewis Smith, late clinical profess-
or of diseases of children. Dr. Smith was a teacher in the
college for thirty years. He brought to his instruction a
ripe experience and sound judgment, and had attained a
most enviable reputation, not only as a public teacher, but
as a voluminous writeron the subjects of his special studies.
His loss will be deeply felt, not only by the profession, but
by the public at large, who benefited so much by his skill
and devotion," [Signed.] Austin Flint, Secretary.
Army Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the
Stations and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical
Department, United States Army, from June '27 to July
3, 1897:
Gandy, Charles M., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, now
on duty at Washington Barracks, D. C, will report iu
person on July 1, 1897, to the Governor of the Soldiers'
Julv 10, 18»7.]

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